"Too Funky": how George Michael shot a fashion show and at the same time his video

We offer you to plunge into this entertaining story of how George Michael filmed a fashion show and at the same time his video.

George Michael "Too Funky" (1992) - video plot, supermodel, chart success

"Too Funky" - popular dance George Michael hitreleased in 1992. The single quickly found its listener and was sold in 500 thousand copies in the United States, for which he received a gold certification RIAA. Today, he is known not only for his recognizable melody, but also for the video clip, which, in fact, is a fashion show! Roller scored over 30 million views on YouTube and a sea of enthusiastic comments. The song itself was never included in any of the artist's studio records, but this did not prevent her from becoming influential and significant today. Already today, the composition has taken its place in the rating of "100 best dance tracks of all time" according to the publication. "Slant"! We offer you to plunge into this entertaining story of how George Michael filmed a fashion show and at the same time his video.

About the song: lyrics, single success

"Too Funky" single cover by George Michael
"Too Funky" single cover by George Michael

"Too Funky" has simple and even slightly primitive lyrics referring to sexuality. “I'm not trying to seduce you… Do you want me to seduce you? Is that what you're trying to tell me?" - this line Ann Bancroftknown from the film "Graduate", appears in the intro and ending of the song. The hook of the track samples the famous hit of the 80s "Somebody Else's Guy" door Jocelyn Brown.

The dance tune quickly gained success in several countries of the world, especially in Europe. In the UK, the single has sold over 160 thousand copieswhile in America - 500 thousand! big hit "Too Funky" became in Australia: it was one of the most successful tracks ever to break into ARIA Singles Chart.

Music video: concept, details

"Moulin Rouge" meets Vegas "- this is how critics described the video "Too Funky". The concept of the video is absolute fashion, seasoned with supermodels of the 90s, fur and leather. In fact, we see a fashion show with the popular New York art bohemia of those years! Yes, the plot is uncomplicated. However, the picture looks appetizing due to the brightness of the images and the abundance of shocking.

George Michael partially repeated his earlier work "Freedom '90". The video for this song also featured leading models of the era, including Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. Michael wanted to use the same cast for "Too Funky", but the director and costume designer Thierry Mugler said he needed fresh faces. Therefore, only Linda was left from the Freedom '90 lineup.

Models from the clip

Models from George Michael's "Too Funky" video
Models from George Michael's "Too Funky" video

The nineties rightfully considered the golden age of top models! Then the leading fashion models did not agree to get up from the couch for less than 10 thousand dollars! In the video, George Michael managed to collect popular models who did their job for free. Yes this is true. Despite his popularity, at that time Michael had practically no money to pay for the work of girls. The fact is that he was going to break the contract with Sony. For this reason, the shooting and the show itself were held under the slogan of a charity project: all the funds raised went to the fight against cancer.

Linda Evangelista and George Michael
Linda Evangelista and George Michael

In addition to the already mentioned Linda Evangelista, the show was attended by Eva Herzigova, Nadia Auerman, Estelle Holliday, Shana Zadrik, Tyra Banks, Beverly Peel and Emma Wiklund. An amazing team of beautiful faces and figures. Actresses also appeared in the video Julie Newmar and Rossy De Palma, and performance artists Joey Arias and Lipsinka.

Interesting Facts

George Michael
George Michael

From time to time he appears in the clip George Michael. He plays the role of a cameraman filming the backstage of the show.

When creating costumes for the show Thierry Mugler I decided to turn my eyes towards bold experiments! So, in his collection there was a place for fur, leather, transparent lace, rhinestones, latex and even robot suits with helmets. Each of these images in one way or another influenced modern culture. For example, Emma Wiklund's costume inspired Lady Gaga on the image for the clip "Paparazzi".

There are two versions of the clip: official George Michael and directing Thierry Mugler. The fact is that during the filming, these two constantly argued among themselves: alas, their views on some things diverged. Another difficulty that we encountered during the filming of the video was the budget. In total, one million dollars was allocated, which was not enough. But the shooting was successfully completed! Some of those present on the set that day recall how Mugler was literally shaking in a nervous tantrum.

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