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Christian Bale is known to be a famous Hollywood actor. actor, as well as an award winner "Oscar" and "Golden Globe". Bale was able to become famous and win the love of the public largely thanks to one of his wonderful qualities - the ability and constant desire to transform into different images. The actor is not at all afraid to try something new, including playing new, perhaps even controversial characters.

Actor Christian Bale in his youth
Actor Christian Bale in his youth

Naturally, what helped the Hollywood star to become famous is the lack of selectivity of films. In no case does he divide films into big-budget and low-budget films, so he treats everyone equally. And he will not completely abandon the character if the film in which he is supposed to participate is under the guidance of only a novice director. Today I suggest that you analyze the filmography of this actor and identify his best films.

Empire of the Sun (1987)

First of all, this film attracts attention by the fact that the main role in it is played by a small, twelve-year-old Christian Bale. The actor is famous for the fact that he was chosen by the director of the film himself - Steven Spielberg. The boy hooked the latter with his naturalness in the game and exceptional independence from other people's opinions. By the way, it should be noted that the novice twelve-year-old actor managed to audition among four thousand other applicants, which cannot but impress. It should also be said that after the screening of this film, such fame fell upon the aspiring movie star and it is known that he slipped thoughts to leave the world of cinema forever. However, as you can already guess, this event did not happen. So, something has changed in Christian Bale.

If you think about it, you can guess that the plot of the film is quite simple. The story begins by showing the life of a little Englishman named Jim Graham, who lives in the richest family in China. However, World War II began. And the enraged Japanese attack the city, completely capturing it. It happens that in the panicking crowd the boy loses his parents. After some time, having met a friend of Basie, the tomboys end up in a prison camp. Can they get out of there?

American Psycho (2000)

This film was based on the novel by the American writer Ellis. The film is about a young and wealthy banker named Patrick who has become a self-proclaimed maniac. The role of this brutal killer was played by everyone, beloved and considered by us, Christian Bale, who personally asked the film director not to participate in the auditions, but to immediately approve him for the role. By the way, it is a curious fact that it was from participation in this film that Bale began to approach all roles responsibly. So, for example, for a successfully played role in this film, Christian had to adjust his diet and get in good shape. Also, the actor made himself a few front teeth for a perfect smile. An interesting fact is that Christian's friends and colleagues hoped to the last that he would reconsider his decision and refuse to participate. However, this did not happen. And before the viewer appears a wonderful maniac performed by Christian Bale.

Now let's talk a little about the plot. As mentioned above, this film was realized based on an American novel. The plot of the film is a story about the life of one resident of the town - a rich young banker. His behavior during the day is completely harmless to everyone around him. As a rule, during daylight hours this is an ordinary person with his own problems (or perfectly pretending to be an ordinary person). But with the onset of night, the character and behavior of the protagonist changes dramatically. And now this is no longer that harmless banker who earns money and lives like everyone else. In the dark, this cute gentleman turns into a real monster, endangering the entire town. And this happens every night. Will someone be able to stop the main character?

Machinist (2004)

The plot of the film is as follows: the main character named Trevor has not slept for about a year. He also stopped eating normally, not to mention the word "correctly." Trevor lost quite a lot of weight, turning into a living skeleton. He became thin to such an extent that it seems that his body could fall apart in an instant. Due to lack of sleep, Trevor really began to confuse the real with the unreal. A man no longer sees the difference in the world around him and, one might say, balances between sleep and reality. Trevor was wildly tired of seeing frightening and terrible visions, especially when they began to echo in an unexpected and terrible way. Will a man be able to get out of this state or will he forever remain a prisoner of his own stupidity?

The motion picture "The Machinist" is rightfully considered an outstanding psychological thriller of the early 2000s. By the way, the main actor, who played the role of suffering from insomnia and a terrible lack of sleep, had to lose thirty kilograms. According to the movie star herself, it was not too difficult for him. “For four and a half months, I ate less and less, thereby gradually reducing my stomach. I drank a lot of liquids, in particular water, so as not to feel hungry. It wasn't easy at first. And as I lost weight, it became easier and easier to lose weight.

And by the way, during the hunger strike I did not visit a doctor,” Christian Bale shares his memories. However, after a sharp weight loss, which is not at all surprising, Christian began to have health problems. He had to recover for a long time and gain weight to normal. Whether participation in the film was worth the effort and potential health hazard - decide for yourself. However, after the film adaptation of the film, Christian Bale began to receive many job offers and collaborations. And, of course, the actor received a lot of positive feedback not only from film critics, but also from the public.

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