"The Prodigy" – the band's story after losing Keith Flint

After the death of the ship's captain, the life of his crew continues. We want to believe that the legendary band will still please us with new music.

What Happened to The Prodigy After Keith Flint Is Gone

"The Prodigy" - British electronic band, one of the legendary ones of its kind. The band was formed at the very beginning of 90sand its leader was Liam Paris Howlett. However, another, very influential and important participant was Keith Flint - The young man was an energizing dancer and vocalist who shocked conservative audiences with his flamboyant style and genuinely delighted young people.

As pioneers of electronic punk, "The Prodigy" Their fresh work has reached great heights, with innovative rhythms in each and every one of their fresh work, and hit tracks such as Firestarter or BreatheThe Prodigy's music videos boast a daring musical style. The Prodigy's daring music videos boast with multimillion views on YouTube, and it seemed that their career would never will not fade away. However, one day turned the whole world upside down: March 4, 2019 no more Keith Flint. For band members and fans alike, the news brought a deep and lasting Mourning. But despite the eternity of memories, time is fleeting. What happened to The Prodigy after the loss of Flint? We propose to find out.

One tragedy that turned many lives upside down

Musician Keith Flint...
Keith Flint

Keith Flint had fallen in love with an audience of millions around the world, and his death at the age of 49 years was a shock to many people. In March. 2019 of the year The musician's body was found inside his home in Essex: According to experts, it was a deliberate death - Flint himself chose this end of the story. At the time, the vocalist "The Prodigy" suffered from a serious addiction: an examination showed that at the time of his death he had traces of illegal substances in his system, as well as alcohol and medications. Because the police were unable to find any relevant traces of third parties, it was concluded that this not murder.

Musician Keith Flint
Musician Keith Flint

The Death of Flint shocked the public. But most of all, it hurt the people closest to him - his bandmates. Over the years of working together, the members "The Prodigy" have literally become family! All scheduled tours, including shows at the festival in Glastonburywere cancelled. In a tweet the musicians tried to express their feelings.

"It is with the deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will always be missed..." - the post read.

The Prodigy (Maxim Reality, Keith Flint and Liam Howlett)
"The Prodigy: Maxim Reality, Keith Flint and Liam Howlett

Back in rhythm

The Prodigy Band
The Prodigy

In 2018, a year before the tragedy, the band began work on an album "No Tourists.". Alas, the plans had to be postponed. But fortunately for fans, not for long. In 2020. Liam Howlett and Maxim returned to the studio to resume work on the CD. On their Twitter, the musicians posted a post with the caption "Back in the Rhythm.". This phrase gave hope to the desperate fans of The Prodigy.

"New studio beats are being written in full swing." - with this message the remaining participants "The Prodigy" addressed to their subscribers in May 2020. There was even published a 15-second teaserhinting that the group has no intention of disintegrating. For now. the album is not outbut this will be the first look at the band's new music without Flint.

Keith Flint on Stage
Keith Flint on Stage

"The Prodigy" also intend to make a full-length documentary about Keith Flint, to be directed by their longtime collaborator Paul Dugdale. The picture is described as "a raw, uncompromising and emotional story of a gang of young outlaws from Essex who came together in the maelstrom of the British rave scene of the late '80s.

Leroy Thornhill on a Gone Friend

Leroy Thornhill
Leroy Thornhill

Here's what the former keyboard player and dancer "The Prodigy by Leroy Thornhill told in an interview:

"I talk to the guys all the time. I know Liam intends to finish this album, but I don't know how far along he is."

Thornhill, who has been part of the team since 1990 at 2000 year, admitted that although his friend's death was "devastating," he usually smiles when he thinks of him:

"It's devastating, not a day goes by that I don't think of him, and it's usually accompanied by a smile. Everything this guy did brought joy to millions of people around the world! But he made his choice, and it doesn't matter how much it hurt or how much we regret it..."

Keith Flint (the Prodigy)
Keith Flint (the Prodigy)


Flint's contribution to electronic music never will not be forgotten. With him at the helm. "The Prodigy" have become one of the biggest and most iconic electronic bands of all time. They are considered the pioneers of the genre. bigbitwhich dominated the 90s. But after the death of the ship's captain, the life of his crew continues. I want to believe that the legendary band will please us again new music.

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