Inside Sid Barrett's Last Failed Record

Despite his modest solo catalog, there's no point arguing that Syd Barrett was a great genius...

Sid Barrett and His Last Failed Record: History and Facts

In 1967, everything pointed to the fact that Pink Floyd would become the immortal heroes of psychedelic rock, which they eventually became. At the time, however, the band was led by Syd BarrettThe band was joined at about the same time by a new member of the band. Around the same time the band was joined by David Gilmourwho, a year later, was to replace Barrett as vocalist and guitarist. Simultaneously with the arrival of the new member, Barrett's mental health seemed to deteriorate, in no small part due to his excessive use of substances. As a result, the musician's behavior became unstable.

As the other founding members of Pink Floyd felt they could no longer rely on Barrett, for the rock star's demands were only increasing, while his skills and sense of responsibility were falling at the speed of light, his actual kicked out of the group. As the drummer later recalled Nick Mason:

"The combination of fame, rock and roll and the use of psychedelic substances proved too much for Sid..."

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

Although Barrett was no longer a member of one of the most popular bands on the planet at the time, he was not quite done with music. In 1970, Sid recorded and released two recordsboth of which are now considered cult classics. It would also be the last successful music he would produce before his last failed studio session.

The grim personality of a cult genius

Syd Barrett passed away in July 2006...
Syd Barrett

After his 1970 solo records were released, Sid disappeared from the limelight, never adjusting to life as an up-and-coming musician Outside of Pink Floyd. The abandonment of his former high-profile band seemed good to Barrett, even though his mental health never fully recovered. Over the years there has been much speculation about the exact nature of the mental health problems Barrett lived with. Barrett died in 2006 from complications related to diabetes, and many attribute Barrett's mental health problems to the pressures of fame as well as his use of psychedelic substances.

However, looking back on Barrett's life before Pink Floyd, there are signs of mental health problems that he would encounter even before he played his first concert. Barrett's rise to rock stardom and substance use probably, worsened or provoked the his condition, but from the very beginning there was a genetic predisposition to some disorders.

Returning to the studio

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

When Sid Barrett returned to the studio Abbey Road in 1974, at the insistence of his manager, he was unable to make music. He arrived with half-finished material and a guitar without strings. He also continued to behave in unusual ways, such as trying to bite my finger of another person (according to the memories of eyewitnesses).

The music that came on tape that day was incomplete, and Barrett disappeared for long periods of time during the recording process. For this reason, the material from Barrett's last studio session was never finished and officially released. Today some of the unfinished material can be found only on YouTube.

In conclusion.

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

After 1974, Barrett would never make music publicly again. By 1978 he had moved to Cambridge, England, where he lived in seclusion until his death in 2006. What's also interesting is that Barrett's cause of death, complications related to diabetes, serves as further evidence of what serious problems his inner demons brought... There is a hypothesis that the drugs Sid used to support his psyche could cause diabetes. The same can be said of the lifestyle of inactivity to which he was prone...

Despite his modest solo catalogthere is no point in arguing with the fact that Syd Barrett was a great genius. He laid down the seed of what the band would eventually grow and evolve into. His death remains a great loss to millions, and he really could have built a dazzling career as a solo artist had it not been for his precarious mental health that simply prevented him from doing so.

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