Viktor Tsoi - Eighth grader, When your girlfriend is sick, Kid

Let's look back at three of Victor Tsoi's songs and learn their history...

The Story of 3 Victor Tsoi Songs: Eighth Grade Girl, When Your Girlfriend Is Sick, Little Boy

The sunset of the legendary "Star Named Sun" was forever engraved in the history of national rock... "Tsoi is alive!" - this phrase has become far from a mere catchphrase. As pictures of the artist, the music of Kino group continues to flourish, finding a well-deserved home in the hearts of millions of listeners... Today's article is dedicated to the muses of Victor Tsoi, who inspired him to write his immortal hits!

Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi...
Russian rock legend Viktor Tsoi...

To whom did Viktor Tsoi dedicate his greatest hits?

"Eighth Grade Girl"(1982)

For a long time, the identity of the real "eighth-grader" remained a secret... No one knew about Jenny Yasnets, not even those closest to Tsoi. What's more - Jenny herself had no idea that she had suddenly become the lyrical heroine of the legendary hit! She learned about it only years later...

Jenny Yasnets and Andrei Medvedev
Jenny Yasnets and Andrei Medvedev

At the time they met, Jenny had just finished eighth grade and was enrolled in the first year of the V. Serov Leningrad Art School. She was mentored by the artist Andrei Medvedev. Her mentor was Andrei Medvedev, a friend of Tsoi's. In fact, he introduced Victor to the "eighth-grader".

As an adult, successful woman, Yasnets recalled:

"...I was just a kid: funny chubby cheeks, ridiculous baby sandals... When that song about the "eighth-grader" came out, I liked it a lot! The heroine and I had a common problem: my parents demanded that I come home before 10 p.m.... And I was always late!"

 But Alexey Rybin, the guitarist of the band Kino, had his own opinion about it. According to him, Tsoi wrote the song after a date with a student named Olga. The girl had just graduated from high school and had entered the same college as Viktor!

"When Your Girlfriend Is Sick"(1991)

A curious fact: the song was added to the eighth album of "Kino", although it was written long before its release... For many people it became the most beautiful, bright and inspired lyric... Tsoi himself treated it with irony:

"...I don't take this song seriously. This joke irony is 'movies, wine and nothing else'... The most banal rhymes!"

To the great surprise of the listeners, the song is not addressed to Tsoi's beloved, but only to his good friend Marina Smirnova. At that time the girl was dating Yuri Kasparian, and... was often ill. The guitarist spent a lot of time with her, sacrificing friendly get-togethers with wine and playing the guitar... That's why Tsoi gave his creation a slight irony!

A still from the movie "The Needle"
A still from the movie "The Needle"

Marina herself recalled sadly:

"At that time I was always sick... Yura was running around me, and Vitya couldn't get him anywhere! So he made it up as a joke. We all just laughed then, and the song got a life of its own..."

Marina Smirnova
Marina Smirnova

There was no romance between Tsoi and Smirna. They were exceptionally friendly but very warm relations... When Rashid Nugmanov offered Tsoi a role in the film "Needle", there were problems with the female lead singer... Then the director allowed Victor to choose his own partner on the set, with whom it would not be a problem to spend a few months! Tsoi brought Smirnova... They played a couple in love, which led many viewers to conclude that they were having an affair!

"The Kid (1990).

As for this song, there are still fierce debates about it. To whom did Tsoi dedicate the song "Babe"?

If we believe the Kino band members, the song is addressed to Natalya Razlogova, with whom Victor had a stormy love affair. It was she who became the last love of the Russian rock legend...

With Natalia...
With Natalia...

Despite the fact that with Maryana they had a son Alexander, the marriage lasted only three years...

Victor Tsoi and his son Alexander.
Victor Tsoi and his son Alexander.

Konstantin Kinchev would later say:

"There was no love there. But he adored Natalia. Madly... It was killing him..."

Officially, Victor and Maryana were not divorced. Razlogova became the musician's common-law wife, who gave him warm moments... Unfortunately, the final ones in his life.

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