Willow Smith: a few facts about the young singer

Facts about the young singer and actress Willow Smith, who at one time faced a lot of criticism

Biography of Willow Smith

The daughter of popular actor Will Smith was born on October 31, 2000 in Los Angeles. First time on big screens the girl appeared in 2007, that is, literally a few years after birth. Willow landed a role in I Am Legend along with her father starring. Later, Willow appeared in several more films, so it can be concluded that this girl was surrounded popularity literally from the first years after birth. This is partly due to Willow's parents, Will and Jada Picknett Smith. World-famous parents gave Willow a good base for self-realization and implementation of their ideas and ambitions. Of course, Willow Smith also has merit in this, it should be said that, basically, popularity is almost completely her merit.

In 2008 Willow voiced one of the characters in the cartoon "Madagascar 2", or to be more precise, then young hippo, and the adult hippopotamus Gloria, at the same time, was voiced by Willow's mother.

Willow Smith (2021)
Willow Smith (2021)

Willow Smith career

Musical career Willow began in 2010, this year the singer and actress released a track called "Whip My Hair", which almost immediately reached after the announcement eleventh place according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single was recorded in the hip-hop genre, so the young performer was noticed many popular producers and singers from the United States and other countries. Half a year after the release of the track, it was announced that Willow was officially contract signed with Jay Z and his label in order to young singer I was able to record my own album. Later Willow and Jay Z released a single called "21st Century Girl", which translates as "Girl of the 21st century", was released almost immediately on this track full clip, in which Willow finds herself friends with whom she later erected sand city.

Willow Smith (2018
Willow Smith (2018

Later, in April 2012, Willow Smith announced that she plans to release debut album "Knees and Elbows", however, after some time, the girl nevertheless said that with the release will have to wait due to technical circumstances. In the same year, Willow presented to listeners her new track "I Am Me", in which she sings that Willow is who she is and will not be for anyone change. This track is fast won love listeners, so in 2013 Smith immediately released three new singles along with his older brother Jayden, the tracks are called "Sugar and Spice", "Drowning", "Kite".

In 2013 and in principle during this period, Willow Smith experienced a lot of criticism addressed to you from listeners, critics and even fans. People criticized Willow for the fact that her work not age appropriate, allegedly a child can not sing and talk about such serious things as parting, regret, love, fear, dislike, a life, death etc. But Willow did not pay attention to this, because she always differed from other children in her mature and conscious view of the world. Willow had personal opinion regarding any issue and always objectively perceived reality, no matter what happened. Moreover, on the side of Willow were her parentswho supported the girl no matter what, so she did what saw fit and has been successful in many areas.

In 2015, Willow nevertheless presented her debut album "Ardipithecus", which includes the track "Wait a minute". A little bit later American Association the recording industry certified track "Wait a minute" as platinum. In 2018, Willow Smith hosted a popular talk show in America called "Facebook Watch Red Table Talk", thanks to which Willow managed to get two awards NAACP and  two nominations for the Emmy Award. In 2022, Willow was supposed to go on a world tour with Billie Eilish, but unfortunately this will not happen due to of a worldwide pandemic, according to Smith herself. In 2022, she often acts as designer and singer, on Willow's social network you can find many of her own designer outfits.

Willow Smith (2020)
Willow Smith (2020)

As for Willow's filmography, this area not updated for a long time new paintings, but Smith herself notes that this does not mean that development in this domain stopped. This gives hope that Smith may appear on big screens. In 2022, Willow began to actively engage in charity, she helps AIDS patients and African children.

Willow Smith's personal life

When Willow was a teenager journalists and fans of the girl doubted her orientation. The fact is that Willow almost always wore short haircuts, wide pants, sweatshirts don't fitwhich led many to doubt the girl orientation. Willow's relatives, including her parents, did not commented on the assumptions public, a little later, Willow dispelled these speculations, because she appeared in public with my boyfriend Moises Arias. Relationships of young people actively discussed critics and fans of the singer, but unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long due to Willow's booming career.

Willow Smith (2022)
Willow Smith (2022)

Willow does not post on social media swimsuit pictures or in any nudity, which is so from her waiting for the public. Her archive on Instagram is replenished only photographs of paintings, which are sent to her by fans and photos from the singer's concerts. The press still sometimes asks questions about the orientation of the girl, but Smith recallsthat in 2019 she completely closed this issue, stating that she is bisexual. Willow noted that the same loves men too, and women, but relative to the current or future partner Willow is not known yet. In this regard, every appearance of Willow in the light causes among the public a lot of interest and discussion.

Definitely Willow Smith despite criticism and possible condemnation will do what sees fit, what counts right and true. Indeed, thanks to this position, she at one time enlisted support and the attention of their fans, thanks to this Willow and found her popularity.


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