About the album "Valleys of Neptune" by the legendary Jimi Hendrix

"Valleys of Neptune" is an album of simmering, incredibly vibrant music. It's electrified originality, offering over 60 minutes of previously unreleased Hendrix recordings that have been superbly mixed by engineer Eddie Kramer.

"Neptune Valleys" - idea, history, tracks, significance

"Valleys of Neptune" - track collection Jimi Hendrix. It was released in the spring of 2010 and presented 12 previously unreleased studio recordings to the public, including tunes that were brand new to fans, as well as previously unreleased jams and fragments of studio improvisations. Most of the material was recorded in the late '60s with the band "Experience.". The title track and the "Bleeding Heart"which were accompanied by music videos. As a result, the disc received warm critical acclaim and reached the top 5 in the US. Billboard.


Jimi Hendrix, "Castles Made of Sand."
Jimi Hendrix, "Castles Made of Sand."

"Valleys of Neptune" - is an album of simmering, incredibly live music! It's electrifying originality, offering over 60 minutes of previously unreleased Hendrix recordings that have been superbly mixed by the engineer Eddie Kramer! It's worth noting that back in 1967, Kramer was working on his debut record. "Are You Experienced".

Jimi Hendrix in his Electric Ladyland studio.
Jimi Hendrix in his Electric Ladyland studio.

Much of the material was born in 1969 the year that Hendricks actively experimented with tracks for his latest and unfortunately unfinished fourth album. В "Valleys of Neptune" includes songs that have been previously released, but in different versions and poorer quality. It is noteworthy that "Neptune Valleys." present the final studio sessions "Experience.".

You could say that "Valleys of Neptune" gives the world a convincing and hitherto almost invisible glimpse of who was Jimi Hendrix musically in the critical period between the release of the "Electric Ladyland" in October 1968 and the opening of his own Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village in 1970. It was there that he began work on a promising double album "First Rays Of The New Rising Sun.".

Track list

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix ...
Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Much of the material was produced by Hendrix himself. Other contributors to this work included Eddie Kramer и John McDermott. The album showcases the talent of the original Experience line-up: we can hear the Noel Redding on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. The title track was for a long time one of the most popular of all commercially unavailable recordings of the virtuoso. A music video was created for it, as well as for another single from the disc - "Bleeding Heart".

Highlights include some brilliant covers of classics Elmore James' "Bleeding Heart". и "Sunshine Of Your Love" groups "Cream."as well as premiere performances of Hendrix's original compositions including. "Ships Passing Through the Night". The disc also includes the composition "Mr Bad Luck"produced by Ches Chandler during the sessions. "Axis: Bold As Love" 1967. years.

Graduation and success

Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970.
Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970.

Critics greeted the release warmly. Some emphasised the beautifully captivating music, while others called it a "Valleys of Neptune" an album that is "a head above the rest of Hendrix's posthumous releases". Fans were also delighted with the disc, noting the appeal of the blues riffs.

About the cover

As much as the music, the cover of the disc attracted attention, which was based on a picture of the very Hendrix.

"Jimi drew well in school, especially watercolours. And this was one of over a hundred of his drawings. When I saw it, I knew immediately that it had to be part of the project, part of this great legacy," Hendrix's sister Janie explained her idea.

Cover "Neptune Valleys." is a harmonious juxtaposition of Jimi's drawing and a photograph. Linda McCartney with a blue tinge.


Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Festival.
Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Festival.

Unpublished is not necessarily unfamiliar. And this applies to material from "Valleys of Neptune". Opening "Stone Free." Reproduces one of Hendrix's earliest recordings. The lush, melodic space travelling narrative of the title track, a roaring blues "Ships Passing Through The Night" with its enchanting finale, dizzying instrumental rock in the form of "Lullaby For The Summer"... Are these tracks complete as Hendrix wanted them to be? Probably not, but they definitely show the guitarist going beyond the Experience, and that's exciting!


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