The craziest antics of outrageous rocker Wendy O Williams

Almost naked, she smashed TVs to smithereens with a sledgehammer, and coolly cut her guitar like a pie with a chainsaw...

A life that turned into one big punk performance

Wendy Orlin Williams is an American singer who became famous as shock rock queen! Williams is mostly known as the controversial vocalist of a punk band. "Plasmatics": insane energy, high theatricality, as well as a frank defiant look - all this played a huge role in shaping the image and the big name of the singer. Almost naked, she smashed TVs to smithereens with a sledgehammer, and coolly cut her guitar like a pie with a chainsaw. Such crazy antics shocked the people, but today it is a huge part of musical history, which should not be silent!

Early years, the beginning of the journey

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

Wendy O Williams known as one of the brightest and most scandalous vocalists in history. In the middle 80s she enjoyed the high point of her career and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

rocker born in 1949 year in Rochester. As a child, Wendy was very modest and gentle. Teachers and classmates remembered her as a shy girl with a quiet voice. On stage, Williams made her debut at the age of seven: it happened within the framework of Howdy Doody Show.

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Wendy O Williams in his youth

Rebellious temper Wendy broke out during the transitional age: in 16 years the girl ran away from home and hitchhiked to Colorado. Williams had to work hard to make a living: she worked as a waitress, dancer and even sold souvenirs. However, she was in constant trouble with the law. First, Wendy was detained for sunbathing on the beach naked, then several times she was caught stealing goods.

Having come a long way and gained life experience, in the second half 70s Williams got to New Yorkwhere she met Rod Swenson. He was engaged in staging spicy shows in which the future star took part. Subsequently, he will become not only her support in a career plan, but also the only close person at the end of her life.

Madness on stage

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

In 1977 group was formed "Plasmatics". Williams joined her at the time of founding. It is worth noting that the band borrowed a lot from popular in those years "Kiss" and "Alice Cooper". The young team debuted on stage "CBGB" - one of the most popular New York clubs, where the cream of society often hung out, such as Andy Warhol, Malcolm McLaren and others.

"Plasmatics" popularity quickly declined, and Wendy was their main weapon: with a bright mohawk on her head, she went on stage almost completely naked, crushing instruments and televisions with sledgehammers and chainsaws. One day she blew Cadillac, and during one performance she fired a shotgun!

For some, this caused shock, while others were delighted with such originality and strong-willed disposition of the soloist.

solo path

Wendy Orlin Williams and Lemmy
Wendy Orlin Williams and Lemmy

Williams made her first solo steps in 1982: together with Lemmy Kilmister from "Motorhead" rocker-rebel recorded a record, which included the composition "Stand By Your Man".

An album followed WOW, which was produced by Gene Simmons from "Kiss". In the mid-80s, Wendy released an EP "F–k'N'Roll".

Personal life

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

Until his death, the only close person for Wendy remained Rod Swenson. The couple often got into trouble, and they had problems with the law, but after years they calmed down. As the Williams' popularity waned, they settled in the small town of Storrs, Connecticut. Wendy began to lead an active lifestyle, and sometimes even sold healthy food in a local shop. None of the buyers could have imagined that even 10 years ago this woman ran around the stage with a bare chest and smashed TVs.

End of story

Wendy Orlin Williams
Wendy Orlin Williams

In the end, a calm lifestyle led Williams to deep depression. At some point, the woman said that she did not see the future. The ex-rocker tried to end her life twice, but both times miraculously remained alive. However, the third time she still managed to do it ...

Swenson discovered the body Wendy in the woods, not far from their house. The woman shot herself. In order not to shock people, she put a bag on her head and left a farewell letter. At the time of her death, she was only 48 years old.

Interesting Facts

Wendy Orlin Williams, still from Penal Girls (1986)
Wendy Orlin Williams, still from Penal Girls (1986)
  • Williams switched to a healthy lifestyle with the onset 80s: She completely gave up tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances. Instead, Wendy started swimming and jogging. She was also an active conservationist and vegetarian.
  • Wendy Orlin Williams went down in history as the first woman to appear on national television with a mohawk on her head!
  • On the show "Plasmatics" often imposed bans: they were equated with events dangerous to human life.
  • In addition to music, Williams tried herself as a film actress. She acted in the film "Girls from the penal colony" (1986), as well as in several comedies and television series, including "The New Adventures of Beans Baxter".

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