“Come back to Sorrento” and discography: the history of the first album of the group “Auktyon”

“Come back to Sorrento” is the debut album of the Auktyon group. Let's recall the details of the creation of this album, find out in what conditions it was written and why it was re-released.

"Auktion" - "Come back to Sorrento" (1986): an album that was published ten years later

"Auktyon" - St. Petersburg rock band, which is one of the most extraordinary and original musical groups in our country. As established in the last century traditions every appearance of musicians on the stage is a bright and noisy show, turning into rock and roll celebration disobedience.

The Auktyon group at one of their performances
Group "Auktyon" at one of the performances

Create a group

History creation team starts in the 70s: as a teenager, Leonid Fedorov created school ensemble of his buddies (originally guys It was three). They performed at discos and school parties, at first under the name "Paragraph", then renamed to "Phaeton".

Composition groups also did not differ constancy, and soon to young musicians joined Oleg Garkusha and Dmitry Ozersky, which later played an important role in the development of the musical group. It's interesting that Ozersky before met with Fedorov, didn't play on any toolsbut only wrote poems. In order to get into compositionhe learned to play keys, and later on pipe.

Oleg Garkusha introduced fellow artists to  famous rock band "Aquarium". On the advice of a group member Mikhail Feinstein, the team became candidate for entry into rock clubwhich opened in Leningrad in the spring of 1981. By this time members again changed the name, for facilities taking the first word from the dictionary - "Auction".

Recognizable letter "Y" appeared in the name of the group a little later. In the end 80s The team toured the country. During walks one of the musicians, drummer Boris Shaveinikov, had seen poster with the names of rock bands. At that very moment he approached to it and added to the list "Auktyon", being absolutely convinced that this word is heardas well as spelled.

According to the participants, their listening in a rock club, held autumn 1983, it was extremely unsuccessful. Nevertheless commission group creativity impressed, and the musicians received membership in club.

Boris Shaveinikov at one of the performances of the Auktyon group
Leonid Fedorov at one of the performances of the Auktyon group

Unfortunately, due to frequent composition changes and constantly emerging internal conflicts a rather long creative period began in the group break. At the beginning 1985 composition of the group stabilized, and after a two-year break, the musicians again began to active rehearsals. For recovery in the rock club the band had to go through again listening. During just me relation to the creativity of the team changed: them new Texts began to be perceived in the club as illiterate and unprincipled.

After the speech commission made a decision to replace soloist, because Leonid Fedorov had Problems with diction - he is strong burr. Ozersky invited a friend from the institute to audition, Sergei Rogozhin, whom the group presented to the commission as new vocalist. For performance on stage Rogozhin impromptu selected from my repertoire rock ballad from the band's repertoire Pirameshheard by him in childhood and learned at the university. Brilliant performance songs on Hungarian language conquered both the commission and the musicians themselves: the young talent was approved, and the group for the second time became member club. spring 1986 The team has successfully performed IV Leningrad Festival and became his main discovery. The audience was conquered stunning natural tenor soloist of the group, awarded the prize for the best execution songs.

Sergei Rogozhin on stage
Sergei Rogozhin, now Honored Artist of Russia

Debut album recording

After joining the rock club, the recording of the first album began "Return to Sorrento". The name is taken from the Italian songs Beginning at twentieth century, which received wide fame and performed on many languages peace. materials for the album prepared in very short term - for a few months. took ready text or someone else random phrase and on them imposed music. For example, once abandoned replica Oleg Garkusha "he goes to his wolf" successfully used Dmitry Ozersky when writing lyrics to a song "Wolf". Composition text "Working Morning" was taken from material discovered by one of the team members in ordinary newspaper. According to Fedorova, poetry was unimportant, the main thing that text was simple and to sing. During work over the album in the team was two vocalist: Sergei Rogozhin and Leonid Fedorov.

Song "Money is paper" rendered huge influence on creative activity Oleg Garkusha. The fact is that initially in the group he performed different functions: From writing lyrics to working loader. One day Fedorov asked him fulfill his poems before microphone. Speech so impressed the leader of the group that he literally opened his mouth and offered: "Stay." During performances, singing a song "Money is paper" Oleg walked around the stage with a roll toilet paper, spinning it.

Acquainted with Andrey Tropillo, owner unofficial record label at the time studios, members of the group planned write down the first album him. At that time, Tropillo recorded albums by such powerful rock bands as "Aquarium", "Kino.", "Alice", "Time Machine", and the work of young performers was not paid due attention. The musicians were forced to start independent work.

At first they recorded music on two tape recorders, then tried impose records one after the other. Soon the group was able to use a four-channel port studioproposed by a new member of the group - Kirill Miller, which became creator the group's unique image, and author covers their first albums. None from the members of the group, recording musical material, not represented final result, musicians only wanted release album that featured them Best songs. ABOUT professional records sound was out of the question, they worked (as they later recognized) "as they could and as it was possible." Album "Return to Sorento" spread over time samizdat and officially not published until 1997.


Years later in the center Stasa Namin took place release collection famous group songs, in 1997 thanks to the label "Manchester Files" and companies "Bomb-Peter" saw the release of the debut album "Auktyona".

Another reissue album "Return to Sorrento" had to year 2014. label "Geometry" managed to release set musical and historical material, consisting of vinyl and three disks. For recreation album design, the publishers asked for help from graphic designer groups of that period Kirill Miller.

The cover of the debut album "Return to Sorrento" by the group "Auktsion"
The cover of the debut album "Return to Sorrento" by the group "Auktsion"

Apart from official version has been proposed alternative album recording. In the second CD editions included other options eight of the nine tracks on the album discovered during search original phonograms. Above quality records worked known music restorer Evgeny Galeev. Material disk contains bonus - Interview ex-soloist of the group Sergei Rogozhindedicated to the 20th anniversary anniversary cult group. On the DVD disce posted archival filming musicians early period creativity, four video, filmed in 1986–1987 by various TV channels. Historical review completes the clip "Book of Life", mounted from episodes feature film "Cracker", in which the musicians accepted participation in 1987. big gift for the fans is accommodation on the disk of shooting the band's anniversary concert "Auktyon"held on October 5 year 2013, on the stage Moscow Arena.

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