Top 10 Unforgettable Pet Shop Boys Hits

In this compilation, we've rounded up the top 10 tracks from the Pet Shop Boys duo, one of the greatest bands of all time.

A selection of the best songs of the British duo

"Pet Shop Boys" - one of the greatest duets of all time, known for his catchy and sullen electronic sound. Team was educated in 1981 in London. Their name is translated into Russian as "Pet Shop Boys". Considered one of the most successful teams Britain. Most of their singles took first places charts, and albums got into top 10 British chart. The members of the group are Chris Low and Neil Tennant. In this collection, we have collected 10 the best tracks team.

"Pet Shop Boys" on the cover of the billboard for their concert in Zurich
"Pet Shop Boys" on the cover of the billboard for their concert in Zurich

«West end girls» (1984)

Debut the band's single is also theirs the best and innovative in synth pop. "The Pet Shop Boys" burst onto the stage in 1984 with this gloomy track influenced by hip-hop. A year later, the composition was released in new version. The song is considered calling card collective and is constantly performed on concerts.

Cover for West End Girls single "Pet Shop Boys"
Cover for West End Girls single "Pet Shop Boys"


"Opportunities" ("Let's Make Lots of Money") (1985)

This song was written in early years existence of a duet, and later Tennant admitted that the idea arose in a recording studio in Camden Town. The artist also said that track - it's a certain story intelligent and educated person "two losers".

"What Have I Done to Deserve This?" with Dusty Springfield (1987)

For my album "Actually" the duo teamed up with a 60s soul legend Dusty Springfield. It helped revive career British singer and led to a resurgence of interest in her music. A single "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" became her biggest hit in USA. Track occupied first places on the charts in both the UK and America, giving way to songs "Never Gonna Give You Up" Rika Astley and "Father Figure." George Michael.

Dusty Springfield performing in concert
Dusty Springfield performing in concert

"Always on My Mind" (1987)

Synth-pop duo performed cover version for this classic ballad Elvis Presley for TV special release 1987, dedicated to 10th anniversary since the death of the king rock and roll. It was received so well that they released it soon as singlesand he became Christmas number one that year. The composition has become so popularwhich even surpassed Fairytale of New York rock bands "The Pogues".

Cover for "Always on My Mind" single "Pet Shop Boys"
Cover for "Always on My Mind" single "Pet Shop Boys"

It's a Sin (1987)

This song became their second hit number one in the UK. dramatic composition is one of "theatrical" in the work of a duet (sometimes at concerts, when a song is performed, a small spectacle). Song is devoted Tennant's impressions of his time at St. Cuthbert's Catholic High School in Newcastle. The musician said that he wrote the text in comic form, but not all listeners understood this:

“People took it very seriously, even though the song was actually written in about 15 minutes and was meant to be a joke. I didn't want her to be taken seriously."

Domino Dancing (1988)

To this song that is lead single from their album «Introspective» 1988, influenced by Latin American pop music, as well as the song "Elle est com les etoiles" from "Desireless". after three singles, first place winners, "Domino Dancing" a little faded against their backdrop. The artists themselves were worried about this. Neil Tennant later said:

"Domino Dancing" ranked on the chart ninth placeand I thought it was over creative crisis. I thought that our success will end soon."

"Being Boring" (1990)

This song is dedicated growing up and how worldview and values people change as socialization. Tennant and Lowe said it was one of the most the best their works. The video for the song was directed by Bruce Weberand it is considered one of the best videos "Pet Shop Boys". The musicians admitted that title appeared after someone Japan accused the duo of being them and their music in general boring. The name also comes from a quote Zelda Fitzgerald: "She refused to be bored in the first place because she wasn't bored."
Speaking in 1993, Neil Tennant said:

“For me it is very personal song because it is about my friendwho died from AIDS. This track associated I have first of all with him.


"Go West" (1993)

Initially disco hit was written by the group "Village People" in 1979, she was "reborn from the ashes" "Pet Shop Boys" in 1993. They performed this composition on charitable action to combat AIDS at a nightclub "Hacienda" in Manchester. Although Tennant stammered during the show because couldn't remember lyrics of the song, they decided to record it as singleand it was a huge success. In execution "Pet Shop Boys" the song has acquired several different meaningdifferent from the original. First, duet arranged the beginning of the song in such a way that it began to resemble anthem of the USSR. Secondly, if "Village People" the meaning of the song was to support LGBT communities, then "Pet Shop Boys" the song can be taken as a story about collapse of the USSR.

Cover for "Go West" single "Pet Shop Boys"
Cover for "Go West" single "Pet Shop Boys"

"New York City Boy" (1999)

The song was released as a single 1999 and occupied fourteenth place in the UK charts. Another version of this song was released in France Paris City Boy. She was different from original versions so that chorus sang not in English, but in French language.

"Home and Dry" (2002)

Taken from the album "Release" 2002, this song made the duo even more famous. Filmed for a single clip, directed by Wolfgang Tillmans. It was his video song remembered many listeners: it mainly consists of videos mice, running along the paths and eating discarded food at the subway station. Sometimes they break personnel, where duet sings a song in an empty room.

Cover for "Home and Dry" single "Pet Shop Boys"
Cover for "Home and Dry" single "Pet Shop Boys"

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