Triosence — " Giulia "(2022): All about the album

Light jazz in the album "Giulia" (2022) from trio Triosence

Album "Giulia" (2022) from the German band Triosence

The album "Giulia" (2022), which was presented by the Triosence group, includes nine musical compositions, united light jazz. This is exactly the kind of music that you can listen to when heading home after hard day at work or on the way to warm, homeland for vacation. Music pleases with its calmness and at the same time evokes melancholy that there is not enough such calmness in people's lives. By the way, the cover of the album perfectly conveys its essence, it depicts a house surrounded by greenery and majestic mountains, a house from which very far away is the bustle of the city and fuss in general.

Triosence was formed back in 1999, it includes Bernhard Schluer, who plays piano, Matthias Nowak, whose niche is juicy bass and Stefan Emig who is team drummer. All members of the group met quite by accident at one of the parties, that is, they did not even study at a common school or university. Having met together, the trio realized that they must create music bandbecause they music preference practically the same.

triosence (2022)
triosence (2022)

Critics and listeners of the album "Giulia" (2022) received positively, the first, by the way, especially noted the impeccable play of musical instruments and uniform basses in musical compositions. But this is not surprising, given the experience of musicians in this field and the fact that their style has not changed. for over a quarter of a century.

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