All about the popular Soviet VIA "Gems"

The Soviet ensemble continued to live even after the collapse of the USSR...

History of VIA "Gems": early years, albums, photos and facts

VIA "Gems" - a popular domestic vocal and instrumental ensemble. It was founded Yuri Malikov at the beginning 1970's years. Over the years, the composition of the team often changed, and the group itself ceased to exist and resumed again ... But despite this, the Soviet public fell in love with "Gems" for such timeless hits as “I'll take you to the tundra”, “My address is the Soviet Union”, “All life ahead” and others! The biography of the famous VIA, as well as the main stages of creativity and interesting facts - we will talk about all this below ...

How did the story of "Gems" begin?

VIA "Gems"
VIA "Gems"

History "Gems" starts in bloom 70s years: it was then that a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory in the double bass class - Yuri Malikov went to Japan, where he became seriously interested in modern music (especially its technical side ...) As a result, Malikov invested all the money earned in eight months in musical equipment and equipment.

He was driven by one single goal - to create his own song team. And he did it!

Returning to the capital Malikov arranged auditions, as a result of which he selected the strongest and most talented musicians. Actually, this was the main "backbone" of what will soon be called VIA "Gems"! The team received good publicity on a popular radio program in those years. "Good morning!": Malikov was well acquainted with Ekaterina Tarkhanova, the director of the program, and this played a huge role in the formation of the "Gems" ... On her initiative, a whole issue was released dedicated to the newly minted, but already promising ensemble! By the way: then the group did not yet have a name, which is why a competition was announced for the best name of the new ensemble! Of the countless options, the musicians liked "Gems".

First beginnings

VIA "Gems"
VIA "Gems"

Very soon music "Gems" leaked into the program "Lighthouse", as well as in many others - then quite successful programs and radio stations! The first live concert of the ensemble took place in the summer garden theater hermitage Museum in Moscow: having performed several of his songs, "Gems" literally fell in love with the Soviet public ...

From time to time, the composition of the ensemble changed, and, ultimately, the so-called "golden composition" was formed: it included Irina Shachneva, Eduard Krolik, Sergey Berezin, Gennady Zharkov, Valentin Dyakonov, Nikolai Rappoport, Yuri Genbachev, Anatoly Mogilevsky and Yuri Peterson. It is with these participants VIA "Gems" saw his best period in terms of hit songs - compositions “I will take you to the tundra”, “All life ahead”, “If you are young at heart” and others became the personification of the Soviet music scene of the 70s! And the song "My address is the Soviet Union" and completely became the hallmark of the ensemble ...

The main stages of creativity

VIA "Gems"
VIA "Gems"

"Gems" fell in love with the general public, as they sang about the main and close for every person - about love, about their native land, about the romance of difficult roads, about the dilemmas that worried Soviet youth ... It was one of the few vocal and instrumental ensembles the USSR, whose sound was truly patriotic ...

FROM 1972 of the year "Gems" began to tour and participate in major musical events. Their first breakthrough was participation in the hit festival in Dresden! In the same place, subsequently, a disc with four songs of the group will be released ... After that, the Soviet ensemble will perform in Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Havana, Milan, and even in countries Latin America and Africa! Needless to say, it was a stunning and simply gigantic result for the team from the USSR! Wherein "Gems" they didn’t forget about their homeland, where she also traveled with pleasure with concerts ... In particular, the group’s favorite concert venue was "Luzhniki".

Closer to the middle 70s "Gems" gave ten concerts in ten days, despite the weather conditions and other nuances! Their concerts were sold out - about 20 thousand people came to see the popular Soviet ensemble!

First difficulties...

However, gradually the "stern" of the musical vessel began to crack ... Already in 1975, most of the composition left the group, founding VIA "Flame", but Yuri Malikov created in less than a month "Gems" anew, practically from scratch: from Alexander Brondman, Evgeny Kurbakov, production group and just enlisted as a soloist Vladimir Vinokur. It is worth noting that the updated composition included real professionals in their field! It included, for example, a drummer Vladimir Polonsky from "Merry Fellows", and Vitaly Kretuk, who worked with the Russian prima donna Alla Borisovna Pugacheva in the ensemble "You, me and the song".

Gradually "Gems" improved the visual picture of their performances, however… in the middle 1980s began to rapidly lose their popularity. We can say that they fell out of the "trend": new names appeared on the scene, such as "Tender May" and "Mirage", but "Gems"... and what about "Gems". The listener began to forget about them.

Creative Respite and New Gems

"New Gems"
"New Gems"

The beginning of the new decade brought surprises to fans ... So, in 1992 year Malikov decides to suspend the activities of his offspring. At the time of the "creative break" he devoted himself to TV shows and videos, and also headed the jury of song contests. During this period, the VIA participants also took up their projects: Alexander Nefyodov left for a solo career Oleg Sleptsov created his own group and so on ... At some point "Gems" disappeared from the field of view of the listener, and if only this ... The number of their fans has significantly decreased.

Only in the middle 90s the group was resurrected. Of course, she has not seen her former success, but she is still in demand! IN 2006 year Yuri Malikov together with daughter Inna Malikova founded "New Gems". So - the Soviet ensemble continued to live even after the collapse of the USSR!


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