The mysterious death of singer Yevgeny Martynov

Disease or murder? The story of the death of the author of the Soviet hit "Apple Trees in Bloom".

Because of what the last romantic of the USSR died

Evgeny Martynov - the famous singer and composer, who was very popular in the USSR. Through lyrical songs "Apple trees in bloom", "Mother's Ballad", «Swan fidelity " and others knew him abroad.

Evgeny Martynov's songs can still be heard on the radio today and we can remember him with warmth and nostalgia. velvet voice. He never ceased to amaze Soviet listeners with his skill. For instance, in 1976 thanks to the amazing performance of the composition "Alyonushka" at the competition, the singer received a prestigious music award - "Golden Orpheus".

However,  September 3, 1990 Martynov died from acute heart failure. It would seem that a common everyday occurrence, but the singer was absolutely healthy. The story of the death of a star shrouded in mystery. There are still rumors about the alleged real cause of death artist.

Evgeny Martynov was born May 22, 1948 in the Volgograd region, and later the family moved to their father's homeland - to Artyomovsk. Martynov had musical talent in blood: father owned the game on various musical instruments, and his mother sang beautifully. From childhood, the boy learned to play on button accordion and accordion. When the young performer grew up, he went to study at the Artyomovsk Music College, from which he graduated majoring in clarinet. The future singer received his higher education at the Donetsk Musical and Pedagogical Institute, and after that he moved to Moscow.

Evgeny Martynov
Evgeny Martynov

He first glory received unexpectedly - famous performer Maya Kristalinskaya sang Martynov's song, composed to Yesenin's poems. After that, she spoke about the talented composer to the public and gave him a strong recommendation to go to work in State Concert. A year later, Martynov still heeded the advice Kristalinskaya, and then his affairs improved significantly.

After 10 years tireless work and performances Evgeny Martynov entered Union of Composers of the USSR. His songs became hits, and he himself was one of the most recognizable singers in the country. The best songwriters worked with Martynov: Robert Rozhdestvensky, Ilya Reznik and others. The inhabitants of the USSR were looking forward to his concerts, and the impressions after them remained for a long time.

A few days before his death, Martynov performed at a concert "Song of the Year 1990"where his last performance took place. There he sang a song called "Marina Grove".

September 3, 1990 the life of the Soviet performer was cut short, but what caused this, it is impossible to say for sure. His death has overgrown lots of rumors and controversy. There are several main versions of the circumstances under which the famous singer died - the last romantic of the USSR.

The official version readsthat Martynov died at the entrance of your own house from acute heart failure. According to eyewitnesses, the singer felt unwell while taking the elevator to the floor where he lived. He was found dead in the hallway. The neighbors at first thought that Eugene just fell asleep under the influence of alcohol, so did not immediately call an ambulance. The doctors have arrived after 40 minutes after the death of the singer. Some fans claim that his death could have been preventedif medical care was provided on time, however, doctors with this disagreed.

According to the second version, which was presented by his relatives, he died a violent death. On that very day on the walls of the entrance and elevator were found bloody footprints, which hardly confirms the diagnosis made by doctors. Moreover, according to the singer's relatives, during his lifetime he did not complain about any problems with his heart, but, on the contrary, was absolutely healthy. This puts the diagnosis in more doubt, because acute heart failure does not appear suddenly. It takes a long time to develop and accompanying illnesses of cardio-vascular system.

Evgeny Martynov in his youth
Evgeny Martynov in his youth

As he remembers brother of the deceased, before his death, the singer experienced a lot of stress due to an unfortunate situation. The firm that was the organizer of his tour of the Ryazan region, refused to pay him. There was talk about a fairly large amountso the case went to trial. However, later it was revealed that the company was registered on fake people, so the early agreement between them turned out to be invalid.

The singer died right before the next trial, which was scheduled for September 4, 1990. After the death of Martynov became known, the case was immediately closed. Thus, we are talking about a possible murder, because the death of a celebrity was a firm on hand. However, all this is just guesswork, since now to prove something does not seem possible.

But on this version of the details of the death of Eugene do not end. The singer spent the last years of his life in constant stress due to the decline of his popularity. In 1985. started in the Soviet Union perestroika. The world has changed, and trends have not lagged behind. The youth of that time drastically changed their preferences, so many more recently popular performers ended up with nothing.

Evgeny Martynov with his son
Evgeny Martynov with his son

Martynov was no exception. A significant decrease in its demand caused severe stress, which could lead to to serious heart diseasedespite the absence of early health complaints. Thus, it can be assumed that the heart of the 42-year-old singer is simply couldn't handle the load, given the natural vulnerability of Eugene.

Assumptions about the causes of death of Martynov so many, but the result is the same - favorite singer left us. However, Evgeny Martynov will always remain in our hearts, as well as his beautiful, charming voice. Creativity Eugene sunk into the soul many, so let's recall some of the most hit songs of the famous Soviet singer.

"Apple trees in bloom", 1975

"Apple trees in bloom" became a real hit that was sung on every corner after its release. Warm and bright song about longing for a spring miracle - blossoming apple trees. In his song, Martynov sings that even though spring has passed, he will believe in white from apple blossoms May and without sadness to wait for the next spring. The song prompts the listener to think about past joyful moments, because everyone had their own “apple trees in bloom”.

"Swan fidelity", 1977

Martynov knew how to cause sincere tears in everyone - the proof of this is the song "Swan Loyalty". Like its name, the composition graceful and beautiful. She tells the listener about the tragic love story of beautiful white birds - two swans.

"Mother's Ballad", 1972

Martynov performed this song so soulful and highthat, despite the rather dramatic plot, the audience always left the concert with feelings of spiritual enlightenment and tranquility. This tragic composition has a bright and pleasant ending and leaves after listening only good impressions.


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