Golf club owner and famous director Clint Eastwood: facts and personal life

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Biography of the legendary director Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was born on the last day of May 1930 in San Francisco. His father Clint Eastwood Sr. worked as a steelworker in a factory and was a Presbyterian. His ancestry goes back to immigrants from Great Britain. His mother, Margaret Ruth Runner, worked for IBM. She attended a Mormon church and had Irish-Dutch roots.

Clint Eastwood in the 2000s
Clint Eastwood in the 2000s

Eastwood Jr.'s childhood fell during the Great Depression, so the family often changed places of residence along the West Bank, as it was hard enough to find a job. Eventually they found a more or less suitable place in the California town of Piedmont. It was there that the boy was able to complete his high school education.

Eastwood's training and the beginning of a serious career in directing

Clinton's further education was in the technical school in OaklandHe was given the opportunity to try his hand at acting. But the young man's priorities at that time were somewhat different - he preferred to make a living through a variety of work. Naturally, the guy needed to have a higher education, and he managed to get into a university in Seattle.but he was drafted into the Army and had to serve at Fort Ord. There he was spotted by the assistant director of the television series "Rawhide Whip. He suggested that the young man appear on the screen as a cowboy.

Eastwood at a film conference
Eastwood at a film conference

In the film industry, Clint remained very much in demand as a positive western hero, but he became truly famous when he began working with Sergio Leone. Beginning in the '60s for 20 years, Clint Eastwood was among the most stellar actors in Hollywood. It was he who embodied the action hero of the time, who was very short-tempered.

In 1968 he founded the Malpaso Film Studio. Now Eastwood is a respected director and the owner of two Oscars for leading directorial projects. In addition, Clint tried his hand in politics - from 1986 to 1988, he served as mayor of the small town of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Clint's Personal Life

It is known that the actor was married twice and has seven children. In 1953, not yet established as a star, Clint took his wife Maggie JohnsonThe divorce from her was formalized in 1984, and they parted even earlier. Nevertheless, Eastwood had two children with Maggie. Kyle and Alice. In June 1964, after a brief infatuation with the dancer Roxanne Tunis, he had a baby girl named Kimber Lynn.

Clint and his daughter Allison
Clint and his daughter Allison

And in 1978, Clint formed a relationship with Sondra Locke, which lasted four years. And if we talk in general about the relationship of the couple, they lasted about 14 years. During these years, Locke starred in several Eastwood moviesHe was a producer in two more films. The couple separated in 1990, but not amicably - Sondra went to the courts with a lawsuit against $1.3 million.

In addition, she said that Eastwood forced her to have two abortions and to go under the knife of a surgeon for an operation on the female line. Another three years later. The actress has already sued Warner Bros.. The lawsuit described that there she was forced to sign a "phony" agreement, and in fact no one was going to produce her films and was not given any directing authority, as the contract was to do everything by Eastwood. By 1999, all the proceedings have been completedand the relationship is settled.

In 1985, Eastwood met a flight attendant Jacqueline Reeves. They lived together for about three years. During this period they had two children. Scott and Catherine Eastwoods. In the '90s, the actor had a relationship with the actress Francis FisherHe became a father once again with the birth of a baby girl, Francesca Ruth. In 1995, however, that relationship ended as well. In 1996, Eastwood got married to Dina Eastwood. The age difference between the newlyweds was 35 years. During this marriage, Clint had a daughter on December 12, 1996. Morgan.

Clint and Dina lived until 2013, but internal scandals put a cross on the relationship of the couple, and Dina wanted a divorce, which successfully implemented. According to journalists, even before that moment Eastwood, who at that time was already 43 years old, started a new affair with a 42-year-old Erica Fisher. The couple was seen together more than once, so they did not consider it necessary to hide anything. Knowing the peculiarities of the actor's character, it is quite difficult to predict what will be the next turn of his personal life, but there is no doubt that it will be interesting.

Fascinating facts about the director

Throughout Clint Eastwood's life, there are several interesting facts about him. Here's some of them:

- For about 40 years, Clint has been a regular Transcendental meditation.

- In addition to acting and directing, Eastwood is very interested in jazz. He is the author of several melodies that can be heard in his films. He is also an excellent businessman, owning a hotel and café in the city where he was former mayor.

- Tommy Lee Jones once commented that he admired what Eastwood was doing. He is impressed by the way he controls the set. Watching it is so addictive that the sun can go down unnoticed.

Clint at the photo shoot
Clint at the photo shoot

- Eastwood is a great admirer of golf. He owns the Tehama Golf Club, all in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Clint also formerly owned the Hog's Breath Inn bar in that town, but it has now been sold.

- Despite the fact that on the screens Eastwood often appeared with a cigarette in his hands, in reality he quit smoking back in my youth.

- Clint is a certified PilotAnd when traffic jams suddenly appear, the actor gets into his own helicopter and takes it to the desired location.

- In 2014, there was the opening of a golf tournament. The occasion was a luncheon, during which the competition director choked on a piece of cheese. Clint, who was there, managed to save the man from suffocation. He applied Heimlich's trick: approaching the victim from behind, he grabbed him with his hands just below his chest, after which he made two sharp jerks of the director's body upwards. As a result, the cheese fell out of his airways.


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