The only Tik Tok worth watching: Ke$ha - TiK ToK

"Before I go, I'll 'brush' my teeth with a bottle of Jack..."

Interesting details about Kesha's (Ke$ha) hit "Tik Tok."

Before it became a popular video sharing app, "TiK ToK." was a huge hit with Keshi! It was the first single from her debut album. "Animal."and it has been a resounding success around the world! Its many millions of downloads and sales have surpassed the success of the same Lady Gagawhich was already on a wave of hype by that time. What's more - "Tik Tok" sold better than any of the tracks "The Beatles."! It's safe to say that it was the most successful single of 2010....

Thanks to this track, Kesha has become first the vocalist who topped the Billboard Hot 100 with her debut single after Lady Gaga.! "Tic Toc" has established a multitude recordsFor example, in the first week alone, its downloads totalled over 600,000It went to number one worldwide and held its powerful position on the US Billboard Hot 100 for almost a decade, and has been a chart-topping hit for many already famous stars 3 months!

The hit was produced by Dr Luke и Benny Blanco. In this rousing song, Kesha sings:

"Before I go, I'll 'brush' my teeth with a bottle of Jack..."

It's about the famous drink Jack Daniel's. About this lyric, the singer said this:

"A lot of people started taking it seriously, but it's just irony for a song! In "TiK ToK" I sing about partying, about how cool it is to hang out in LA. It's a fun track for partying, and you shouldn't believe everything I sing about in there. Some people have asked me, "Do you really think it's the norm to start your morning with bourbon?". And I've answered: "Absolutely! Especially when you're talking about eight-year-olds!". I hope you realise that's just a joke..."


The performer also recalled how already in the studio she wanted to rewrite of the song, thinking it was too unorthodox:

"I decided that the line about Jack Daniel's should be rewritten - I don't think people would understand me! I thought it was too much, not very clever... But Dr Luke literally pushed me out of the studio with the words: 'Don't you dare touch the lyrics! It's fine! Just trust me!" He always appreciated my creative expression, and all the crazy things I say, because he really embraced my personality. So - I owe the success of "TiK ToK" to him. He didn't "dilute" me with "water" like a lot of producers tried to do. Otherwise it wouldn't have been me anymore..."


The music video turned out to be quite personal for the singer: it was filmed in the neighbourhood where she's used to liveand the car shown in the clip is actually belongs her! The house with the party was also familiar to Kesha long before the shoot: it's her friend's apartment, which goes by the name of "Sobering up.". That's because it's a regular hangout!

"I'm excited about this music video because it's very personal and autobiographical to me. And the guy who drives my gold car is a friend of mine. So it's super honest and sincere..."

A still from the music video "TiK ToK" by singer Ke$ha
A still from the music video "TiK ToK" by singer Ke$ha

What's most interesting is that at the time of the release of "TiK ToK", the girl went by a pseudonym Ke$habut then she changed it to simply Kesha. So what was the dollar for?

"At the time, I was a bit resentful that I wasn't benefiting financially from the huge success of Right Round, which featured my vocals..."

Well - after the release of "Tik Tok," there's a lot going on in the singer's career. changed!

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