Top 10 favourite hits of Vladimir Kuzmin according to Fuzz Music magazine - part one

We are sure that among the songs we have selected for this material, you will definitely find your personal favourite. So have a nice listen and... here we go!

Vladimir Kuzmin's best songs: list, clips, facts and history - part one

Pro Vladimir Kuzmin There is no need to talk about this iconic artist - everyone has already known about him for a long time. He is a talented guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer! His name is very familiar to every Russian music lover, because in his time this man was a member of two in his own way. legendary bands of the USSR - talk of "Carnavale."co-founded by Kuzmin, and "Dynamics."where he was the leader.

In the early 90s, Vladimir and his Dynamik comrades flew for a while to the U.S.A.where they recorded a couple of English-language albums - "Dirty Sounds" and "Crazy about Rock-n-Roll". This period also helped Kuzmin to earn fans abroad: in America, he performed in nightclubs and actively jammed with local musicians. Due to this, some Western listeners refer to Kuzmin in foreign forums as "Russian virtuoso.". However, Vladimir did not stay long in the States: his colleagues stayed in the U.S., while Kuzmin himself returned home, where he continued to record and release. Thus began a succession of his solo recordings

Vladimir Kuzmin at one of the performances of the rock band "Dinamik"
Vladimir Kuzmin at one of the performances of the rock band "Dinamik"

In today's article we offer to recall some of Vladimir Kuzmin's most favourite hits! These are first part of our top ten. We are sure that among the tracks we have selected for this material, you will definitely find your personal favourite. So have a nice listen and... let's get started!

I'm not a Casanova

One of Kuzmin's most famous songs, which also became a notable hit of the 90s. The song was included in the album "Heavenly Attraction." and was quickly loved by the public. This is a very incendiary track, to which many people danced till their feet hurt... Yes, it was a time rich in worthy dance hits!

The uncomplicated text does not carry any deep meaning, but the lines are quite lyrical and in some places even savoury.

"You won't find another, better than me.
Give me a city of gentle lights,
Satisfy the hunger of all my love..."

When you call me

And this song is characterised by a special lyricism and heartfelt harmonies... By the way: some critics saw in this song something similar to the "Europa" by Carlos Santana!

Perhaps the sound of the two songs does have similar connotations, however "When you call me." - absolutely unique and self-sufficient work: the music was written by Vladimir himself, but the lyrics belong to his former wife Tatiana Artemieva.

Most interestingly, this song was supposed to be a joint collaboration with Kuzmin's then-lover, Alla Pugacheva! The couple planned to release a joint album, but... did not have time. Alla and Vladimir broke up, and the latter decided to release this beautiful track solo.

I won't forget you

Vladimir Kuzmin and Kelly Curzon
Vladimir Kuzmin and Kelly Curzon

This song has a very catchy motif that makes it unforgettable after the first listen. Also known as "Siberian Frosts"The song was born during a very inspiring and colourful period in Kuzmin's life, shortly after he was born. returns from the United States.

To whom is this song addressed? Many people believe that "I won't forget you." Kuzmin addressed his American wife, a photo model. Kelly Curzon. Alas, Vladimir failed to "take root" in the States, and Kelly did not want to give up her career. That's how their union broke up....

"May your warmth stay with you,
And to me my ice of unfulfilled desires..."


Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth
Vladimir Kuzmin in his youth

Very beautiful song, really soulful. Very beautiful harmonies, shimmers of melody, and, of course, Kuzmin's virtuoso vocal performance. The beauty of the lyrics cannot be overlooked:

"The walls, keeping silent, shifting suffocate me.
My blood is being drunk corruptly -
Slave of the yellow earth.
Break free from your captivity, soul!
Rise above fate, crushing doubts..."

This song sounds like it's a solo hit by the man himself. Robert PlanteWe mean the sound: melody, harmonies, lyrics, and even the clip!).

The ice is shedding tears

An insanely beautiful song that can be re-listened to for hours... In "The ice is shedding tears." Everything is flawless: lyrics, melody, performance, mood... And the chorus? It's so simple, but so powerful, that after listening to it, it will be running in your head for a long time.

It's one of the biggest and most public favourites of Kuzmin's hits. And yes: this is one of the most beautiful domestic rock ballads.

Five minutes from your house

Well, that's already classics Kuzmina, who needs no introduction!

In his interview, Vladimir recounted:

"It's an amazing song! It was in the shadows for a long time, but it ended up somehow spinning off on its own and becoming popular... I was very surprised, to be honest. But it feels good!"

Two Stars (with Alla Pugacheva)

Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin
Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin

No matter what anyone says, this song is gorgeous. Everything about it is beautiful: the melody, the lyrics, and the combination of voices Kuzmin and Pugacheva. One of the coolest domestic duos!

"The stars burn out, they don't fly.
To the shores of the earth,
Like golden candles, will melt away
Star songs of theirs!"

Also. three beautiful compositionsBy the way: share in the comments which Kuzmin song is on your personal list of favourites? Maybe it will make it into our next (and maybe even more than one) top 10.

Hey, gorgeous.

Celestial attraction

If you knew

And that's it for now. We hope you've found our selection to be of great value positive emotions And maybe a bit of nostalgia (though probably not a bit...).


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