Top 10 Musical Masterpieces of the 80s by A-ha

In this compilation, we have collected the 10 best tracks of A-ha, one of the most popular bands of all time.

Let's take a look at the best Norwegian singles

Group "A-ha" - Norwegian team working in the genre synth pop and created at the beginning 1980s years. Many people music this group is associated with romance, first kiss, inexperience, naivete and youth.

The creativity of the Norwegians is characterized by bright, but a little "cold" synth-guitar sound, ballad, but at the same time dance motives, romantic, sad mood. In this article, we have collected Best early hits this team so that you again enjoyed their sound and learned something new about your favorite songs.

Members of the group "A-ha" in their youth
Members of the group "A-ha" in their youth

"Take On Me" (1984)

"A-ha" wrote down first version of this song at the beginning 80s entitled "Lesson One" with different text, but similar keyboard riff. IN 1983 the composition caught the attention of an industry veteran Terry Slater, which became manager groups and helped them to conclude the contract with Warner Bros. records» in the same year. At the beginning 1984 they rewrote the song as "Take On Me" with the producer Tony Mansfield. Released as a single, it took third place in native Norway, but did not chart anywhere else, failing particularly badly in UK. But later, with this composition, "A-ha" will become the first Norwegian group whose track took first place in USA.

"Love is Reason" (1985)

This song was released in 1985 in Norway and on Philippines and was included in composition one of the first records "Hunting High and Low". IN England she was presented as b-side Take On Me. IN "Love is Reason" singing about the state in love lyric hero, pleading his soul mate not to leave him, he is ready to do anything, just to stay together ("I'll be what you want me to be"). Vinit he is in his suffering love (“Love is reason”). A heart is tornwhen you hear a song like this deep meaning, especially when performed by a talented Morten Harket.

"The Sun Always Shines On TV" - (1985)

author this composition - guitarist Paul Wactor. Even though the song was released in 80snow it sounds the same Okaylike then. Pop synthesizermixed with strings, choral the consignment, vocals Morten - all this makes this hit unforgettable.

The song is pretty complexbut in harmony perfect. She was reissued group as concert versions in 2003 with little success in Eastern Europe. Sold around the world for approx. five million copies.

"Hunting High and Low" (1985)

awesome vocals Morten Harket, at the same time deep and detached, perfectly complements chilly, hazy melodies vector. This composition was part of of the same name album released by the label Warner Bros. records». One year later "A-ha" nominated for Grammy Awards, they became first Norwegian team that took part in worldwide famous award. IN 2010 "A-ha" re-released "Hunting High and Low".

"I've Been Losing You" (1986)

This track was released on 1986 and was included in the second studio album "Soundrel Days". The video for this song was filmed in Los Angeles. b-side to the single "raw" The song "This Alone Is Love" (in the album "Stay On These Roads" she will be included already in ready form). "I've Been Losing You" was also written for a long time, during the time when Voctor and Furuholmen were part of Bridges.

"Cry Wolf" (1986)

The lyrics belong to Lauren Savoy, future wife Paul Voctor. Video directed by Steve Barron, which in the future will remove "Ninja Turtles" (1990). The theme of the clip was taken from fables "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", which also served inspiration for the song. The single was included in the album "Soundrel Days" and is considered the most popular track from this record.

Scoundrel Days (1986)

Single, like the previous composition, was part of of the same name records produced by Alan Tarneywho worked on the group's hits "Take On Me" and "The Sun Always Shines on TV" in the previous year. The photo cover was made by a Norwegian photographer Whip bry on the volcano Haleakala on maui, Hawaii, this year.

"Stay on These Roads" (1988)

This composition was part of of the same name album. Everyone wrote it three members group, and she became, by their own admission, a special pride. The single with this composition was released in March 1988 and became number one in Norway.

The Living Daylights (1988)

"The Living Daylights" belongs to the composer to John Barry and guitarist Paul Victorwho wrote this single for the film of the same name about James Bond. Barry was listed in the credits as co-author and Producer, and was originally released exactly his version of the song. Voctor talked about roles Barry in the making of the single:

"To me Liked that he [John Barry] added to the track. I mean it gave him such a really cool string arrangement. That's when it started to sound in style to me bonda".

In 1988 A-ha reworked the song and released it as part of their third album "Stay on These Roads".

"Crying in the Rain" (1989)

Crying in the Rain - a song written by an American singer Carol King into words Howard Greenfield, originally recorded by American duo Everly Brothers. Single reached sixth places in American Billboard Hot 100 in 1962. In 1989 "A-ha" sang the song. This was first single from their fourth studio album "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" (1990). After your success "A-ha" got to know the group Everly Brotherswho gave them their kit guitars. "A-ha" use them and to this day.

Crying in the Rain was last single "A-ha", which reached top 40 on the chart Billboard in United States.


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