Top 5 cool Black Sabbath hits from the Dio era

Today we will listen to 5 Black Sabbath songs recorded during Ronnie James Dio's participation. How did these songs become successful and why do fans still love these hits? Read on!

Black Sabbath and Dio's greatest hits. Top 5

In the late '70s, the British band Black Sabbath was facing a change: due to an inability to continue playing, the band was dismissed Ozzy Osbourne, and his place was taken at the suggestion of manager Don Arden's daughter. Ronnie James Dio, frontman of Rainbow. With his arrival, the band began an era that gave the music world four albums, the songs from which were released in the following years conquered listeners and loyal fans.

A little bit about what kind of five of Black Sabbath's top songs with Dio, about their popularity и mood further down in the article.

Heaven and Hell (1980)

Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath.
Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath.

This song was released on an album of the same name in 1980. The music for "Heaven and Hell" was written by guitarist Tony Iommi, and the creation of the texts was assigned to Dio. The song had large success with listeners, despite the loyalty to the former frontman. Upon release, this track almost always featured in the band's live programme, and when Ronnie made the decision to leave the band, he often performed at his team's live shows cover version of this composition.

Dio celebrated "Heaven and Hell" as the most favourite song from the Black Sabbath era, and in an interview shared the lyrical meaning of the lyrics. The vocalist said that it reflects a person's ability to choose one one side of his personality, evil or good.

The song became iconic for Black Sabbath of the '80s era, and many critics have given it high grade. Rolling Stone magazine placed the song at number 31 in its list of the 100 greatest heavy metal songs of all time, VH1 gave "Heaven and Hell" 81st position in its top list, and Martin Popoff awarded the song 11th place in his publication.

Neon Knights (1980)

Black Sabbath. 80-е
Black Sabbath. 80-е

The mood of this composition sharply is different from the mood of everything else on Heaven and Hell. It was the last track on the album's track list, and was recorded because of the inadequate number of songs for the first side. Neon Knights" was easy for Ronnie, who wrote the lyrics, and the songwriter's writing skills are clearly evident in it gift vocalist.

Sometime after the release, Iommi admitted that the musicians deliberately made the composition in a more cheerful pace because they felt imbalance of the album's entire material. It was important to the band members to put the fast "Neon Knights" on the record so that it would balanced all the other slow songs.

Die Young (1980)

Dio at one of his concerts. 80-е
Dio at one of his concerts. 80-е

The second single from the first album without Osbourne climbed to position 41 in the UK music chart. It became unusual a phenomenon, as Ozzy's departure was hard on the fans, but the new vocalist managed to cope and show the upscale heavy metal. According to Dio, this composition has a good structure, but it was difficult for him to sing in places where the rhythm changes. Nevertheless, this composition allowed the musician to test his strengths and make a good track together with his colleagues.

"Die Young" is dedicated to the hard. acceptance of reality by young people. The fans of the collective were interested in this theme, and so very soon the song became one of the favourites. At Black Sabbath concerts frequently performed it even after Dio left.

Voodoo (1981)

Dio with Black Sabbath on stage.
Dio with Black Sabbath on stage.

One of the most magical and mysterious tracks Ronnie performed as part of Black Sabbath. This is where the singer got the chance to prove himself as first-class singer: his growling vocals in the song's choruses make you feel the angry and assertive lines of the lyrics. The song reached a respectable 46th place on Billboard Mainstream Rock, which meant that Dio was doing well keep the bar set by Osborne.

Although Ronnie was received with disbelief by the audience, he was soon able to draw the audience's attention to himself. The difference between him and Ozzy was colossal: The ex-frontman won fans with his showman abilities, while Dio won fans with his vocals. Other The approach to creativity felt in the band's work with the arrival of a new vocalist changed both Black Sabbath and the heavy metal scene.

Lady Evil (1980)

Dio and the rest of Black Sabbath
Dio and the rest of Black Sabbath

"Lady Evil" revealed high Ronnie's skill as a poet. The lyrics he wrote differed in many ways from Ozzy's work, but this renewal was a refreshing change for the band. useful and helped create a slightly different art form. Even though the song didn't make it to the top of the charts, it became a shiny according to Black Sabbath fans.

If you look at sense intertwined with a confident bass line at the beginning and Iommi's guitar passages throughout the track, you can catch a slight hostile the author's attitude towards women. Ronnie's penetrating vocals in the choruses show the power with which Lady Evil affects the hero. This is where real heavy metal gives birth to an image insidious of a girl hurting men in order to feel better about herself, and in this half-tale narrative Dio has shown himself to be a talented writer.


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