Vitaly Gogunsky (Kuzya from "Univera") performed Freddie Mercury's song "I Want To Break Free"

With all due respect to Vitaly Gogunsky, it is impossible to re-sing the iconic Queen frontman. Nevertheless, he managed to make an excellent parody, which is really pleasant to watch. And this is the most important thing.

How Kuzya from "Univera" performed the legendary hit of the band "Queen"

"I Want To Break Free" - one of the band's most famous hits "Queen.". The single saw the light of day in April 1984 The film was released in the first half of the year and quickly became a success. The humorous music video, in which the members of the legendary band appeared before the audience as women, contributed greatly to this success.

The idea was inspired by the British soap opera "Coronation Street.". Subsequently, the popularity of the track grew, and many artists presented their own interpretations of it. But perhaps the most interesting is the version of "I Want To Break Free" performed by Vitaly Gogunskywhom the Russian public knows as Cuz from "Univera.".

Vitaly Gogunsky as the iconic Queen frontman

Vitaly Gogunsky
Vitaly Gogunsky

This amazing performance took place as part of the entertainment show "One in the same!". The essence of the programme is simple: the participants try on the characters of famous musical artists of the past and present. The task is to perform a famous hit of their hero live on stage, and to do it as realistically as possible, i.e. taking into account the manner of behaviour and other special features of the star.

Actor Vitaly Gogunsky wowed the audience and the judges of the show. "One in the same!" 2016. The guy went on stage in the image of the iconic frontman of the band "Queen" Freddie Mercury and performed a hit song "I Want To Break Free". He literally blew up the stage, demonstrating not only acting but also singing skills. The video of this performance has gained on YouTube nearly 11 million views and tens of thousands of likes.

Of course, over-singing Freddie Mercury with his unique voice range and trademark manner of presentation is impossible. Nevertheless, Vitaly Gogunsky did his best. The actor worked on the image in detail, and also practised well before the performance, noting for himself the main highlights of Mercury's appearance on stage. Gogunsky perfectly managed to adopt the plasticity, the manner of performance with sharp shouts, as well as some signature movements of the legendary British artist. The performance was partially recreated by the music video "I Want To Break Free"which also deserves a lot of credit. That was great!

A little about the performer and the actor

Vitaly Gogunsky
Vitaly Gogunsky

Vitaly Gogunsky - Russian actor, composer, singer and producer. Despite his participation in other film projects, the public remembered Gogunsky specifically for his role as a Koozie from "Univera.".

Vitaliy grew up in the Poltava region, was fond of music from childhood and even graduated from a music school with a piano class. In addition, the boy was involved in karate and football. Vitaly started to work from the age of 12: first as a cleaner at the post office, then as a loader and labourer. Later, he managed to make his way into television and became a presenter on a regional TV channel.

Before "Univera" Gogunsky starred in several films, including the comedy "Goodbye, Dr Freud!". However, it was the comedy series on TNT that made Vitaly a star and brought him fame. Subsequently, the actor took part in various shows and programmes: "Dancing with the Stars," "Main Stage," "One in One!". Vitaly has a daughter Milana, who has followed in her father's creative footsteps.

Original version

Freddie Mercury ...
Freddie Mercury

Hit song "I Want To Break Free" was released in 1984. It quickly won the hearts of listeners, and the captivating music video played no small part in this. Indeed: when else will you see iconic musicians in female characters? The music video has forever gone down in history as one of the most colourful and unorthodox, and the number of views on YouTube has already surpassed the 520 million!

The author of the hit is. John Deacon, bassist of the band. The main idea of the song is very simple, and lies in the title, which is constantly repeated in the lyrics. "I Want To Break Free" was very warmly received on both sides of the Atlantic, and was subsequently included in a collection of "Greatest Hits II". Back home "Queen." the song has a silver certificate with more than 200,000 copies sold.


With all due respect to Vitaly Gogunskysing over the iconic frontman "Queen." impossible. Nevertheless, he managed to make a great parody that is really enjoyable to watch. And this is the most important thing. Therefore, we can safely say that the actor coped with his task on a hurrah. However, he did not pretend to be the second one Mercurybecause it's been clear for a long time that there will never be another one like it.


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