"The Eagles": The Complete History of the Formation, Breakup, and Reunion of LA Rock Icons

The band was founded in the "City of Angels" (Los Angeles). The main directions in which the Eagles worked were country and soft, folk-rock...

We remember the history of the great rock band The Eagles

The Eagles - one of the largest and truly iconic rock bands in the history of not only U.S.A, but also in the history of the entire global rock industry. The concerts of the group gathered thousands of fans at different times, collections and records were sold in millions of copies. A group of talents and the greatest creators in 70s of XX century. Place where the group was founded "City of Angels" (Los Angeles). The main directions in which they worked "Eagles" - country and soft, folk-rock.

In 1976 year was prepared and released a collection of the group's hits called "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975". After a while, this collection brought the performers incredible popularity and the love of millions of fans. It became one of the most commercially successful. The circulation of the collection was 38 million copies. He brought fame and money to the group, overtook the best works in terms of the number of copies. Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.

History of creation, composition of the team

Group creation date The Eagles - 1971 year. Then 4 the greatest musicians decided on the expediency of uniting and creating a musical rock band. The decision became fatal for all members of the musical group.


Singer and bassist "The Eagles" Randy Meisner (Randy Meisner)

Randy Meisner
Randy Meisner

Talented randy was born in Nebraska March 8, 1946 of the year. IN "City of Angels" moved, being a member of another creative team - "Soul Survivors". Later, this team was transformed into Poor. randy was one of the team members Poco (1968), but left the group, wanting to join the team Ricky Nelson (Ricky Nelson) - "Stone Canyon Band".

Singer, guitarist and mandolinist Bernie Leadon (Bernie Leadon)

Bernie Lydon
Bernie Lydon

Another talented member of the team - Bernie. He was born in Minnesota June 19, 1947 of the year. He got to the "meeting place" of the future group members in 1967, being one of the members of the team "Hearst and Flowers". He also worked with Dillard & Clark and other groups.

Donald Henley (Don Henley) - singer and drummer The Eagles

Don Henley
Don Henley

The outstanding Henley was born in Texas July 22, 1947 of the year. To Los Angeles got in the early seventies as part of a group Shiloh.

Vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Glenn Frey (Glenn Frey)

Glenn Frye
Glenn Frye

Was born Glenn in Michigan 6 November 1948 of the year. Before moving to Los Angeles performed in his hometownDetroit). Glenn, thanks to the talents he possessed, managed to form a duo "Longbranch Penny Whistle" and release a full length album 1969 year.

The duo was formed by him together with John David Southerwith whom they worked to founding The Eagles.

Other members (current line-up)

Donald Felder (Don Felder)

Don Felder
Don Felder

Was born September 21, 1947 of the year. To the musical group The Eagles joined in 1974 year. Directions: solo, rhythm guitar; mandolin, organ, vocals. Left the team for 1980 along with other members, then rejoined him at the talent reunion in 1994 year. Withdrew from the group 2001 year due to problems with the law and the resulting proceedings, which took more than five years.

Joe Walsh (Joe Walsh)

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

Was born November 20, 1947 of the year. Joined the group at 1975 year. Directions: solo and rhythm guitar, vocals.

Timothy Schmit (Timothy Schmit)

Timothy Schmit
Timothy Schmit

Was born October 30, 1947 of the year. Joined the team at 1977 year. Guitarist, vocalist.

The group also features session members. This Vince Gill and Deacon Fry. Deacon - son Glenn, who literally replaced him in the group after the death of his father.

How it all started

The Eagles 1970
The Eagles 1970

In 1971 year Don Henley and Glenn Fry received from Linda Ronstadt, then a famous performer (she worked in country style, close and attractive to young men), an invitation to participate in the recording. Randy and Bernie also dealt with Linda: they were musicians on one of her concert tours.

And so there was a meeting of four talented and truly outstanding founding musicians of the group. The Eagles. Linda Ronstadt literally brought them together. It was summer 1971 years during the show in "Disneyland". The meeting of the young men became fateful for them.

After some time "Eagles" team up to record Linda's new album. This is an important moment in the history of the group. autumn 1971 year, a contract was signed between the then young and "green" musicians and David Geffen (producer). The contract opened the way for the team to cooperate with "Asylum Records". The label was then relatively new, but it brought great success and popularity to the musical group.

Creativity «The Eagles»

One of These Nights" (1975) by The Eagles
One of These Nights" (1975) by The Eagles

At the beginning of 1972 a team led by Clay Jones, British producer, began recording the first disc. It was in England. The debut of the musical group took place in the summer. The released album entered the top twenty of the most popular and was awarded gold a year and a few months after the release.

The most successful musical works released by the team with the participation of Clay Jones albums are as follows:

  • "Take It Easy"
  • "Witchy Woman"
  • "Peaceful Easy Feeling"
The Eagles
The Eagles

Before the beginning 1973 of the year The Eagles were on tour. After a while they started recording the second album, returning to England. The album was a concept album and was titled "Desperado.". Subject - Wild West. The issue was devoted to the activities of gangsters and gangster groups. The producer was still the same Briton Glyn Jones. The released album went gold a little less than two years after its release.

After the tour to coincide with the release "Desperado", "Eagles" began to discuss with Glyn the possibility and prospects of recording another album. But the negotiations ended unsuccessfully: Clay was a fan and an ardent supporter of country music, and the young men decided to move on to creating relatively heavy music for a while. On this basis, a conflict of interest arose, disagreements arose, so the cooperation between The Eagles and Clay was terminated after recording "You Never Cry Like a Lover" and "The Best of My Love".

After the tour 1974 year, the musicians decided to cooperate with Bill Walsh. They were able to agree, the producer started working on other compositions for the album, which later became the third for the team. This album is called "On the border".

It was at this time that he joined the musical group Don Felder: his musicians were recommended by a new producer. Talents Felder impressed the members of the team, and they insisted that Don join the roster The Eagles.

The group's third album became the best-selling. Work on it was completed in the spring of 1974. Then he was released. The album received gold status in early summer of the same year. Composition "Already Gone." became so popular that it rapidly entered, literally burst into TOP-20 in June 1974 of the year. The success of the single was so overwhelming that in 1975 in February, it took first place in the so-called "light" charts, and in March - in the chart dedicated to pop music.

In 1975 The fourth album was released by the musicians. He got the name "One of These Nights.". Immediately upon release, the album was certified gold. The album included popular songs "Lyin' Eyes" and "Take it to the Limit". First received "Grammy." the year the fourth album was released.

Later "Eagles" went on a world tour. The starting point was the United States, then the team moved to Europe. In December 1975 year, Bernie decided to leave the group. He was replaced by a talented Joe Walshwho immediately joined the tour. It ended in the East in 1976 year.

The tour did not give the band the opportunity to continue studio recordings, and the band members had no plans for this. IN 1976 The decision was made to release a collection of hits. Subsequently, the collection turned out to be the most successful and for a long time did not leave the first positions, not only in the charts USA, but also in the charts of many other countries around the world.

Released by the group Hotel California became a platinum record in just a week. At the beginning of 1977, the circulation was 10 million copies. "New Kid in Town" and "Hotel California" became hits. The album won a Grammy for Record of the Year. 1977 year. The disc was also nominated for other titles.

In the spring of 1977, the team went on a new world tour. According to its results randy made the decision to leave The Eagles. He was replaced by Timothy Schmitt.

Work on the sixth album was started in the spring 1978 of the year. It went on for over a year. IN 1979 album was released in autumn Long run. "Heartache Tonight" received a Grammy.

On tour USA in 1980 The band recorded a CD with performances.

Beginning of the End

After a tour of United States the collective ceased creative and musical activity. Two years later, the participants made an official statement. For the next few years, the musicians received many proposals to resume their musical career, but for subjective reasons they refused them, not wanting to see each other.


The Eagles
The Eagles

Early nineties Henley and Fry resumed cooperation with Walsh and Schmit they took part in charity concerts. After few years The Eagles again began joint activities as a full-fledged creative team.

spring 1994 year, the group prepared and recorded a special concert for "MTV.". After the launch of the tour was announced, which lasted two years until 1996 of the year. A little earlier, a musical version of the concert prepared for "MTV.". She got the name "Hell Freezes Over.". It is noteworthy that the team explained the name by the fact that once each of the participants imagined a reunion when "when hell freezes over."

After another successful work of the team, its activities were “frozen”. in front of the public together The Eagles appeared only at the beginning 1998 of the year. Then they performed in "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame".

Further musical activity

On New Year's Eve in 1999 year The Eagles performed in Staples Center in Los Angeles. IN 2000 a recording of the concert was included in the box set "Selected Works: 1982-1999".

At this time, things were not going well for the team. In February 2001 of the year Felder left the group due to problems with the court. His case lasted until 2007 year, then it was settled, which has already been noted.

Problems Felder led to the fact that The Eagles became a quartet. They released in 2003 year "The Best of The Eagles"but were only marginally successful.

In 2007 year "Eagles" recorded the seventh album, consisting of two parts. He got the name "Long Road Out of Eden" and brought the group success, becoming multi-platinum.

In 2013 a documentary film was made "The Eagles' History.. The group announced the start of the tour and was on tour until 2015 of the year. Six months later, the team left forever Glenn. The reason is sickness and death.

The group today

The Eagles Today
The Eagles Today

After death Glenn in 2016 year in 2017 The band started playing music again. "Eagles" took an active part in various events, for example, in festivals (Classic West and others). IN 2018 the start of a new tour was announced. By the end of the year, all the records released by the group were included in a special set called Legacy.

In 2018 The year also saw a significant event for the team: Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recognized hits collection "The Greatest Hits 1971-1975" one of the most commercially successful. According to the RIAA, the collection became the best-selling in the United States. This created a new wave of excitement around the group.

In 2019, the band announced its intention to perform the album Hotel California on the MGM Grand Arena in Nevada.

also in 2019 year the team was recognized as one of the highest paid in the world. Corresponding place in the ranking Forbes - fourth (earnings over US$100 million).

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