Soundtracks from the movie "Memories" (Reminiscence OST 2021)

"Don't look into the past"

Songs from the film "Memories" (2021)

New film "Memories» 2021 (Reminiscence) is a sci-fi genre with many songs and soundtracks. The film will be available for showing in Russia at the end of August 2021. The main character of the picture Nicholas Bannister retired from military affairs and leads a measured life in civilian life. Due to global warming, the climate is changing, in Miami, where Nick lives, most of the land is gradually flooded, people are forced to travel by boat. Interestingly, due to the impossible heat during the day, you can hardly see anyone, but at night life is in full swing.

But this phenomenon only plays into the hands of Nicholas, he opens a travel agency based on memories, which is very popular with wealthy citizens. Former military uses his skills in civilian life with the help of a special device, which he used on prisoners in military operations earlier. His business is built on the fact that real customers could return to memoirs at any moment of your life and experience emotions again. Everything is going great for Nick until he becomes interested in a girl named Maywho came to see him for a session. Nicholas finds out that his beloved is not as simple as it seems, and he does not know much about her. Nick decides to delve into the depths of her memory, thus, looking for the memories he needs.

But they imagine he couldn’t, what he would face when he learned the truth about his beloved girl and what whirlpool of events he would fall into. When Mei disappears, Nicholas will try to get to the bottom of and solve the mystery associated with a series of murders, to understand what role is assigned to May in this and who she really is. It's worth notingthat the film was directed by Lisa Joy, and all the scenes were filmed in Miami and New Orleans. It is expected that the picture will be interesting, as many well-known actors are involved, and the plot about the future of Miami suggests the development of the same events as in the film in the near future.

StarringCast: Natalie Martinez, Brett Cullen, Rebecca Ferguson, Jules Hartley, Hugh Jackman, Teri Wyble, Tandive Newton, Daniel Wu, Cliff Curtis, Angela Sarafian

Songs and soundtracks from the film "Memories" (Reminiscence OST 2021) play perfectly, the music from the film takes to the quick. We have compiled a complete list of all the songs from the movie OST "Memories" 2021: listen online full soundtrack playlist.

Reminiscence - Official Trailer Music Song (Memories Trailer Songs | Reminiscence OST 2021)

Reminiscence - Trailer Music Song Part 2 (Music from "Memories" Trailer | Reminiscence OST 2021)

Save My Love - Lorr. & Amber Mark (Memories Soundtrack OST 2021)

Amber Mark - Love Me Right (Song from "Memories" OST 2021)

Amber Mark - Competition (Composition from the film "Memories" OST 2021)

Tinashe Wax Motif – Undo (Listen to Memories Soundtrack OST 2021)

HER Chris Brown – Come Through (Listen to the song from the movie "Memories" OST 2021)

Amber Mark - Worth It (Music from the movie "Memories")

MK xyz - One Time (Listen to all songs from the movie "Memories" OST 2021)

HER - We Made It (Memories OST Soundtrack)

JoJo - Creature of Habit (Song for OST 2021 movie "Memories")


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