The creative path of the artist Garth Brooks - the face of country music

This article is devoted to the biography and creative path of Garth Brooks - musician, vocalist, songwriter. How he managed to achieve such a stunning success among country lovers - in our article.

Garth Brooks is a real country music guru

Troyal Garth Brooks - author songs and country singer from the USA, is one of the most popular ones contemporary artists who beat several records in the music industry by volume sales plates. According to "Recording Industry Association of America", Brooks - "second the most commercially successful performer in the United States of all time" after The Beatles and before Elvis Presley. Almost all of it albums Got into top 10 charts, and the records were sold millions circulation. Garth became face musical direction country music.

Childhood, student years, personal life

Garth Brook was the most junior child (he had four half-brothers and sisters) in the family Troyal Raymond Brooks, draftsman in an oil company, and Collin Carroll, female musicians. Since his family loved music, one of traditions cook once a week solo performance. Everyone had to sing song or play on a musical instrument. In this way Garth mastered the game guitar and banjo at a fairly early age. Although at that time it interests more inclined towards sports: He was good at team sports like football and baseball and was on the school team track and field athletes. Thanks to sports achievements  Brooks got on budget to Oklahoma State University at Stillwater as a "advertising", which the graduated in 1984.

Artist Garth Brooks
Artist Garth Brooks

Being young student Brooks performed in various a cafe and restaurants located near university. His extraordinary vocal ability were discovered Rod Phelps in 1985, who offered Brooks produce his first demo. To record the musician had to go to Nashville.

Personal a life Brooks was also interesting: he married twice. The first one is on Sandy Mal a couple of years after graduation university. They were born three childrenCast: Taylor Maine Pearl, August Anna and Ellie Collin. Unfortunately, later the spouses tore apart relations. Brooks is now married to a singer. Trisha Yearwood They got married in December 2005.

Performer Garth Brooks with wife Trisha Yearwood
Performer Garth Brooks with wife Trisha Yearwood


Brooks love for country music began during his student life. He loved the work of an American musician George Jones. He later switched to rock: listened James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg and Townes Van Zandt. In the end 80s Brooks presented the first self-titled record, which became the beginning success musician. The album was instantly charts US country albums and reached 13th positions in Billboard 200. A track from this LP "Much Too Young" was high rated critics.

Next record "No Fences" came out in 1990. She's in nothing did not yield previous work Brooks and was in the lead on the country music charts Billboard within a few weeks. Since "No Fences" Brooks went to international level. In addition, this album has become firstreleased in Europe.

Third studio album "Ropin' the Wind" came out in the early 90s and got enthusiastic reviews. Singles "Shameless", "What She's Doing Now" and "The River" excited the audience and spun on all sorts of venues and institutions. More than sold so far 17 million copies plates.

In 1992, a year after the previous release, Brooks presented to the public the fourth LP "The Chase", the first song from which was "We Shall Be Free". The second track of the album "Somewhere Other Than the Night" was more popularthan the first, like the third song "Learning to Live Again". However, the last single "That Summer" conquered all and became most popular throughout his career as a musician.

In 1993 fifth studio album released "In Pieces", enjoyed, like his previous albums, success from critics and listeners. Next, in 1995, came out fresh horses. Among the tracks was the composition "She's Every Woman", which reached the top 10 in Billboard Country Chart.

Seventh Studio longplay appropriately titled Sevens, came out at the end 90s. Brooks after a short experiment in film production and other projects announced that leaves from the stage. A little later, he released a farewell record scarecrow. Unfortunately the album wasn't like that. successfullike him previous work; however, the release was qualitative and interesting.

After long-term break Brooks announced that returns to the world show business, which is unspeakable rejoiced his fans. "Double Live" was the most commercial successful record in the USA from the time of release Eric Clapton album "Unplugged" in 1992. It is known that sold out more than six million copies longplay. Last times Brooks performed in April year 2013 at the 48th annual prizes Country Music Academy.

Performer Garth Brooks on stage
Performer Garth Brooks on stage


On Brooks' account 14 nominations at the Grammy: for the record "Ropin' The Wind" he was awarded for "Best Male Country Vocal Performance", per single "In Another's Eyes" (he recorded this track with Trisha Yearwood in 1998) - "Best Country Duo". He won several premiums Country Music Academies (AMCA) and was awarded ACM Crystal Milestone Award in 2008. He also owns record by the highest number of sales solo records in the US since 1991.

None of the country artists until that time did not achieve such successlike Brooks. During his creative upsurge he composed series albums, the tracks of which became popular, were included in top 10 hits Billboard 100 or 200, what happened rarity for country music.

Garth played important role in giving country music new attractiveness, made it a little excellent from traditional songs of this genre. Even though the artist expelled some traditional elements, he successfully showed his uniqueness through compositions. Brooks brought country to another level, introduced his new audience and did a huge contribution to the development of the genre.

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