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List of interesting films with the participation of Hollywood actor Jared Leto

Jared Joseph Leto - famous Hollywood actor and musician, filmmaker music videos and videos. Jared is not just a talented movie star, but also quite an outstanding member and rock band founder 30 Seconds to Mars. In the film industry, he became famous thanks to his participation in such films as "Requiem for a Dream", "Chapter 27", "Suicide Squad" and others.

Actor Jared Leto at a 2019 social event
Actor Jared Leto at a 2019 social event

The Hollywood movie star has earned the respect of many filmmakers for her overly responsible approach to play any role. It would seem that there is nothing that Jared Leto would not do for the sake of accurate implantation in his character, his character, thoughts and appearance. Today I propose to analyze the best roles of this actor in this article.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

The film is a very tragic dramatic story that tells the viewer about drug addiction as a terrible vice, as well as about people who, unfortunately, fell under the unhealthy influence of this addiction. In the film, we are talking about two friends involved in the sale and sale of drugs. The whole life of these unfortunates is built on the same desire: to get drugs, sell them profitably and make good money on it. However, will they be able not to catch the eye of the authorities and law enforcement agencies? Will they be able to fulfill their plans and fulfill their dream? You can find answers to these questions by watching the movie.

It is known to many that drug addicts look painful. This is more often due to the fact that they do not eat food from the word at all, either from unwillingness or from lack of money. Jared Leto, who played a heavy drug addict in this film, had to prepare very carefully. According to the actor, he lost as much as thirteen kilograms.

Mister Nobody (2009)

This film belongs to the genre of fantasy melodrama. The plot is structured as follows: a man named Nemo Nobody wakes up one morning and finds that he is in the body of a decrepit old man. The hero lived a fairly long life and now lives in a world where all people have long since gained immortality. Nemo Nobody himself, it turns out, is a popular TV star, who was interviewed by one of the journalists on the eve of his death. The latter asks Nemo to tell a story about his life. However, a man named Nobody understands that this is not his life, not his body and not his environment. Will he be able to solve this amazing riddle of fate?

The film "Mr. Nobody" was a real discovery for Jared. Leto realized, according to him, one of the most important thoughts related to how, it turns out, a choice once made can greatly affect the life and even the character of a person.

Suicide Squad (2016)

This film belongs to the genre of fantastic action films and thrillers taken locally. The plot is structured as follows: it is known that in prisons there are many dangerous criminals who got there through their own fault. And then one day someone decides to release all the madmen into the wild. However, this is done for its own purpose, and not out of the kindness of the soul, as you might think. Criminals are sent to those places where no military and special forces can cope and survive. They are sent to places where, it would seem, not a single living person will survive. Will these madmen be able to cope with their task and return to normal life? You will only know the answer to this question by watching the movie.

Jared Leto, whom we are considering today, played the role of the Joker in this film - a fantastic criminal madman. According to the movie star, he played this character with great honor. By the way, it should be said that Jared Leto was specially preparing for such a colorful role. One of the elements of preparation is sending very unusual gifts to all your colleagues on the set. So, Harley Quinn Summer sent a box of chocolates with a real rat.

Chapter 27 (2007)

This film belongs to the genre of historical and crime drama. The plot of the film is based on the investigation into the mysterious murder of John Lennon, a cult figure in the history of music. Suddenly, the name of the man Mark Champan becomes known, who is suspected of a crime committed in 1980. The director of the film is really trying to find out and consider in detail the details of the incident. After watching this film, you, quite possibly, will find the answer to the question about the murder of such an outstanding personality of the second half of the twentieth century.

In order to take part in this film, Jared Leto had to go to absolutely extreme measures. It is known that the movie star is completely different from Jen Lennon, so the following had to be applied. Jared Leto managed to gain about thirty kilograms for the filming of the film, which surprised many. Later, the actor will tell that in order to achieve the goal, he had to melt one kilogram of ice cream every night, fill it with olive oil and drink this nasty mixture before going to bed. No wonder that after such a diet, Jared earned himself considerable health problems. According to rumors, it was because of this that Leto developed gout.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The plot, by the way, perhaps partially predicts the future of all mankind. The world has been taken over by robots. People have introduced them into all spheres of their life. However, sometimes the robots break down and become completely uncontrollable. The film tells about a man who is engaged in the capture of these pieces of iron to save the world and prevent a possible catastrophe - the elimination of humanity. Will a living being be able to prevent a possible danger?

Actor Jared Leto, who took a direct part in this film, again impressed his colleagues on the site with his preparation for the role. The movie star had to go blind. Jared had to use white lenses, which he could only move around with the arm of an assistant. Friends on the set and directors were fascinated by this wonderful spectacle.

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