Top best songs of Valery Diduli - "The Way Home", "Flight to Mercury" and other hits

Today we will remember the best songs, hits of Valery Diduli...

We recall the main hits of Valery Diduli

Valery DiDuLa - a famous Belarusian guitar virtuoso, composer, arranger, music producer, leader of his own group of the same name! The musician became famous performing music in the genres of folk and fusion with the influence of the new age style ... Valery's first step to fame was the vocal and instrumental ensemble "Scarlet Dawns": so, speaking in a cooperative restaurant, DiduLa earned the first big money on his work ... Later, Valery moved to Minsk, and even later - to Moscow. There he began to record his most successful albums, which, in fact, continues to do to this day! At one time, this man managed to travel around the world and visit countries such as Italy, Poland, France, Spain... In the last country, he got acquainted with the flamenco style, which inspired him to bold experiments with sound ... Today we will remember best songs, hits of Valery Diduliwhich are familiar and dearly loved by many listeners!

"Cave City Inkerman"

This is one of the musician's most famous hits! The song was released as part of Didula's self-titled album and instantly fell in love with the public ... Today, many music lovers know it very well! The clip, filmed in Sevastopol, is simply gorgeous… And when you listen to this melody, you feel some very special freedom… A masterpiece!


And this hit graced the album "Road to Baghdad" in 2002! Magical music... Many listened to it in their childhood, there are those who listened to it during their youth and youth... And what is most interesting, many do not cease to admire this masterpiece to this day, although almost several decades have passed since its release...

"Wind in the steppe"

This song hardly needs any introduction... Insightful lyrics that won the recognition of the widest audience!

"Like the wind in the steppe,
Like water in a river
The day has passed and back
The day has gone and gone
Will never come…”

The most interesting thing is that this composition won the hearts of the youth of the 2010s! Here is such an interesting modern version can be heard on the Internet:

"Way back home"

And another huge hit from Valery Diduli, the composition "The Way Home"! The video from the live performance "Live in Saint Petersburg 2009" has almost 70 million views on YouTube! Listen and enjoy:

"Flight to Mercury"

Another great composition from the album "Road to Baghdad" ... The song "Flight to Mercury" is one of the most recognizable in Valery's repertoire ...

"Colourful dreams"

A song from the album of the same name, released in 2006.


The hit of their album "Flamenco" in 2000... Music from the heart, into the hearts of the fans... What else can I add? Divine melodies, game from God!


A beautiful melody that successfully complemented the musician's song piggy bank ...

"Burning Heart"

And this masterpiece successfully supplemented the album "Legend" of 2004! This composition once again proves that Valery DiDuLa is a Musician with a capital letter! When listening to his songs, wings seem to grow behind your back ...

"Country of fools"

And this is a more modern track of 2017 (album "Aquamarine"). It was recorded together with a Russian composer known as Chris Wonderful. By the way: some listeners note that all the sensations from the song were spoiled by a rather frank clip ...

"White Moon"

Another song from the album "Aquamarine": it is performed directly by Valery's beloved woman, Evgenia!

"Wind of Cairo"

The composition "Wind of Cairo" refers to the early work of Diduli. It fits well into the Road to Baghdad album, and the sea of rave reviews under the music video proves once again that this is a true masterpiece!


An amazing song, and what a game ... I want to listen and listen to Didula's music, which gives an unreal feeling!

"Silk Ribbon"

Despite the fact that the composition "Silk Ribbon" is a rather modern hit by Diduli (2017), it also went well with his old fans! The melody fascinates and warms the soul… And what else should be in music? It seems flawless...

"Butterfly Lover"

And this track from the 2019 album "The Seventh Sense!" It seems that over the years, Didula's music does not lose its charm ...


A song from Valery's self-titled album, which won its listener: the music video scored more than 180 thousand views and a sea of enthusiastic responses ...


Great track! So many emotions and feelings in one melody... That's what it means to create from the heart!


An interesting rhythmic track from the album "Legend" ...

"Train to Barcelona"

Another great track from Didula... What else can I add?

One of the comments under the video reads: “From Didula's music there is such a poignant longing for some beautiful world that we all strive to get into, but no one has reached. Although, why no one, Didula came ... "


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