I fell in love with Yegor Creed: How Malika Taigibova performed on the Voice of Children show

The first week of blind auditions for the ninth season of The Voice Kids has just ended. The first candidates have come forward, but even now we can single out the clear favorites of the show, who, with their talent, turned the chairs of all the mentors to themselves. One of the favorites of the first week was Malika Taigibova, who performed with Beyoncé's song "Listen".

Voice Children: Malika Taigibova with the song "Listen"

February 18 started new, the ninth season of the Voice Children show. This season, like the previous eight, began with blind auditions. At this stage, mentors form teams of talented candidates. The goal of each candidate is to reveal their potential, to force mentors to press the cherished button and go to to one of the teams.

Now completed only first a week of blind auditions, the first candidates came forward. Even now, it is possible to single out the clear favorites of the show, who, with their talent, turned the chairs of all the mentors to themselves.

Malika Taygibova at the Voice Children show
Malika Taygibova at the Voice Children show

One of favorite the first week was Malika Taigibova, who performed Beyoncé's song "Listen".

About the song "Listen"

The song was written for the musical "Dreamgirls" and was released as a single from the album Dreamgirls: Music from the Motion Picture. In the film, Beyonce's character sings it. The song received Golden Globe, Oscar, Critics' Choice Award and Satellite Award nominations. In the show The Voice, the song was performed five once, in Voice Children - thrice.

At the blind auditions of the Voice Children song performed Renata Tazetdinova and Ksenia Kapustina are candidates for the second season. Then, in the 7th season, the song was performed by Mirzhan Zhidebay. His speech different special emphasis:

But how this song performed Beyoncé herself:

It's pretty complex song in performance. Candidates chose her to show their mentors what they were capable of. It often worked.

Speech by Malika Taigibova

This It worked and in the case of the performance of Malika Taygibova. She perfectly sang Beyoncé's song and by the beginning of the chorus all the mentors turned their chairs and looked at her. Some of them sang along, and Yegor Creed was so amazed that even got up from your chair.

Egor Creed on the Voice Children show
Yegor Creed got up from his chair at the Voice Children show

When Malika finished singing, he highly understood the hands and the very first began applaud. The whole hall shouted to Malika:

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

And Creed is everything did not stop clap. And only after the hall had calmed down, the mentor sat down in his chair. Later, the real struggle for the candidate began. All the mentors wanted Malika to hit exactly to their team because her talent amazed them all.

The candidate decided that she would be better off in Polina's team Gagarina, although, as she herself said, she would like to be on the team with all the mentors.


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