"Grass near the house": the history of the anthem of the Russian cosmonautics

Today "Grass at Home" is the calling card of the domestic rock band Zemlyane. We offer to remember its history together!

Composer Vladimir Migulya and his biggest success

"Grass by the House." - is the name of a famous Soviet hit song, the anthem of Russian cosmonautics, which continues to inspire people all over the world decades later! The song was first heard as part of a TV program "Earth's Gravity" on Cosmonautics Day, April 12, 1982It was performed by Soviet and Russian musician, singer and composer Vladimir Georgievich Migulya. However, the song did not become a hit at once: it took time for Grass Near the House to become popular. And the fame came to the song performed by the band "Earthlings.". Today "Grass at Home" is a calling card of the national rock band. We offer to remember its history together!

Why Grass at Home? The writing process and inspiration

Vladimir Migulya
Vladimir Migulya

The idea for the song belongs to Vladimir Georgievich. Exactly Migulya was inspired to write a composition that would reflect not only the heroism of the astronauts, but also all the hardship of their work, their sadness and sadness for home. The story of Grasses Near Home goes back to 1981: that's when the twentieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first flight into space was widely celebrated! It's worth noting that space has been sung about before: "You know what kind of a guy he was." (Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov), "Fourteen Minutes to Go" (Oskar Feltsman and Vladimir Voinovich) and other compositions. However, all of these works were, in Miguli's opinion, "not quite right": they glorified the heroism of the cosmonauts, but by the early 1980s the flights to orbit were perceived more as hard work than as an exploit. Undoubtedly, the Soviet people were proud of the successes of space explorers, but they were no longer particularly surprised by them. For this reason, Migulya decided to compose a song that reflected the cosmonauts' approach to their work.

Vladimir Migulya...
Vladimir Migulya

Together with the poet Anatoly Poperechny Migulya began to think about how to play around with this theme. The composition was based on a poem of the same name by Poperechny: of course, there was no mention of cosmonauts, but there were very warm lines about the hut, the cow, and, of course, the grass by the house. It was from this line that Migulya recommended his colleague to take his point of view. He explained his vision this way:

"The grass by the house is exactly the image that arises in astronauts' minds when they are away from family."

When the poems were ready, Migulya wrote a tune pretty quickly. Originally "Grass by the House." was a classic pop lyric, but very soon the band Zemlyane will turn it into a loud rock slam!

The Earthlings' version

"Earthlings." were one of the few allowed in the the USSR rock bands. When working on the song, the band used a heavier, rockier arrangement. As a result, they managed to create a very bright and dynamic hit, which soon became a real anthem!

At first Migulya I was skeptical about the Zemlyan version. But very soon he changed his mind, because the song became fantastically popular! As the leader of the band said Vladimir KiselevBefore recording the anthem of Russian cosmonautics, the Earthlings were inspired by a Cliff Richard concert.


Astronauts quickly fell in love with the song! They took the "Grass" recordings with them into orbit, and now, many years later, the tradition is still alive.

The song's popularity actively spread on television as well. At first "Grass Near Home" performed by Zemlyan was heard in the 14th episode of the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!"and then, at the end of the decade, in Karen Shakhnazarov's cult film "Courier."!

When performed by Inna Churikova, the song became a real folk ballad.

Interesting cover versions

Since the release of this hit, there have been many covers of it - successful and not so successful. We will tell you about the most successful and interesting ones (although the original can hardly be surpassed by anyone).

Popular modern versions of the hit include covers of bands "Beasts." and "Adventures of the Electroniks.".

One of the most interesting versions was the performance of the anthem in 2016, in a music video marking the 55th anniversary of Gagarin's flight into space! Many Russian stars took part in the project, including Lev Leshchenko, Lolita and Yulianna Karaulova!

In the spring of 2020 information about the Japanese version of the song appeared. A video with a superimposed face even appeared on the Net Ilona MaskThe leader of Zemlyan Sergey Skachkov had a very positive attitude to it.

Facts about the song

  • The song can often be heard in commercials: for a while it was used in commercials "Megafon!
  • "Grass by the House" has overtaken its predecessors in popularity, such as "We are the children of the Galaxy...", "He said let's go..." and other compositions on the theme of astronautics.

  • In 2009, the hit was granted official public status "The Hymn of Russian Cosmonautics"!
  • Some speculate that the melody of "Grass" was borrowed from ABBA. - It's about a song "The Day Before You Came".

  • The highest number of views of the rendition of this hit on YouTube is 20 million!

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