The most beautiful Soviet songs about summer according to "Fuzz Music" magazine

Today we take a look at 5 of the most charming Soviet songs about summer, and learn how they gained popularity and the stories behind these hits.

Best Summer Hits of the USSR: Top 5

The Soviet stage has always been full of beautiful and melodic compositions on different themes. However, the favorite theme for songwriters and composers has remained that of carefree and happy times, which are most often associated with the warmest of times. Summer.

To this day, musicians compose "summer" songs, but the most striking compositions about this time of year and how it feels were released long time to modern times. About the five stunning Soviet The article will focus on songs about summer, their creation and popularity.

Alla Pugacheva - "Starry Summer"

Alla Pugacheva in the late 1970s
Alla Pugacheva in the late 1970s

Alla Pugacheva's third album, titled "Lift above the vanity!", named after the last track of the track list, was the best in the singer's discography, because it was on it that her talent as a composer showed itself. "Starry Summer" was written very quicklyThe singer was playing a melody on the piano for her daughter Kristina. Ilya Reznik, who worked with the artist, after hearing the unpretentious but charming motif immediately wrote the lyrics of a future song.

It is noteworthy that the song became famous after the publication of the children's song of the same name. filmsThe song was also composed by Pugacheva. The future hit was recorded at the studio "Armenfilm". Soon, when the film premiered and Soviet audiences saw the wonderful picture of a boy spending the summer in a children's camp, many people kept a piece of moods The film's main character is in the song of Alla Pugacheva, who creates a unique vocal special charm and transports many listeners back to their childhood.

Sofia Rotaru - "Only That's Not Enough"

Sofia Rotaru
Sofia Rotaru

This song, despite its uncomplicated dance motif, is not so simple at first glance. The story of the composition's lyrics began long time before publication; the author of the lines is Arseny Tarkovsky - director and poet who became a classic of Soviet auteur cinema. Despite the fact that many of his poems became the basis for many compositions, he never worked with musicians, so the appearance in 1988 of Sofia Rotaru's track "Only That's Not Enough" was unexpected.

The touching lines were first heard in a film by Arseny Alexandrovich's son Andrei "Stalker". The reading of this poem in the context of the film is quite different from what we hear in the composition: here it is clearly evident melancholic mood of lyricism, loss and sadness. Many listeners and critics, familiar with Tarkovsky's lyrics even before the song appeared, noted that the message in Rotaru's performance was fundamentally changedbut this version also has a place on the pop stage.

VIA "Flowers" - "Summer Evening"

VIA "Flowers"
VIA "Flowers"

The story of this song might never have begun if, in the late '70s, Stas Namin, one of the leading musicians of the USSR at the time and leader of the collective "Flowers"I did not meet the poet Vladimir Kharitonov, who was a member of the Writers' Union at the time. Namin and his band had difficulty releasing material because the musician had no membership in the Union of Composers, and without that it was difficult to promote his work in the Union. difficult. Kharitonov offered the leader of "Flowers" his help, and Stas agreed.

The poet became official the author of the words to the collective's songs, and to his works, which included the legendary "Summer Evening," Namin wrote the music. Of particular importance is motive The composer originally based his composition on a track by the British rock band The Rolling Stones, "Angie", but after the release the song was compared to the Eagles' hit "Hotel California" and it almost came to the accusation of plagiarism. The musician himself believes that such a coincidence is due to the fact that at the time the guitarist of "Flowers" Igor Sarukhanov acquired similar the instrument played by the musician of the Western band, and played the first tune that came to mind when recording the song. In spite of this, the listeners gently loved the track of the Soviet ensemble.

VIA "Jolly Fellows" - "The summer was leaving"

VIA "Merry guys"
VIA "Merry guys"

Another summer and wind-up tune that has become a marker developments of Soviet pop music. But despite the song's great success in the Soviet Union, it did not immediately bring success to the Spanish duo Baccara and the original version of the future hit song.

Baccara grabbed the last rays of disco music glory in the mid-'70s. Two girls, Maite Mateos and Maria Mendiola, became the project of producer Rolf Soy, who came up with the duo's concept and wrote their most loud hits such as 1977's "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" and "Cara Mia," the second song from the debut single. While the boogie dance hit was climbing the top charts in Europe, the next song was unfairly forgottenbut really got fame in the Soviet Union.

For a long time, the Merry Guys have remained the best Soviet musical ensemble, and in 1979 their popularity was only strengthened by the song "The Summer Was Leaving" from the record "Musical Globe". Lyudmila Barykina's performance became for a long time a favorite for music fans reference and the fondest memory from my youth.

"Mirage" - "Sunny Summer"

"Mirage" in 1988
"Mirage" in 1988

With the album "The Stars Are Waiting for Us" by Mirage, the history of domestic of pop music. His popularity came to him practically immediately: It hit the radio, and many songs from the record became famous, including the hit "Sunny Summer.

It is noteworthy that this composition was included in the list of recorded Margarita Sukhankinawho for a long time did not want anything to do with the pop group, because it could have interfered with her studies at the conservatory. However, a summer composition with a slight hint of Sadness The song was nevertheless the best in the entire discography of the group and the singer herself, and also received the status of one of the beautiful Soviet songs about summer.


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