Led Zeppelin song inspired by Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"

“I had just started playing this track when Bonham showed up with this great stomping that had such a great sense of rhythm!”

How Stevie Wonder's funky "Superstition" inspired rock giants Led Zeppelin

Let's be honest: between Stevie Wonder and Led Zeppelin there aren't many parallels… Or rather, there are practically none, apart from the fact that they conquered the music scene of the end 60s - 70s, but again - in completely different genres. What Wonderthat Zeppelin rose to prominence in the sixties and dominated their respective fields in the seventies, yet musically they were always very different... Wonder built his own brand of funk and disco, demonstrating that he had become a stalwart of any DJ worthy of his attention. Concerning Led Zeppelin, then their heavy rock sound will define a generation... Anyway, and they have little kinship outside of their success stories, at least you might think so until today...

About Wonder's "Superstition"

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

In truth, Stevie Wonder shocked the rock and roll world when he became a major artist in the pop music scene! This meant that he would take on the lead role as the opening act on the tour. The Rolling Stones and will be one of the few actors to break through any predetermined genre barriers... And great minds from the world of rock like Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones will be equally fascinated by him as a performer! They will also find inspiration in one of his all-time favorite songs - Superstition.

The track became the anthem of any party that you were lucky enough to attend in those years ... Regardless of musical preferences or social status, "Superstition" by Wonder has always evoked and, in fact, continues to evoke a stunning response from the public and wild dance energy! This track was also enough to inspire Led Zeppelin for a song Trampled Underfoot

How Led Zeppelin Wrote Trampled Under Foot

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Trampled Underfoot is a famous song by an English rock band Led Zeppelininspired by funk, but, alas, not rhythm "Superstition" by Wonder: written John Paul Jones, the composition was inspired by the instruments that Stevie used in his above-mentioned hit ... In particular, John used the clavinet. Already after death John Bonhamtalking about the album Zeppelin (which was never implemented) Jimmy Page recalled:

“…by that time we had already made a tour of Europe. As for the Presence album, it was a guitar album. After this recording, John (Paul Jones) purchased the Dream Machine, a Yamaha synthesizer. Stevie Wonder had one too. So that gave him a lot of inspiration… He suddenly actually wrote whole numbers, which he hadn't done before, and I thought it would be best to use Paul Jones on the keyboard!”

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Notable: This song was the result of a jam session. 1972 years, which is why it is attributed Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. It is also worth adding that a lot of effort and time was spent rehearsing the ruthless semi-funk riff that dominates this song ... John Paul Jones himself admits that it is Stevie Wonder inspired him to beat: according to the musician, inspiration came to him from "Superstition" by Wonder

“I had just started playing this track when Bonham showed up with this great stomping that had such a great sense of rhythm!”

Page played with a pedal wah-wah and, as a producer, used reverse echo on the recording. Actually, Paul Jones met the clavinet earlier, however Trampled Underfoot regarded as the moment when it all began… Speaking at physical graffiti, Paul often mentioned Wonder as his inspiration… Well: if this is true, then Zeppelin fans owe it to Wonder for the characteristic rhythm in Trampled Underfoot!

Let it go Stevie Wonder and Led Zeppelin didn't often cross paths musically, it's clear that when they did, they delivered one of the best Zeppelin works ever...


In 1975 year label Zeppelin Swan Song sent out 5000 copies Trampled Underfoot to UK record stores as an incentive to sell the Physical Graffiti album. They were labeled "Special Limited Edition" and became collectibles. The track is included in Top 40 Billboard and eventually became a hit, often performed live Zeppelin.

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