Details of the turbulent life of Tommy Lee - Drummer Mötley Crüe

“I couldn't believe it was possible to feel so happy. From a so-called bad boy, I turned into pansies. It felt like our hearts were glued together with hot glue…”

Rampant Mötley Crüe drummer in the most striking and amazing facts

Mötley Crüe - one of the most vibrant and unrestrained rock bands in history. It was founded at the beginning 80s bassist Nikki Sixom and drummer Tommy Lee. Later, the vocalist joined the line-up Vince Neil and guitarist Mick Mars, however, it was these two - the fathers of the band - that remained the main driving force in every sense of the word. Today, Sixx and Lee are also known as the craziest rock idols ever! Their colorful biographies can easily serve as the basis for a whole film, which would certainly find an ardent response in the hearts of the audience! However, today we will talk about Tommy – a man whose life is like a never-ending psychedelic chaos!

He was not afraid of the law

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

Like many rockers 80s, Lee loved to dive into beautiful trips! And it's not just about touring: psychoactive substances were integral part of his rock and roll days. But why not combine business with pleasure? Apparently, Tommy thought so, connecting his personal "guide" to the tour.

This amazing story happened in 1987 year when Mötley Crüe traveled with their Girls, Girls, Girls Tour. And if for the fans this event was imprinted in the memory as one of the most colorful, then Lee remembers it as a “blurred spot” – the drummer remembers practically nothing from that period. But one detail stuck in his memory: throughout the tour, his "guide" followed the group's tour bus in a car with a very defiant license plate. On it, in fact, in large letters was written the name of his dangerous and not welcomed by law professions.

“Every time we got off the bus, he would suddenly appear with his diamond Rolex, gold chains ... This guy threw us what we needed and got into his car,” Lee recalled.

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

Eventually the record company, fearful of police action, forced the band get rid of from a dangerous, but so helpful Mötley Crüe attendant.

He fraudulently got behind the wheel of someone else's Jaguar

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

According to this legend, written in memoirs group, then Lee began a short-term tempestuous affair with a woman just for the sake of her Jaguar. Yes, yes, we are talking about a popular brand of cars, of which the drummer remains a fan to this day. Lee himself claimed that there was no romance: he made a deal with the owner of the car - he gave her a passionate night, and she told him car. True, not for good, but only for once - just ride around the city. On that they decided.

He was attacked

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

It is unlikely that the name of this person is well known to fans. Mötley Crüebut Al Bowman was the group's personal limousine driver. And he had a chance to see a lot ... For example - an attack on Tommy! But first, a little background. In his interview, Bowman recalled that Lee loved to play pranks with beauties in the back seat of a limousine - sometimes Al was seriously afraid that the car would roll over on the go! But one day, pranks ignited a conflict: Lee happened to meet a lady who had a very determined boyfriend. Here is a word from the eyewitness:

“That evening, Lee was relaxing with a girl who had a boyfriend. And as it turned out - he pursued us. When Tommy got out of the limousine, this guy hurried towards him with a gun in his hand! Lee had to instantly jump into the car and we rushed! We managed to escape…”

One of his girlfriends sent him a fire extinguisher right out the window.

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

Lee had many girlfriends, but one of the brightest and as crazy as himself was a certain "Bullwinkle". In any case, that is how the group calls it in their memoirs. The girl often hung out with Crüe, and gradually a rather stormy romance began between her and Tommy! But their relationship was far from idyllic: sometimes Bullwinkle's antics were seriously frightened Vince Neal. From the memoirs of the vocalist it follows that one night the couple had a fight. Lee locked the door, determined to drive the lady away. And he managed to do it, although in the end, his beloved sent him a small gift right out the window - fire extinguisher! Soon the police were called, and Neil sat in the bathroom - he was too scared of what was happening.

He was rocked by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

When it comes to the drummer of Mötley Crüe, it's hard to imagine that this person can be embarrassed or really shocked! But according to Lee himself, this was done Ozzy Osbourne. IN 1984 year their paths crossed within the framework of "Bark at the Moon Tour". And Tommy had to take care of The Dark Prince after Osbourne's tour manager left in a fit of rage. Lee's goal was to get a raging Ozzy to a hotel room and put him to bed. Then a word to him:

“So we get into the elevator, and all of a sudden he pulls his pants down and sits down! In the damn elevator! I'm shocked! He decided to go to the bathroom in the elevator, you understand? I'm like, "No, no! There are people here!”

However, the culprit of such a mind-boggling legend does not remember the events of that night.

He was crazy about Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

When Tommy first met a charming Pamela Anderson in a nightclub in Los Angeles, he was struck by her beauty and charisma ... As a result, he fell in love, and pursued the girl everywhere! He literally followed her around. However, Pamela had a very strict schedule, because of which they could not meet normally. And when she finally had a day off from work, she called Tommy and said that she was flying to Cancun, and the date will have to be rescheduled ...

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

However, Lee was not from a timid dozen. He bought ticket to Cancun and followed the stealer of his heart.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

He met Pamela at the hotel bar, they had a few drinks, and four days later got married.

“I couldn't believe it was possible to feel so happy. From a so-called bad boy, I turned into pansies. It felt like our hearts were stuck together with hot glue…,” Lee recalled.

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