Six of the best modern Russian chansonniers

A selection of the six most famous Russian chansonniers who are most loved by the Russian public. Surely you know them and have heard at least one of their hits.

Top 6 Russian Chanson Singers

Surely many modern listeners think that chanson is necessarily some kind of blatant song. But good chanson rarely has anything in common with such songs. Still - how would chanson have so many fans then? There's something good in it, too!

That's why we decided to make a selection of six of Russia's most famous chansonniersThe most beloved by the Russian public. Surely you know them and have heard at least one of their hits.

Irina Krug

Irina Krug
Irina Krug

The wife of one of the most successful and beloved by the public chansonnier reached, it seems, no less heights than her husband. Now Irina Krug is a regular guest of festivals, a sought-after singer and multiple winner of "Chanson of the Year" award. All her songs are very popular, and her videos collect millions of views.

But her ascent to the musical Olympus began rather sadly. When her husband died, Vladimir Bocharov, co-author and colleague of Mikhail Krug, wrote several songs in memory of his friend and suggested that Irina Krug record a solo album with them. The audience met her warmly, and so Irina became a popular singer.

Stas Mikhailov

Stas Mikhailov
Stas Mikhailov

A favorite of millions of women - Stas Mikhailov also won the "Chanson of the Year" award many times. But back in the '90s, things were not as colorful as they are now. The musician had been recording since 1992. Then his first song came out - "Candle", which did not bring success. Later, in 1997, another album of the same name was released, but it didn't bring any fame to Mikhailov either.

And then, a few years later, the song that made Stas Mikhailov a star came out. We are talking about "Without You", which probably many men have heard. The success of Stas Mikhailov strengthened in 2004 with the release of the album "Calling for Love". Then the musician was actively broadcasted on Radio Chanson.



And this musician started his career as a rockers. Later he switched from creativity to the restaurant business. It so happened that at the same time he came up with a song, "A Shot of Vodka on the Table. It became a big hit with Leps, and then Zheka decided that he himself could become popular with his songs.

Already in 2001 he released "Pines are Cedars". The album did not become famous immediately after its release, but in 2003 it began to be played on Radio "Chanson". After that he became popular and gathered his main fanbase, which listens to the artist until now.

Sergey Trofimov

Sergey Trofimov
Sergey Trofimov

This musician also began his career From rock music - He was a member of the band Eroplan. And in the 1990s something snapped in him - he left the band and joined the church choir, where he sang from 1991 to 1993. In 1994 he released the record "That's All, Said the Wise Man and Drowned in Water", and a year later the album "Dumpster Aristocracy". That's how the musician became famous. At the same time he helped a dozen other musicians by recording albums for them.

Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lyubov Uspenskaya
Lyubov Uspenskaya

One of the most favorite chanson singers among Russians - repeated awards from Radio Chanson confirm it. Award winners are determined on the basis of listener votes, and Lyubov Uspenskaya wins almost every year. In 2022, for example, her song in duet with Baskov - "Big Love" was noticed.

The singer started back in the 1980s. The first compilation was called My Loved One and consisted of songs written for American audiences. The album was produced by Mikhail Shufutinsky, and according to Uspenskaya, at the same time as she was recording the album, her debut album was also written by Whitney Houston. Uspenskaya confirms this by the fact that the same backup singers sing on their recordings.

This album came to the USSR by accident: it was brought by Edita PiekhaShe received it as a gift from the singer. But Piekha's daughter sold the album to her friends for 70 rubles to buy jeans. As a result, pirated copies of the album began to spread around the country, and Lyubov Uspenskaya decided that since this had happened, she would record her next albums directly for Russian listeners.

Mikhail Shufutinsky

Mikhail Shufutinsky
Mikhail Shufutinsky

One of the most unique musicians not only in chanson, but on the Russian stage as a whole. Even young people listen to him - they know Shufutinsky by his song "Third September", which has already become meme. Everyone listens to it at the beginning of September every year. It's kind of a tradition already.

But, besides "Third September", Mikhail Shufutinsky has many more hits: "Marjanja", "Palma de Mallorca", "Jewish tailor" and many others. And of how many musicians he made stars... And you can't count. Shufutinsky is talented both as a musician and as a producer.

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