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A selection of the best films with actor Jack Nicholson

Surely you have heard something about this outstanding actor like Jack Nicholson. This man, born in 1937, is the first movie star to receive so many awards, as well as nominations for Oscarthat no other celebrity has ever had. In addition to quite successful acting, Jack Nicholson spent time artistic development cartoons, scripting, compilation musical accompaniments for films, as well as producing and directing. 

The multifaceted personality of Jack Nicholson
The multifaceted personality of Jack Nicholson

Born John Joseph Nicholson became famous thanks to his direct participation in a number of films: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, A Few Good Guys, The Shining, As Good As It Gets, and a number of other films. In this article, I suggest that you consider exactly the films I have mentioned above, because it is in them that you can perfectly consider almost all facets of Nicholson's acting skills.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

The film belongs to the genre of drama. The plot is very interesting and tells about the life story of one man named Patrick McMurphy, who is a real criminal. At first, the man served his sentence in a colony, but later he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in order to identify possible psychological and mental abnormalities and illnesses of a rebel. In a new location, McMurphy runs into one of the nurses, a strict, disciplined woman who is used to being in control. Two characters collide with each other and try to somehow annoy each other. Who will win this confrontation will become known only after careful viewing of the film.

An interesting enough fact is that the main actor Jack Nicholson agreed to star in this film for a small fee. However, before filming, it was agreed that the aforementioned receives a percentage of the box office receipts into the account. The movie star did not fail, because thanks to this film, Nicholson received not only a good monetary award, but also the first, honestly deserved Oscar. For those who are wondering, on a budget of only four million dollars, the film was able to gross over one hundred million dollars in a short amount of time.

A Few Good Guys (1992)

The film belongs to the genre of dramatic thriller. By the way, the film got its name because of the phrase heard by the director in one of the television advertisements, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, which also dealt with the marines. The plot is based on a story that tells about the life of two naval lieutenants who committed a crime - a harsh reprisal against their comrade. It fell to an equally young but inexperienced lawyer to defend these two. The latter hoped that the matter would be easy to resolve. However, this is not at all the case. Other persons intervene in the story, taking the side of the victim. Can the lawyer save the young friends? You can only find out the answer by watching this movie.

An interesting fact is that the Jack Nicholson we are considering demanded a fee of five million dollars, which he received after filming with his hero was completed. By the way, all the scenes with Nicholson's character were filmed in just ten days. Another interesting fact about the money is that with a budget of forty million dollars spent on the film, after the film adaptation and the calculation of the box office, an amount of two hundred and forty-three million dollars came out. The film paid off remarkably well.

Shining (1980)

The film belongs to the genre of dramatic horror and thrillers. By the way, it should be said in advance that Jack Nicholson, who played the main role, was very indignant at the fact that the audience and film critics praise director Kubrick more, completely forgetting about the actors. According to Nicholson, this role was not easy for him and he deserves attention. And the plot of the film tells the story of one family. One man named Jack Torrance, taking his wife and young son with him, decided to move to a remote hotel for a while to work as a caretaker. However, as soon as he steps onto the threshold of the magnificent building, Torrens is visited by obsessive thoughts that he has already been here.

The preparation of Jack Nicholson for filming is also interesting. So, for example, for two whole weeks they fed him only cheese sandwiches, which, by the way, the actor simply hates. However, such a sacrifice had the desired effect - Nicholson became irritated and quite nervous. Another interesting fact is that when shooting the scene where Torrance breaks the door, special lightweight doors were used that anyone could break. However, Nicholson was a police officer at the time, so he cleared the obstacle with one punch. Director Kubrick did not like this, as the effect was supposed to be different. Therefore, another door was made, but a little stronger than the previous one.

It doesn't get better (1997)

The film belongs to the comedy melodrama genre, which is very specific for the actor Jack Nicholson. The plot is based on the life story of one unbalanced writer named Melvin Adal. A man is often nervous and irritated by everything around him, including his writings. Because of this peculiarity of his character, Melvin is constantly alone and, in addition, is a frequent participant in ridiculous situations. Adal has absolutely no friends and other close people. However, he soon needed to take care of the neighbor's dog. Spending more and more time with a pet, Melvin learns from him a bright vision of the world around him, as well as kindness and tenderness. Very soon, the writer, nervous before this event, will open up a new world of human and multifaceted feelings unknown to him.

It is known that Jack Nicholson was very afraid to leave his comfort zone: after all, he constantly had to play evil and crazy characters. However, his fears were not justified, because the character Melvin, according to viewers and film critics, turned out to be the cutest hero ever played by Nicholson.


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