The macabre history of the song "Too Much Blood" by the iconic Rolling Stones.

The single "Too Much Blood," although it didn't make the charts, is still remembered for its creepy video directed by Julien Temple, as well as its gory story based on a true story....

We tell the story of the song "Too Much Blood" by the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones

В 1983 the year the honourable gods of rock 'n' roll The Rolling Stones endeavoured to reinvent themselves: rather, their frontman Mick Jagger endeavoured to reinvent the band - and therefore himself - for the modern era. His friend and colleague Keith Richards, however, was keen to continue working with the blues sound on which the band had been built from the start... The resulting creative tension led to one of The Stones' darkest and most underrated albums, entitled Undercover. And although his brilliant lead single "Undercover of the Night" with a dash of new wave, pseudo-reggae percussion and dark lyrics served as the perfect statement of bold experimentation to all fans of the band, there is a track on the album that is of particular interest to fans of the horror... "Too Much Blood" - song Rolling Stoneswhich really deserves special attention... At least because its gruesome and bloody lyrics are based on absolutely real events.

History and meaning

The Rolling Stones in the '70s: a quiz
The Rolling Stones in the '70s: a quiz

"Bad Boys" and "Gods of Rock 'n' Roll." The Rolling Stones still held their high ground in the '80s, racking up a dozen top ten hits over the decade, including the stadium rock anthem "Start Me Up"which spent 13 consecutive weeks on the Mainstream Rock Charts! After Tattoo You (1981) went quadruple platinum, the Stones released an album Undercover (1983)which "only" went platinum and produced only one Top 40 hit. And his third single, "Too Much Blood"although it didn't chart, it was still memorable for the director's creepy video. Julien Templeas well as its gory story, based on real events....

Written by Mick JaggerThe song is about the growing violence actively promoted in the media. In particular, the song is based on the story of Issai Sagawaand a Japanese student who literally ate a girl. Paris. Jagger later recalled:

"Well, there was this scandalous, murderous story in France - it was a true story - about this Japanese guy who ate a girl, and it kind of captured the imagination of the French public and the Japanese. The Russians wanted to make a film out of it! So that was the first episode, and then I got more carefree about it, film and all..."

Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones).
Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones).


Rolling Stones: Brian Jones plays the sitar.
Rolling Stones: Brian Jones plays the sitar.

Дjuggernaut Uses indecisive rapping in some lines, saying, "I'm not a great rapper..." Lyrics "Too Much Blood." Includes some truly horrific passages, such as:

"My friend was a Japanese man,
Who had a girlfriend in Paris.
He had to date her for six months,
And finally she said yes.....


...And when he had eaten her, he took her bones away
To the Bois de Boulogne
A taxi driver happened to notice,
How he buries the bones, don't you believe me?"

The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.
The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.

"Too Much Blood" - strong material from Jaggerwho, to be honest, has never really shied away from confrontational lyrics... In another verse of the song, he sings about a famous horror film:

"Have you ever watched 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'?
It's awful, isn't it?
You know, people ask me, "Is it true?"


"...Hey, now every time I drive through an intersection,
I'm afraid there's some bloke running around out there.
With a fucking chainsaw..."

Unbelievable, but wild track "Too Much Bloo.d" was released in 1984 as a 12-foot single!

Track recording

The Rolling Stones perform in Torronto, 2003.
The Rolling Stones perform in Torronto, 2003.

Recording "Too Much Blood" took place in Paris between October and November 1982. French horns were provided by Chops and drums by Sly Dunbar. David Sanborn played saxophone while reggae sessionist Sly Dunbar played drums. Keith Richards was not present on the recording. Instead we can hear on the track Jim Barberahis guitar technician! Curiously, Barber is not just featured on the album: he later became a prolific session guitarist The Stones.

Music video

best rolling stones 70s songs: 20 rock'n'roll classics
best rolling stones 70s songs: 20 rock'n'roll classics

The music video, produced by Temple, shows the distraught. Richards and Woodwielding chainsaws! The music video was filmed in Mexico City. Published on the band's official YouTube channel in 2012 of the year, the clip has racked up more than 540,000 Views:

Video to "Too Much Blood" is more like a thriller! It starts with a young girl leafing through a magazine and she feels uneasy - too much horror and violence... Then she switches on the TV, shortly after which she finds herself in the middle of a thriller. Rolling Stones take over the airwaves, performing in a kind of stone mausoleum... At the end of the clip, blood pours out of the TV set, out of the taps, out of the heroine's nose... In a word - a masterpiece! However, the MTV channel actually banned all this madness....

One last thing...

While today's clip "Too Much Blood" watched for entertainment, the composition itself was inspired by the horrific (and worst of all, real) crime of a Japanese man Issai Sagawawhich in 1981 ate his college mate in the year Rene Hartevelt. All this horror took place in Paris... Thanks to the fact that he came from a wealthy family, Sagawa's lawyers were able to help him avoid trial by declaring him insane. He was deported to a Japanese psychiatric hospital in his homeland and released in 1986 year after doctors deemed him twisted but sane.

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