Russian-Armenian rock conquers hearts: MANAPART release new album "Red"

"Red" represents a perfect balance! Lyrics and drive, drama and lightness organically coexist here, which doesn't allow you to get bored, sad - maybe even to sit still.

The band MANAPART presented a new album "Red". Why is it worth listening to it?

Rock - it's an amazing thing! It can be "glamorous", southern, symphonic... And even Russian-Armenian! And if that last definition sounds strange and intriguing, it's definitely worth getting to know more about the MANAPART - a band that brought new nuances to the genre.

These guys are inspired by icons of the classic rock scene, but they manage to combine this influence with their own unique sound. It is difficult to describe their distinctive creativity in a short and accessible way - it would be easier to do so hear in person.

The new album "Red", which is worth a listen if only out of curiosity

The other day the guys unveiled their new album, which is succinctly titled "Red.". The cover is designed to match it: slightly frightening hyena jaws on a bright red background. However, the listeners were not afraid and familiarised themselves with the content of the release. And judging by the first comments, many liked it.

The album includes 9 tracks. Each song has its own unique sound and characteristic mood: there are some rousing numbers, dynamic ones that make you want to stomp your feet to the beat! In addition, there is a place for deeper and more thought-provoking songs... Despite the fact that the songs are sung in English, their message seems to be very accessible. One more thing of MANAPART is skilful transfer of mood by means of instruments. And vocal skills, of course!

By the way: according to the musicians - they use English in the lyrics for a reason. It acts as another unifying factor between cultures and styles link.

More about the tracks: a record on which adrenaline dances


Cover - the face of any album. It is the one that hints to the listener what awaits inside. In the case of "Red." It's not just a hint, but a real flag - and ironically, a red one at that. This colour is associated with something daring and dangerous, and so it is: "Red" features very dynamic numbers - you can say that this record is a flag adrenaline rush! And it becomes obvious already when listening to the opening track of the album. Even if the name of the band doesn't mean anything to you, after listening to the title song anyone will be interested to know what is waiting for them next. The song "Red" showcases a brilliant rhythm section, and the dark notes only whet your appetite!

"Television." can be characterised as a rock action film. The composition is lavishly flavoured with effects and riffs that take you away from reality. Two minutes fly by so imperceptibly that you feel as if you've watched the whole film! But be careful: you might want to put this number on repeat.

"Bull's Eye. MANAPART is well known to fans, as it has already been released as a single and has managed to win its place in the hearts of music lovers. Growling guitars, rocking riffs, skilful vocal virtuosity - MANAPART show their best sides, the very ones for which they are loved. Songs like "Bull's Eye" usually become the calling cards of their artists.

The rooms deserve special attention "Jupiter and Anima.. Firstly - they have very cool titles, which already incites to quickly switch on and listen to these tracks. But in this case, the "cover" fully justifies the content. Both tracks are a thrilling journey of exciting nu-metal. Each of the songs has its own strengths: somewhere the bass and rhythm section stands out particularly well, and somewhere the guitar parts cut to the heart while the confident, flexible vocals take you on a whirlwind of colourful images....

There is enough lyricism and drama in these tracks, but at the same time they can't be called dull in any way. Such a word in general is unnatural to MANAPART! Any of their number is dynamics and drive in all its glory! But at the same time the guys manage to bring these rhythms to the listeners in an interesting way: touching the strings of the soul, moving the listener into some simply fantastic realities....

While many artists leave for last their weakest (as they consider themselves, anyway) numbers that they are not sure about, MANAPART confidently lead the listener by the hand through the whole record, bringing the journey (or just a pleasant acquaintance) to an enchanting conclusion. Closing tracks "Noah's Ark and Nautilus. "Nautilus" can't be called anything but a gem: it's a very sticky melody, generously flavoured with winding rhythms and lyrical motifs filled with notes of lyrics.

The bottom line is that "Red" represents perfect balance! Here organically coexist lyrics and drive, drama and lightness, which does not allow you to get bored, sad - maybe even to sit still. It is definitely worth listening to this album, because at least it is an interesting experience.

A little bit about the band: who are MANAPART?


MANAPART - a band that masterfully combines classical, experimental and ethnic motifs. The guys try to show how different styles and moods, different cultures and their characteristic notes can coexist in "one bottle". And they show it not only in the songs, but also in the very name! According to the musicians, Man and Apart means "a man apart.". However, they didn't just combine these two words: in this way the rockers decided to show the contradictory nature of this statement - implying that man is not capable of existing separately from anything in this world. Although some fans are more fond of the legend that the name came from the film "Loner" starring Vin Diesel (of which the band's drummer is a big fan).

MANAPART consists of: guitarist Arman Babayan, drummer Zakhary Zurabyan, bassist Ivan Yakushin and the lead singer Artem Popov. People in the comments are already predicting the guys to tour the States! Some even hope to hear their collaboration with System of a Down one day... Well: who knows.

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