Valery Didyulya was left without music

    Today in our article is the love story of musician Valeriy Didiuli and his wife Yevgenia. How did the musician lose his muse and why did Eugenia file for divorce? Read more.

    Valery Didyuli's Muse: How the Musician's Family Disintegrated

    Often celebrity couples try not to make it public disagreements within the family. But sooner or later the stars also need support during difficult divorce proceedings. Most of the details of their personal lives are covered on social media, like the ex-wife of the guitarist Valeria Diduli Eugenia.

    Today we will trace the history of the family's formation and how the couple came to on the cusp of separation after almost ten years of life together.

    Valery and Evgeniya: the union that everyone thought was flawless

    Wedding photo of Eugenia and Valery
    Wedding photo of Eugenia and Valery

    The couple met at one of the guitarist's concerts with the help of friends in 2011. Valeria liked the girl in the picture that his buddy showed him. From that moment on. beautiful musicians' love story.

    Two years later, the couple decided to legalize their relationship, and in 2013 their wedding, Evgeniya has been reverently publishing footage of it on her social networks. In 2014, the couple had a child together, a daughter. Alina. She was the musician's third child. From his first marriage Valery has two children, whom his first wife does not allow him to see.

    Valery Didyulya's Family in the «When Everyone's Home» Program

    For a long time, the couple repeatedly shared photos from a joint vacation at the sea while their beloved daughter was visiting her grandmother, but in the fall of 2020, Yevgeniya told her subscribers of Divorce with an eminent musician.

    In the shadow of her husband? What prompted Evgeniya to make a difficult decision...

    Yevgeniya and Valery Didyulya
    Yevgeniya and Valery Didyulya

    Throughout their life together, Valery and Eugenia have been linked by work. For a long time Didiuli's wife worked with him in his band DiDuLya, which the musician organized in the 2000s and with which he is still successfully touring the country.

    From an early age Eugenia showed an interest in music, even received two higher musical educations, but working together with her husband did not bring the artist pleasure. Since 2016 she started solo project EVgenics and released three studio albums.

    According to the girl, she often stayed in the shadows her virtuoso husband, who, although he called her his muse, did not did not support in her creative endeavors. Moreover, some of the girl's fans decided that Evgeniya published a loud statement about the breakup to attract attention to herself.

    A real divorce battle

    Eugenia and her EVgenics Project
    Eugenia and her EVgenics Project

    The girl was looking for sympathy and support in her social networks. In addition to the fact that Valery showed no interest in his wife's successes and did not provide support, as Yevgeniya admitted, he didn't care about her daughter. In Eugenia's stories, it also sounded like the musician demanded to account for every trip to the store, although he himself did not count the money and could afford a fancy car.

    Another reason for Yevgeniya and Valery to break up was his infidelity his muse. The singer caught the guitarist cheating; his outside love later confessed to it and even talked to Evgeniya about it.

    Didyulya's family at one of the guitarist's concerts
    Didyulya's family at one of the guitarist's concerts

    When the divorce proceedings, which took place literally in one session, were completed, the spouses couldn't Leave each other alone. After the divorce, Evgeniya reported on her social media about the fire at her parents' house, suspecting in what the ex-spouse had done. The girl went to an expert examination, which confirmed that arson had been committed, but the identity of the failed.

    Valery Didyulya at one of his concerts
    Valery Didyulya at one of his concerts

    The singer also said that she did not need the divorce to divide the property, as during their life together the couple signed an agreement under which the girl had no claims on the guitarist's property. She also cited this point as one of the reasons for the divorce, as she believes that the musician specially gave her to sign the contract when she was in a position to do so. To all of Evgeniya's accusations, the guitarist does not answer, choosing to remain outside of this "battle.

    Life goes on...

    Yevgenia Didyulya
    Yevgenia Didyulya

    Despite the difficult divorce, Evgeniya continues to live a full life, the details of which actively posts on the Internet. She remains the same beautiful woman who is engaged in upbringing daughter and in her little blog tells how to remain a good mom under any circumstances. Also a few years ago the girl released book, in which she shared the secrets of motherhood and beauty.

    Valery Didula
    Valery Didula

    Valery Didyulya also did not become a recluse after a high-profile divorce and accusations from his ex-wife. As before, the musician writes new material for their group and successfully conducts concerts. It is impossible to know the whole truth about the relationship of the Didyuley family, but one thing is certain: the lives of both musicians continues.

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