TOP 7 best songs of Lady Gaga

We have collected the best compositions and talked about how the singer came up with her most famous hits.

Lady Gaga's Most Popular Songs

Lady Gaga is not in vain recognized download queen. Her songs became popular immediately after the release and took first place in the charts. The performer received several Grammy Awards for their singles and videos in various nominations ranging from "Best Dance Composition" to "Best Short Music Video". The singer herself writes and composes music, so with each single it connects separate story.

Lady Gaga as a teenager
Lady Gaga as a teenager

"Boys, Boys, Boys"

"Boys, Boys, Boys" became first recorded song Lady Gaga. As the singer admits, when writing the single, she was inspired by the hit of the American glam metal band Mötley Crüe "Girls, Girls, Girls". The text she wrote jointly with music producer red one. The single will be included in the album in the future "The Fame". The singer herself says the following about him:

«"The Fame" is an album about every a person can feel celebrity".

In general, the work received positive reviews from music critics. Times Online described "The Fame" as "amazing ballad mix podBowie, whose drama was not inferior to "Queen". In addition, one can feel the ridicule of the children of rich parents who strive to become famous at any cost.

poker face

The single "Poker Face" was released in 2008. The song was also included in the album. "The Fame". She was known all over the world second place in the Russian radio chart.

Lady Gaga and co-author RedOne put an interesting meaning into the text: using ambiguous expressions, she compares sexual activity to gambling, such as cards. The singer received Grammy Awards for this song. She won in the category "Best dance composition".

"Just Dance"

The song was recorded in 2008 assisted by American singer-songwriter Colby O'Donis. Featured as the album's debut single "The Fame". The authors music - singer Lady Gaga, rapper Akon, music producer Nadir Hayat and RedOne. Song lyrics narrates about the feelings of an intoxicated person dancing in a nightclub.

song positively accepted by music critics, who were amazed at the interesting combination of synth-pop with elements of the R&B genre. The single enjoyed great success: he took first place in the charts of the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The song was in Billboard Hot 100, and a year after graduation, she rose to the highest top of the chart.

Lady Gaga for her own brand "Haus Laboratories"
Lady Gaga for her own brand "Haus Laboratories"

Lady Gaga tellshow she came idea:

"I had a terrible hangover. The lines themselves climbed into my head, and we came up with the text with RedOne for 10 minutes. The first time I recorded a song in Hollywood recording studios. God, she was beautiful: vintage, huge, with big speakers.


"Paparazzi" also refers to Lady Gaga's debut album "The Fame". Written by myself singer and Rob Fuseri in 2009. As the singer herself admits, this song reflects her pursuit to wealth and fame. The single became popular due to the dance rhythm, cheerful mood, club atmosphere. This was appreciated by music critics.

In shocking clip Gaga presented fatal starletpursued by photographers. At the beginning, she is almost killed by her own boyfriend, but in the end she comes to him and takes revenge.

Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) in a photo shoot for the advertising company "Dom Pérignon"
Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) in a photo shoot for the advertising company "Dom Pérignon"

The singer herself spoke about filming clip as follows:

“I was inspired by photographs of girls James Bond. For me glory is a form of art. So the video was focused on three things: death, fashion and celebrity."

"Bad Romance"

"Bad Romance" - an example of another collaboration between Lady Gaga and red one. Was part of the album "The Fame Monster". The singer wrote it during several years of performing around the globe. There was a problem with the release of the song: its demo hit in Internet To official release.

Many music critics compared "Bad Romance" with "Poker Face". In addition to the first places in the charts, the single was awarded Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga won nominations "Best Female Vocal Pop Performance." The single received diamond certification in the USA, and after - 11 platinum in the same country.

Lady Gaga in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, 2018.
Lady Gaga in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine, 2018.

Clip The video was interesting, as all of the singer's videos are. Gaga is kidnapped from a white bathroom in order to be sold into slavery. In addition to the unusual idea, the video is also different and operator room work. He also received an award Grammy Awards Nominated for Best Short Music Video.


telephone - collaborative song Lady Gaga and popular American R&B artist Beyonce. Worked on the single several people: Gaga herself, Rodney Jerkins, LaShaun Daniels, Lazonet Franklin and Beyoncé. Producer single made Rodney Jerkins.

Basic meaning - Gaga's fear that because of the job she loves so much, she doesn't let herself relax like other people do. But if carefully look more closely at the words, we can conclude that it is rather about unwillingness girls pick up the phone and respond to her boyfriend, as she is busy dancing at the club. The song was remembered by the listeners accelerated pace, dance choruses, bright double bits.

Born this way

Born this way - single included in eponymous album. The song was released in 2011 and was received mostly positively by both critics and listeners. In the US, it was Gaga's third single to top Billboard Hot 100.

In 2010 Gaga won Song of the Year for "Bad Romance". Directly at the ceremony presentation, having received her award, she performed excerpt and stated that he will soon release a new album called "Born this way".

Lady Gaga on the cover of the album "Joanne"
Lady Gaga on the cover of the album "Joanne"

"Born this way" is combination electro-pop and dance-pop. First the song is tensely, but then the stunning beats begin to play. Main idea was to show what kind of person in fact, but message - love yourself the way you are.

Despite receiving several Grammys, the singer does not stop on what has been achieved. She recently starred in a movie "A Star Is Born" with Bradley Cooper, in which she performed a song with the actor Shallow, which captivated the listeners with its deep meaning and beautiful melody.

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