Valery Kipelov: from the boy from Kapotnya to the grandfather of Russian heavy metal

It was "Aria" that became the starting point for Valery Alexandrovich as a rock star: the band's popularity grew in space progression. And Kipelov's unique, instantly recognizable voice played an important role in this resounding success.

Biography of Valery Kipelov - childhood, passion for music, "Aria» and Kipelov»

Valery Kipelov - is a legendary rock musician, without whom it is difficult to imagine the Russian scene. He is one of the brightest figures in Russian rock, and his army of fans has only grown over the years. He earned a big name for himself as a vocalist "Aria."and later founded his own project "Kipelov."Valery Alexandrovich's work is distinguished by its depth of lyrics and recognizable style. Valery Alexandrovich's work has a depth of lyrics and a recognizable style.

Early years

Valery Kipelov in his youth
Valery Kipelov in his youth

The future icon of Russian metal was born в 1958 year in Moscow. I didn't grow up in the most upscale neighborhood. KapotnyaBut nevertheless he had promising interests from his childhood: together with his father, the boy adored playing footballand the head of the family even had hopes that the son would athlete. However, love of musicValery's parents also instilled in him was much stronger.

The future idol studied at music school without much desire. His relatives motivated him - they promised to give him a puppy. As a result, Kipelov mastered the accordion, on which he played the hits of a foreign rock band "Deep Purple.". The big change in Valery's life happened in 1972: it was then that his first public performance took place. It was at his aunt's wedding. The band was the help. "Peasant Children."With her, Kipelov performed the hits of the already mentioned foreign rockers and the Soviet VIA "Pesnyary". So, as an eighth-grader, Valery began to make a living as an artist.

Valery Kipelov in his youth
Valery Kipelov in his youth

After graduating from high school, Valery entered a technical school. During this period the guy was actively searching for himself, learned true love, and also gave his duty to his homeland. For some time Kipelov served in the missile forces, but even in this environment thoughts about music did not leave him. With the army band Valery performed inspirational songs for ordinary soldiers like himself, for officers and warrant officers. Back home, Kipelov began to build a professional music career.

First steps

Young Valery Kipelov
Young Valery Kipelov

The first time Valery performed in the band "Six Young Men."who introduced him to the future leader of the "Lyube by Nikolay Rastorguev. In the mid-80s the team moved to the ensemble "Sing a song."and in the middle of the decade her story officially ended.

Later became a member of the "Singing Hearts.which soon evolved into the now famous and popular "Aria.".

Success with Aria


Exactly "Aria." was the starting point for the Valery Alexandrovich as a rock star: the band's popularity grew exponentially. The unique, instantly distinctive voice Kipelov played a significant role in this resounding success.

Alas, it is difficult to do without scandals in musical groups: each participant has his own view of creativity and approach to the creation of music. And that's why already in 1987-м There are only two members left in the lineup: Kipelov and Vladimir Kholstinin. Later they will be joined by new musicians, and the Aria march will resume!

The band managed to release top-notch albums and hit tracks before new, unanticipated difficulties appeared on the horizon: USSR collapse. People lost interest in heavy music, and many people simply had no money for concerts. Soon Kipelov got a job as a keeper, and house reigned again in the band.

Hard times

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov

In challenging times Valery Alexandrovich He had to use all kinds of loopholes in order to support himself and his family. So he started working with other bands, which caused a flurry of negative emotions and condemnation from his colleagues in Aria. For this reason the recording of the album "The night is shorter than the day." the musicians began with Alexei Bulgakov as a vocalist - it was a real rebellion, the end of which was record company. No matter how much you protest, but lose a contract no one wants to. Kipelov recorded the vocal parts for the album.

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov

New records were released, but the former cohesion in the group was no longer there. In 2002. Kipelov performed with Aria for the last time, after which broke up with the band.

The Birth of Kipelov

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov

Project "Kipelov." was created Valery Alexandrovich in the early fall of that same year, 2002, and two years later was named best rock band by the "MTV Russia! Soon Kipelov's career changed abruptly: the first solo album, awards and participation in various musical events.

In 2003, the hit track "I'm free."which was played all over the post-Soviet space. The composition went far beyond the rocker community, the song was listened to and sung by everyone.

Successful singles later followed "Babylon." and "I'm here.". The band recorded albums and toured the country and abroad.

2008 joined Kipelov with Aria: in honor of the 20th anniversary of the album "Asphalt Hero." The musicians played two big concerts, which delighted the old fans. Subsequently, the band has been reunited several times for large-scale live performances, including Aria's 30th Anniversary 2015.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of his own project, Kipelov released the single "Reflection."followed by "Unruly." - a heartfelt composition addressed to all residents of the besieged Leningrad.

2016 Kipelov performed on the same stage as the musician himself. Kipelov performed on the same stage with Daniil Pluzhnikov - winner of the children's show "The Voice 3.". The boy impressed the rocker with his vocal abilities so much that Valery Alexandrovich even offered him to sing "Lizaveta."Although this composition was not originally part of their plans.

Valery Kipelov today

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov

Today this mature idol of the rock scene continues to tour and delight fans with new music. For example, in 2021 Kipelov presented to the public "Doomsday Hour.". One of the tracks on the EP was an awesome cover of "Scream of a Butterfly" Austrians "Supermax.".

Kipelov was also a guest at the "Evening Urgant". During the program, the musician not only told many interesting facts and shared the latest events, but also delighted the audience with a brilliant performance.

Personal life

Valery Kipelov's personal life deserves a separate chapter in our story. The legendary Russian rocker has been faithful to only one woman all his life. Galina. They had known each other since they were teenagers: Galina confessed that she was a fan of her ambitious friend, who had just started studying music. As a result, the couple got married in 1978Valery was 20 years old at the time, and his girlfriend was 18. Almost half a century has passed, and the love of this couple is still strong!

Valery and Galina have two children: a daughter Jeanne and son Alexander. Moreover, the happy Kipelov family is already raising grandchildren.

Interesting Facts

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov
  • The musician believes that May 9 - one of the most important holidays. The fact is that both of Kipelov's grandfathers died in the war. The tragedy still haunts Valery to this day.
  • Kipelov performed the anthem FC Spartakwhich was written by Victor Drobysh.

  • The rocker has many hobbies, among them: billiards, soccer, motorcycles and reading. On the latter issue he gives his preference to To Jack London and To Mikhail Bulgakov.
  • Abroad Kipelov can be very rarely and exclusively for work. The man prefers relaxing at the cottage with his family to tiring flights.

  • Many fans have probably wondered at least once what the songs have in common. "Take My Heart." and "The Beast.". No matter how you spin it, they do resemble each other in some way. It's simple: both tracks use the same melody! Only the rhythm is different.

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