The story of the most famous song in the career of Chris de Burgh: about "The Lady in Red"

"I don't want to risk my marriage and my family anymore..."

On the song "Lady in Red", which has become a huge part of the cultural landscape of Great Britain

Composition "The Lady in Red" became most famous in the career of British-Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh. It was released in 1986 as the second single from the album Into the Light. Soon the track became a hit, and today the author owes him his loud, well-known name all over the world. Exactly "Lady in Red" widely glorified de Burgh and turned him into a cult star. The lyrics were inspired by the artist's wife, Diane Davison: the girl came to watch Chris' performances at his parents' hotel, and the couple ended up signing. Chris and Diane have been together since 1977, despite the fact that their love story has also seen dark times ...

History of creation

Chris de Burgh
Chris de Burgh

By the end of the 80s, a song about "Lady in Red" has become a huge part of the cultural landscape in the UK. At the same time, many listeners to this day cannot come to the conclusion: was this composition the sweetest love lyric or is it an overly sentimental "pop"? One way or another, well "The Lady in Red" remains a big hit even decades later.

The story of this song began on a sad note. De Burgh started writing love lyrics after a quarrel with Diane. According to the author, he managed to finish his creation with great difficulty. Largely because of the name: initially, Chris planned to call his masterpiece "The Way You Look Tonight", but a song with that name already existed ... The problem was solved by chance: a few months later, Burg went to a nightclub, where he saw Diane in a charming red dress. It was like a sign from above, prompting Chris to the idea of the name.

Meaning and inspiration

Chris de Burgh in his youth
Chris de Burgh in his youth

The song tells about the bright feelings of a man for a woman, but was "The Lady in Red" is devoted Diane? It is difficult to answer this question, because Burg himself contradicts his own words. In one interview, the author stated that the composition was inspired by the memories of their first meeting with Diane ... De Burgh also added that in this song he sings about how some men often can't even remember what their wives were wearing when they first met. Chris later stated that the song is not about his wife, but about recognizing the most important people in life:

“In general, this song is dedicated to the most important people in our lives, whom we often take for granted. This is selfish! We often do not even pay attention to what attracted us in a person at our first meeting ... But this is important. This is part of our memories, part of our destiny and our choice,” commented the musician.

Graduation and Success

Musician Chris de Burgh
Musician Chris de Burgh

"The Lady in Red" released as the second single from the album Into the Light in 1986. Very quickly, the song became a hit - and not only in the UK, but also in many other countries: the first line in the charts of Canada, de Burgh's native Ireland, Belgium ... It was an unquestioning success. In the US, the track reached the top 3. Due to the success of the single, the album also took prestigious positions in the charts and was popular with listeners. For de Burgh, it was his first entry in the UK Top 40.

Not without criticism. At the beginning of the noughties "The Lady in Red" was named the tenth most annoying song of all time in a Dotmusic poll. Rolling Stone readers voted it the third worst song of the 1980s, and British news site Gigwise voted it "Lady in Red" as the worst love song of all time. Nevertheless, all these results did not affect the popularity and influence of the composition. Curiously, this was the favorite song of Princess Diana, comedian Mel Smith and many other famous personalities.

Music video and use in film

We bring to your attention the music video for the song, which has gained more than 14 million views on YouTube with 2016 of the year:

Composition "The Lady in Red" popular in cinema: vivid examples of its use are films "American Psycho", "Bouncers" and "Oh Moms".


Chris de Burgh with family
Chris de Burgh with family

In the middle 90s de Burgh revealed that he had a torrid affair with a 19-year-old nanny he hired when Diane was recovering from an accident while riding a horse. The musician publicly repented, but said that he was very happy that he and Diane managed to maintain family happiness:

“I don’t want to risk my marriage and my family anymore…”

She and Diane have two sons and a daughter named Rosannawho won the Miss World contest! This family seems to be doing really well.

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