Metallica's top 5 best albums according to Fuzz Music magazine

Talking about their best albums, it's worth noting that it's all a matter of taste. Everyone will have their own opinion about it, but we took a chance and decided to present you our Top 5 best Metallica albums...

Metallica's best albums: list, description, tracks

Despite the fact that some music lovers have ambiguous attitude to this group, it is impossible to argue with that Metallica - one of the greatest bands in metal history! They burst onto the world rock scene in the 80's, along with sharp riffs and a new, fresh energy. They released a number of worthy records and managed to gain worldwide recognition by becoming one of the best-selling collectives in the history of their genre.....

Speaking of their best albumsIt's worth noting that it's all a matter of taste. Everyone will have their own opinion on this, but we took a risk and decided to present you Metallica's Top 5 Best Albums. What records are included in our selection? We suggest finding out...

Kill 'Em All (1983)

James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich young.
James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich young.

"Kill 'Em All." - a remarkable debut. Here you can hear Hatfield, whose voice sounds incredibly young! There is also a contribution from the guitarist Dave MastainHe was subsequently sacked due to his addiction to alcohol and excessively violent temper. Despite the fact that he did not take part in the recording of the album, but was replaced by a replacement Kirk Hammetthe was directly involved in the writing of tracks like - "The Four Horsemen".

This album is full of beautiful solos, excellent riffs, electric explosion and emotionality. Some tracks mix the aggressiveness of punk with the power of heavy metal, which will have its influence on the genre and its followers. The most popular songs are "Jump in the Fire," "Whiplash," и "Seek & Destroy". Today, it's hard to imagine Metallica's repertoire without them.

Ride the Lightning (1984)

Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" album cover.
Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" album cover.

Second studio album of the band turned out to be even more beautiful. Many critics have singled it out as "Metallica's first great masterpiece, in which they expand their musical horizons and add greater harmonic and melodic complexity to their compositions...".

And indeed: the band has played well with the sound here, jumping from gentle and measured acoustics to roaring electric riffs, proving that they are not going to change their vector. Metallica sounds rough and brutal on this album, but at the same time refined

Dave Mastain as a young man
Dave Mastain as a young man

Curiously, the album includes several tracks where the Mastain is still listed as a co-author: it's about "Ride the Lightning" и "The Call of Ktulu"Two stunning tracks that were instantly successful and recognised. However, the tracks that created the biggest sensation were "For Whom the Bell Tolls." и "Fade to Black". While the first one strikes with its ominous and confident mood, the second was for Metallica their first and extremely beautiful ballad, which combined a slow beginning and heavy riffs....

"A brutal and affecting album," reviewers wrote.

Master of Puppets (1986)


This album essential for both the members of Metallica and their fans. This is the band's last album, which was recorded with the participation of their bassist Cliff Burton. In many ways, the cover "Master of Puppets" has become symbolic.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (1986), album artwork
Metallica - Master Of Puppets (1986), album artwork

Although he wasn't in the band for very long, Cliff managed to influence the style, sound and character of Metallica's recordings, as well as (as he said Lars Ulrich):

"He was the most educated of us, and he was very well-read, intellectual. In one way or another, he penetrated each of us..."

As for the album, it can safely be called masterpiece. The sound and lyrics of the tracks are imbued with mysticism, philosophy, and all this is Burton's undeniable contribution. The melodic and ominous character of the compositions is especially striking, which makes them like a riddle that you want to solve....

...And Justice for All (1988)

With this release, Metallica have entered a new era for themselves - an era where the there's no more Cliff. However - his influence and his philosophy will already be with them forever. Instead of Burton on bass, you can hear here Jason Newsted. Finding Cliff's replacement was not an easy task, nor was it a pleasant one. And yet, the boys did it.

"...And Justice for All." is characterised by just a crazy amount of riffs! As Hatfield recalled in his interview:

"We're just like: 'We put six riffs in one song? Let's make it eight. Let's go crazy!"

James Hatfield
James Hatfield

Nevertheless, it's another great piece of work with a few of the band's classics such as "Blackened," "Eye of the Beholder," и "One." - one of the most exciting songs of Metallica's career!

The Black Album (1991)

James Hatfield
James Hatfield

This album is considered the most iconic album in the band's discography. It is what made Metallica the biggest and most famous metal band in the world. When working on "The Black Album" Hatfield and Ulrich understood very clearly what they were doing: they wanted to break all barriers of metal and penetrate into all possible depths of the listener's soul. As a matter of fact, they succeeded.

The record contains solid hits - from "Enter Sandman." и "Nothing Else Matters" before "The Unforgiven" - a heartbreaking ballad whose music video is as dark as its lyrics.

"What I felt,
What I knew,
Never shone through what I was showing..."

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