Top 5 best films of movie star Johnny Depp

The most magnificent films from the filmography of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Every movie buff should see them.

The best films of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp - an amazing personality, a talented actor and film director, an excellent screenwriter and musician. He is the nominee of many awards and well-deserved awards. The name of the movie star is listed in Guinness Book of Records as highest paid actor. And Depp totally deserves it. Let's take a look at the films that made Johnny famous around the world.

Shooting at Johnny Depp's studio
Shooting at Johnny Depp's studio

1. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Extraordinary and unusual movie on the verge of fantasy. It is based on the creation and development by a certain scientist of a real and living person named Edward. However, the researcher did not manage to fully think through this idea, and that is why Edward has scissors instead of hands. This misunderstanding made created man unhappy.

The young man was forced to live all alone in an abandoned and dilapidated room, which cannot even be called a home. However, soon the guy is found by a kind woman and pulled out into "normal life". Edward begins to learn a new life, previously unknown to him, gets acquainted with the woman's family and her beautiful daughter.

It is known that this project is the first collaboration between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. An interesting fact is that it took about two hours for the make-up and costume designers to turn Johnny into Edward. Also, the actor approached the role very responsibly: before filming, he studied silent films a lot with Charlie Chaplinin order to learn how to convey the feelings and state of mind of your character through facial emotions. In addition, Depp had to lose a couple of pounds.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

After the film adaptation in 2003, this film almost immediately became famous all over the world and gained incredible success. Movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" received five Oscar nominations. It was this series that was the first movie about pirates, which immediately became super popular. The subsequent series of this film were also able to win the love of not only film critics, but also the public of all ages.

After the end of filming, Johnny Depp almost fell into a prolonged depression, because he was very sunk into the soul of the role of captain he played. Jack Sparrow. The actor became so close to his hero that he “transferred some of his character traits” into real life.

Later, the fact that Johnny Depp changed the script on the go became known. Although his ideas were sometimes not appreciated by the producers, Depp, who was used to having his own opinion on everything, insisted on his own. Thus, some scenes appeared, which was not in the story.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

This film is one of the strangest, along with "Alice in Wonderland", in the filmography of Johnny Depp. From the very first seconds of the film, it becomes clear that Wonka, the same owner of a chocolate factory, is a very difficult character. One might even say strange. The plot is based on the fact that Willy Wonka decided to arrange a competition in order to find a new director of his offspring. True, the condition for obtaining a position is rather strange - you must refuse to have any relationship with your relatives.

To work on his character, the actor studied all sorts of sources: films, books, went over old acquaintances and people who had the same strange habits in his head. Depp thought of everything: from the chocolate man's hairstyle to his character. Besides, Johnny's wish came true - movie star managed to realize that hero with exactly those features that he represented.

4 Ed Wood (1994)

Dramatic film based on biography the worst director Hollywood - Ed Wood. Johnny Depp agreed to play the lead role ten minutes after reading the script.

The plot of the film is very simple. Ed Wood, thanks to his ability to talk and talk, finds people who are ready to help him make a film. The first begins to show active and uninvited participation in the filming, giving unnecessary clues. The project is crashing. However, the first failure does not stop Wood, and he again finds money for an even more “improved project”, but the same fate awaits him. The idea of the film is that a person does not understand his lack of professionalism and mediocrity.

5. Dark Shadows (2012)

The film is very interesting for those who love the horror and comedy genre. Johnny Depp got the role of a vampire Barnabas Collins, into which his former lover-witch turned him, and then buried him alive for two hundred years.

After being pulled out of the cold ground in 1972, Barnabas returns to his strange family, who managed to destroy the family business. Barnabas Collins learns that the former lover, who turned his life into a nightmare, built her company nearby, thereby attracting all the eyes of people to herself. The witch, who can live forever, constantly changed her appearance, so as not to attract attention and not cause unnecessary questions. And now, two centuries later, she wants again get revenge on Barnabas for your broken heart. Will the vampire be able to defend himself and return to his kind everything that should be his by right? Will he kill the witch?

To play great the role of a sophisticated vampire, Johnny Depp had to go on a diet before filming. The actor reduced the number of calories consumed, stopped eating flour and sweets, began to drink green tea, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The movie star managed to reduce the weight to 63 kilograms.

As a child and teenager, Johnny Depp was a big fan of the old movie. "Gloomy shadows"released in 1967. And it was Depp who suggested to director Tim Burton the idea of creating a similar film with a similar plot.

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