Top best songs of VIA "Gems" according to the magazine "Fuzz Music"

The composition of the "Gems" saw many transformations and changes, and at some point the group completely disappeared from the field of view of the audience ... However, the work of this vocal and instrumental ensemble cannot be overlooked ...

We recall the best songs of the popular Soviet group "Gems"

Magnificent offspring Yuri Malikova, VIA "Gems" confidently broke into the Soviet music scene at the beginning 70s years! The team quickly won the love and recognition of the public, performing ageless to this day hits, which are deeply imprinted in the souls of domestic music lovers ... The ensemble's song repertoire includes about 200 works, many of which have become national classics. Composition "Gems" I saw many transformations and changes, and at some point the group completely disappeared from the field of view of the audience ... However, the creativity of this vocal and instrumental ensemble cannot be overlooked. Today we decided to remember the main hits of VIA "Gems"that will certainly take you to a carefree youth! Happy listening as we begin...

"For that guy"

A popular song of the Soviet ensemble, which is still popular among listeners! Music is merit Mark Grigorievich Fradkin, words - an irreplaceable and truly talented poet Robert Rozhdestvensky:

And the steppe grass smells of bitterness,
Young winds are green.
We wake up, and rumbles over midnight,
Either a thunderstorm, or an echo of the past war ... "

Charming, very touching and heartfelt lyrics...


Another great composition that successfully complemented the ensemble's song repertoire...

"The crew is one family"

Loud patriotic anthem!

“We need anchors and cables for service,
We need a charter that all sailors remember,
We need a flag that flies over the blue wave,
And what is most needed is the Motherland - Russia!


And this soulful composition demonstrates the collaboration of the composer Yuri Saulsky and poet Pavel Leonidov

"If the heart stops,
So the song is not finished…”

"Love Lives on Earth"

Amazing track from the album "We are young"!

"Near the village of Kryukovo"

Every Soviet listener certainly remembers this song ... At one time "Near the village of Kryukovo" was a fairly common hit number, which is pleasant to listen to today, after a huge number of years ...

It is noteworthy that this composition was written by a poet Sergei Ostrovy and composer Mark Fradkin, and dedicated battle for the village of Kryukovo! By the way: it was Fradkin who insisted that the song go to "Gems". After the breakup of the group, the composition was recorded by a breakaway from them VIA "Flame".

"Beyond the Clouds"

Beautiful hitwhich certainly deserves a place on our list! “There, behind the clouds” is an inspiring and heartfelt song that won the hearts of millions of Soviet listeners... It conveys the spirit of those years - faith in the best, decency in relationships, harmony with oneself and the world around...

"If something bad happens to me,
Do not measure the sad earth with steps,
Know that you will always find my heart,
There, behind the clouds, there, behind the clouds ... "

"If you are young at heart"

“If you are young at heart, then there will be a new city for sure!” - the infectious beginning of the song immediately hints to the listener that this melody is unlikely to let him go now ... The music was written Evgeny Martynovwhile words are the brainchild of Andrey Dementiev and David Usmanov!

"This will never happen again"

Awesome love song...

"First love. Snow on wires.
In the sky, a flashing star ... "

This wonderful creation was written Serafim Tulikov and Mikhail Plyatskovsky.

"Everything I have in life"

This song hardly needs an introduction, as it is often heard on the radio to this day! Although it was released far away 1977 year...

Wrote this hit composer Vyacheslav Dobrynin and poet Leonid Derbenev. Melody came to Dobrynin on the way from the metro station to the house, when he "minted" a step. As a result, the song became not only a huge hit, but also the hallmark of VIA "Gems"! It is noteworthy that none of the performers could surpass the unison singing and arrangement of this masterpiece… And there were really many who wanted to!

"Whole life ahead"

Another big hit that is remembered and loved to this day!

"Do not be sad
Whole life ahead
Whole life ahead
Hope and wait…"

This ageless motto has been echoing in the minds of listeners for decades now...

"I'll take you to the tundra"

"I'll take you to the tundra" - an ageless hit written by two great geniuses, professionals in their field - Mark Fradkin and Mikhail Plyatskovsky!

"My address is the Soviet Union"

Well, our list is completed by the most famous, most beloved and, most likely, the longest-playing song of the ensemble, which received a bright name "My address is the Soviet Union"!

Is a song David Tukhmanovwritten in words Vladimir Kharitonov in 1972 year. When the Soviet Union was gone, the song abruptly lost its relevance... For a while, the "Gems" even stopped performing it at concerts! However, this did not last long ... The word Yuri Malikov:

“Once we performed in Saratov, at the Starko football match. Yura Davydov, the head of our company, comes up to me and says: “Sing“ My address is the Soviet Union ”!” As a result, we were put in a car and driven around the entire stadium. The whole audience sang this song with us ... Then I realized that this song is about people ... "


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