Crazy stories from the life of Willie Nelson that are true on 100%

There is no end to the crazy but true stories from the life of this iconic genius!

We talk about the craziest days of the legendary Willie Nelson

Singer-songwriter, actor, activist Willie Nelson Really talented and versatile person! Born at Abbott, Texas, April 29, 1933, Nelson wrote his first song at the tender age of seven, and by the age of 10 he was already playing in a band! His love of music brought him to Nashville, where he became a sought-after songwriter. But Willy's soulful voice and virtuoso guitar playing, combined with powerful original songs, soon made him a superstar in his own right. As of 2018 he has recorded 72 studio albums, has appeared in dozens of films and is the author or co-author of nine books! But not only his creative merits are worthy of attention: there is no end to the crazy, but true stories from the life of this cult genius! And today we decided to recall the most curious of them.

He has nine lives

Willie Nelson. 2008
Willie Nelson. 2008

Fate clearly loves Nelson - you can easily lose count, remembering all the accidents and disasters that the artist has experienced in his life! Fans have long been of the opinion that Nelson really nine lives. Even his friend once remarked:

"It's amazing how he keeps coming out of all those accidents!"

One of the most serious incidents in Nelson's life - plane crash: The artist's plane crashed while landing in a rural Texas field. Fearing the worst, rescue crews and members of the media arrived at the scene of the accident. And what did they see? How Willy and his pilot are limping along the road! When the media asked him about the disaster, the musician replied:

“Why was it the perfect fit? I left her, didn't I!"

Ex-girlfriend sued him for $50 million

Artist Willie Nelson
Artist Willie Nelson

One ex-girlfriend of the musician filed a lawsuit against Nelson, suing the ex-lover for $50 million! The woman claimed that the artist promised to marry her, and then broke his promise. Fortunately for Nelson, the case was closed in his favor. It doesn't seem worth the $50 million payout to break your promise.

He had the largest unpaid tax bill in human history.

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson

In 1990. IRS (The IRS) found that Nelson had neglected to pay taxes - and this was not a "light accounting error", but a serious disregard for the tax laws of the country. As a result, the government came to the conclusion that the artist did not pay the entire $16.7 million taxes, which was one of the largest individual tax bills ever accumulated at the time!

His lawyer ended up lowering that figure considerably, but Nelson was still heavily indebted. The IRS confiscated his assets and he released an album called «The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories? ("IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories?")to offset the remaining expenses.

He smoked in the White House

Willie Nelson...
Willie Nelson

Sources confirm that when he was a guest Jimmy Carter at the White House, Nelson was smoking right on the roof! And it's not about cigars and the like. It's not about tobacco at all. What's more, his smoking companion was none other than the president's average son! In typical style, Nelson commented indifferently:

“Well, yes, we were there and smoked, and why not, you know? And they have a great view from the roof…”

He shot his daughter's abusive husband

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson

Like any father Nelson was furious when he found out that his daughter Lana was beaten by her husband. So he took matters into his own hands. Willie later recounted the events:

“I ran to my truck and drove to where Steve and Lana lived and hit Steve. He really pissed me off. I told him that if he ever touched Lana again, I would go back and drown him. Before I got home, Steve showed up in his car and started shooting at my house with a .22 shotgun. I was standing at the barn door, and a bullet tore through a tree two feet from my head. I grabbed my M-1 rifle and fired at Steve's car. He escaped…”

From that day Nelson became known as Shotgun Willie.

He finished an epic shootout

Willie Nelson in his youth
Willie Nelson in his youth

In the end 1970's Nelson's road crew was loading a tour bus after a concert in Birmingham, Alabama when they got into a parking lot shootout. Nelson, who was on the bus, dived straight into the chaos and ended it quickly. One of the crew members recalled:

“And then Willy appears with two huge .45 revolvers. Two long, shining pistols in full view of a bunch of policemen, who were seriously nervous. Willie just walks over and asks, "What's the matter?" Well, he has this kind of aura that just chills everything… The cops are raising their guns, people are getting off the concrete, and pretty soon Willie is signing autographs!”

He has a black belt

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson

On the eve of his 81st anniversary Nelson added another achievement to his already huge list. He received a 5th degree black belt in Gongkwon Yusul is a Korean martial art that Nelson has diligently studied and practiced since the 1990s.

“It's just good for you physically. For your lungs. The more you breathe, exercise, the better you will feel,” said the artist.

He wrote the most famous Patsy Cline song

Patsy Kline
Patsy Kline

Willie Nelson today he is known primarily as a singer, but don't forget that he is an extremely accomplished songwriter with several huge hits under his belt! And some of his songs that he wrote weren't even his own recordings - that is, they were songs recorded by other artists.

One of his biggest successes was the song "Crazy."forever associated with Patsy Kline.

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