The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones) - Criss Cross (Criss Cross) - 2020

Rhythm and Blues 2020 by the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Criss Cross (2020). Rolling Stones - Criss Cross

This year the good Rolling Stones released a new song called "Living In A Ghost Town". It was impressive. But why listen to a brand new Rolling Stones song when you could listen to a previously unreleased 1973 Rolling Stones song? Because that's what you're doing today.

The Stones have just announced a reissue of their 1973 album Goats Head Soup. Goat's Head Soup, which followed the previous year on Exile On Main St., does not have the notorious reputation of some of the band's other albums. They recorded it during several sessions in Jamaica, the US and the UK while frazzled with drugs, touring, notoriety and various run-ins with the law. But Goat's Head Soup hit the No. 1 single in the beautiful wounded ballad "Angie" and it's still the Stones in the early fucking 70s, which means he's still kicking ass.

Goats Head Soup, Brussels Affairs and 3 new songs

The Stones release reissue Goats Head Soup ("Goat Milk Soup") in several different versions, including four disc and vinyl editions. It will include a mod remaster, alternate versions, takedowns, a 15-song Brussels Affair live album, a 100-page book full of writings and photographs, and three reproduced posters from 1973. It will also include three previously unreleased songs: "Criss Cross", "All The Rage" and "Scarlet", the latter of which features Jimmy Page on guitar.

Along with the announcement, the Stones shared "Criss Cross", one of those three songs. It's funky, pompous, classic Stones rocker. The band doesn't do anything you haven't heard about in "Criss Cross", but in this song, Mick Jagger sings the line "I think I need a blood transfusion" and pronounces "blood transfusion" as "trans-leswwwhawwwwn". Pretty good! The song features a music video directed by Diana Kunst, and the video is about an attractive young woman getting into wild childhood exploits all over New York City.

Unfortunately, this is one of those videos where you hear the sound effects over the song, and that's not what you want for a 1973 Stones song that you've never heard.

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