Top 10 best songs of the German rock band Rammstein

In this article, we have collected the 10 best songs and videos released by the German rock band Rammstein.

List of the best songs of the Rammstein group: photos, official videos, track descriptions

The German rock band Rammstein has developed a reputation for outrageous musicians. They sing in their native language about violence and debauchery, and their concerts are always filled with mind-blowing pyrotechnics. Influenced by artists such as Ministry, KMFDM, Depeche Mode and Sprechstimme opera, Rammstein impresses with its variety of styles. In this article we collected Top 10 Rammstein songs that will not leave anyone indifferent. 


The band's first song "Rammstein" is dedicated to the 1988 plane crash at Rammstein Air Force Base, which inspired the band to take a similar band name. The track is bright single album "Herzeleid" in 1995 and begins with ambient electronics, helicopter sounds. The composition "Rammstein" was intriguing enough to attract the attention of David Lynch, who used it as the soundtrack to "Lost Highway", which made the German band known outside of Europe for the first time.

Links 2-3-4

For a long time it was believed that the Rammstein group adhered to neo-Nazi views and the single "Links 2-3-4" was a response to this criticism. Some people don't understand irony when they hear it. The march in boots and the sounds of the roaring crowd, emphasizing the rhythms, are used to condemn Germany's ugly past, not to support it.

"Links 2-3-4" from their third album "Mutter", and, like much of their early work, colors anti-fascist lyrics with visual indignation and dramatic contempt for the German past.


Positioning themselves as the formidable leader of the Neue Deutsche Härte ("new German toughness") scene, Rammstein spread their flaming wings with "Mutter". The song opens with childlike sounds, gentle guitar arpeggios and melodically clear vocals, complemented by a heavy mid-tempo chorus. As if to emphasize their disinterest in being called industrial metal, guitarist Richard Kruspe plays a lighter tune, reminiscent of Metallica's "The Unforgiven". In this song, Lindemann sings about a man born out of a mother's womb who plans to kill his mother and commit suicide.


The title track from Rammstein's 2005 album "Rosenrot" is not characterized by explosive fury like other tracks, but by a dreary and piercing tone, which is accompanied by a three-note bass line and melodic baritone vocals. At the end of the track, the band performs with a sharp ten-second metal riff followed by an equally short orchestral ending.

The performers were inspired by the Brothers Grimm's "Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot" ("Snow White and the Rose Red"), in which a bear kills an evil dwarf, turns into a prince, and then marries Snow White, who raises him and befriends him. One dwarf killed, six left.


If not Rammstein's raison d'être, "Amerika" was at least a euphoric hit recorded in 2003 during the band's most prolific period (which led to the fourth full-length album, "Reise, Reise" and most of the material for its subsequent "Rosenrot") . Like their more musically complex 2019 opus Deutschland, America is a bittersweet tribute to a nation that Rammstein is extremely ambivalent about. While they love the American people and their culture, they are critical of rampant capitalism and arrogance USA. With lyrics written mostly in English, "Amerika" sounds triumphant. And yet it's bittersweet euphoria. Lindemann gleefully sings about Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse and Wonderbra, but he also addresses America's history of war and expresses his alienation by speaking in English:

"This is not a love song/I don't sing my mother tongue".

What does it mean in translation:

"This is not a love song / I don't sing in my own language."

Unlike many European bands that write lyrics in English, Rammstein does not aim to please the masses against their principles.


There's a reason the members of Rammstein bow like a Broadway cast when they leave the stage without their instruments. These guys love live theater and, together with musical accompaniment, create a brilliant show every time. "Haifisch", the highlight of Rammstein's sixth album "Liebe ist für alle da" (2009), begins with dramatic beeps and references Bertolt Brecht's "Three Penny" in the chorus. The song consists of a catchy, graceful piano beat, synth and a beat that conjures up images progressive art and culture that flourished during the Weimar Republic, when Germany was great. 

Mein Herz Brennt

The opening track of Rammstein's third album "Mutter" begins with a sad guitar sound and low vocals. The tension builds as drums and keys join the cello and violin. The song then suddenly lights up with heavy and distorted guitar sounds, synth parts that sound like a cross between Wagner and Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir". The track turned out to be quite tough, with lyrics about childhood nightmares, against the background of this work, the song "Enter Sandman" performed by Metallica sounds like a soothing lullaby.


Thanks to the unique and hard guitar sound, the track "Engel" is one of the heaviest works of Rammstein. In the song "Engel" there is a gentle female vocal, a hidden flow sound effects, keyboard solos and crazy whistling. In the work, Lindemann describes the angels poetically and then states: 

"God knows I don't want to be an angel!"

What does it mean in translation:

"God knows I don't want to be an angel!"


Starting with a twitchy, triplet-filled keyboard that, along with electric guitar, is reminiscent of Iron Maiden's style, "Deutschland" skillfully combines elements of metal and industrial dance music to create an epic song.

The band has released a beautifully filmed yet candid and terrifying video for the song, which highlights the lyrics about totalitarianism and violence. Musically, Rammstein weaves emotional elements throughout the song, including female vocals from the Middle East, a piano score reminiscent of the ending to Faith No More's "Epic" and a mix of heavy guitars.

"Deutschland" is the opening track from their untitled seventh album, released in 2019. It showcases Rammstein with a firm grip on their past, a keen eye for the future, and an understanding of what fans expect from them.

du hast

David Lynch certainly helped Rammstein capture the attention of American listeners with the "Lost Highway" soundtrack, but it was "Du Hast", a track from Sehnsucht's second album, that captivated Western audiences.

The song begins with rather innocent keys and electronic parts. But soon it turns into a battle metal riff. Lindemann's melodic vocals in the chorus added an element of pop music, and the keyboard part added a sense of uneasiness. Dark and energetic, "Du Hast" was proof that European music may be of interest to US listeners, even if the lyrics are not in English. This opened the steel gates for Rammstein, which allowed the group to be unique and the best in their style.

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