We continue to recall the best works of Valery Diduli - "Neon City", "Flamenco" and other hits

We continue the top of the main works of virtuoso guitarist Valery Diduli...

The main hits of Valery Diduli - the top of the best (part two)

Do you remember the main hits by Valery Diduli? Not? Then we continue to remember! Valery DiDuLa - famous Belarusian virtuoso guitarist, which won the hearts of millions of listeners as in Russia, and beyond ... The path of this artist was not easy, however - Didula managed to loudly declare himself, earn a big name and a reputation as a great artist ... His works touch the soul, penetrate into the very depths of the mind, causing incomprehensible, but such warm feelings ... For many years the musician experimented with sound, and continues to experiment to this day! And the results of his painstaking work allow us to call him truly outstanding and worthy artist... Diduli had a huge impact on creativity and recognizable style Spain, namely - flamenco! Later, Valery included incendiary motives in his own game and something wonderful came out ... And yes: one of his most successful albums, which includes the largest number of hits, is called precisely "Flamenco"! However, less words, more to the point! So: this top best compositions by Valery Diduli! We begin...


Luxurious work from the album Flamenco, which sounded at the beginning of the 2000s and won the recognition of the general public ... As can be seen from the video - at Diduli's concerts an incredibly powerful aura, which, however, is not surprising for a musician from God ...

"Neon City"

And this is a more modern work. 2017 from the album "Aquamarine". The music is just cosmic… Sounds amazing!


Another track from "Aquamarine"recorded with the composer Chris Wonderful.


The composition "Mystery" successfully complemented album "Cave City Inkerman" 2006… The melody is just a masterpiece… You can listen to "The Secret" by Valery Diduli even every day, and you are unlikely to get tired of it! There is something extraordinary in it ... Music boldly playing on the strings of the soul ...

"The Seventh Sense (Silence of the Winds)"

Song from the 2019 album of the same name. Even words will be superfluous here ... By the way: the video below is a fragment from the movie "Tales of Mama".


Incendiary track from the same name album 2000! The most interesting thing is that this composition has not lost its relevance to this day: many music lovers enjoy this masterpiece even today, after several decades!

"Road to Baghdad"

A wonderful work that also deserves attention! The track was released as part of the album of the same name. What can I say - another wonderful melody from Valeria Diduli

"In Exile"

2006 songwhich is relevant to this day!


And this composition has a very attractive and beautiful name ... Actually, she herself is so beautiful and divine ...

"Wheel of Time (Velor Waltz)"

Track from the album "The Seventh Sense" 2019! Judging by the number of views of the music video on YouTube, the song was liked by Diduli's fans!


Apparently, the album "Flamenco" was full of masterpieces, genuine hits ... After all, it's not for nothing that there are so many compositions from it on our list! And track "Day" another worthy one Hit Diduli!


The song is very strong, just a bomb as they say! Didula truly multifaceted in his work ...

"Rain Dance (Fancy Circles)"

One more 2019 song of the year, which managed to become the pearl of the rich repertoire of Valery Mikhailovich ...


A work in which you want to literally dissolve ... Relevant at all times!

"On the coast"

And here the comments will be superfluous ... Simply amazing! Music Diduli magically improves overall well-being and restores strength ...


This composition proves once again that Didula - a truly talented person! An amazing melody that evokes an indescribable feeling ... Great!


One more hit from the album "Flamenco"! How can you describe this track? "Goodbye depression!"


Composition from Diduli's album of the same name, recorded together with Chris Wonderful

"Wolf Hunt"

Song 2012, which is also a masterpiece of the repertoire Valery Mikhailovich… His music penetrates the soul, for which he is loved…

"One Day in September"

And our list is completed by the work "One day in September", released as part of the album "Fragrance" 2010. Great tune from a great musician...

Will there be more such geniuses? Well, you just have to believe in it...

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