Why We Love Jeff Beck, or Briefly Why He's a Genius

Now you may be very surprised, but: Beck's secret is that it is completely tasteless!

Why Jeff Beck is a legend of exciting guitar playing

When Jeff Beck picks up his guitar and begins to play, we can hardly hear something more creatively unique and exciting... He has always been and, of course, remains one of the top solo guitaristsThe music of Beck, whom the critics call a true "string madman"! With his playing, Beck completely captures us-attacks our minds with his strange tones, previously unheard techniques. He has a constant barrage of bizarre ideas! He super guitarist and a living legend that marked an entire era.

In fact, Jeff Beck is the man who has always skillfully justified "excesses.". He played longer, louder, faster, and fancier than any of his contemporaries, allowing himself the liberties that for a man "smaller." (in terms of reputation, big name, and talent) would be completely unforgivable!

British musician Jeff Beck plays guitar on stage during a performance at the Granada Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, October 19, 1980. Photo: Pavel Natkin
British musician Jeff Beck plays guitar on stage during a performance at the Granada Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, October 19, 1980. Photo: Pavel Natkin

So what distinguishes him from the nameless crowd that has tried to imitate him over the past decades? Most likely, it is the boundless The imagination of a "madman", the staggering quality of his technique and his special attitude, to which he gives one thousand percent!

Limitless freedom, blues and country music

Jeff Beck at the London Roundhouse in 1969
Jeff Beck at the London Roundhouse in 1969

In contrast to Jimmy Page, Beck has always lacked a coherent vision for his music. Page is a composer, producer and arranger, as well as a guitarist, of course. But Beck, with all due respect, can't handle all those roles. He virtuosowho is a master of his guitar! And that's actually where his skills end, and the magic just begins...

Jeff was first guitarist of his generation who imbibed a clean sound associated with exploratory technique. Around the same time, Pete Townsend was dabbling in feedback, but his experiments were less about playing technique.

Beck was part of the The Yardbirdsand he played a lot with blues and bluegrass musicians. For this reason, some of the "tricks" of country music were incorporated into his style long before what later became known as country rock.

Crazy Improvisation

Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck

Among other things, Beck was into feedback, wow-wows, fuzz boxes, and other effects. But his advanced mastery of them was very secondary in importance. Of course, Jeff was a genius at special effects, but above all his global role was to improvisational flairthat was unmistakable. He almost never approached a cliché, and his virtually limitless knowledge of the possibilities of the electric guitar allowed him to squeeze sounds out of his Telecaster, Stratocaster or Les Paul that no one else even knew existed.

Consider his virtuosity with the example of "Over Under Sideways Down The Yardbirds. In the introduction he gives a very dignified portrayal of a Hungarian gypsy fiddler, and later his playing becomes an Arabic temple rumble!

His first solo album, Truth, which also featured Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, John Paul Jones and other past masters, features a classic slow blues called "Blues Deluxe.".

When Beck begins his solo, stopping the whole band to play a completely extraneous riffThe listener's breathing becomes less frequent and quieter. This is something cosmic, unique!

"Total tastelessness."

Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck

Now you may be very surprised, but: Beck's secret is that he absolutely tasteless! This is not our opinion, but that of the critics, who are guided by Jerry Garcia's definition of "Guitar playing with flavor.". What is the "tastelessness" of Jeff? Well, probably that he's too shouty, too loud, too florid, and too extroverted. It's that his acting. challenges to all the conventional conventions of what is generally considered "good" playing. His extraordinary combination of boundless technical ability and outrageous imagination turns the rules by which most guitarists are judged into nonsense.

But most importantly, his unique and distinctive technique working! He became a legend for a reason. He stands out from other guitarists - Beck has his own phenomenal "handwriting". And we have to hand it to him, because not everyone can turn his crazy vision into the classics and a pattern for decades.


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