Decades later, ABBA returns with new songs from Voyage album

“It was very nice to work together again, as one team! I am very pleased with the work we have done ... "

On ABBA's first new material in decades

Almost 40 years what many music lovers have been waiting for so long has happened (despite the sharp negative comments of their idols): ABBA come back, and not empty-handed! The legendary Swedish band announced the release of a new - the first joint album in so many years called Voyage! The disc, which includes 10 brand new songs, is already promised in November 2021... By the way: two tracks from Voyage - namely, an epic ballad "I Still Have Faith in You" and shimmering composition "Don't Shut Me Down" – already out as singles! But on this autumn gifts from "ABBA" do not end... 2022 2019 at the London Concert Residence there will be a big concert of the band! True - this time everything will be in a modern way: fans will be able to enjoy the digital avatars of ABBA, or as the participants themselves call them - "ABBAtarami"! But first things first…

Idea, background and background


The latest joint creation "ABBA" became an album 1981 of the year entitled The Visitors... A year later, the quartet suspended its activities. Since that moment, there have been no new songs from the cult pop group, as well as concerts (and even more so the idea of reuniting ...) And now, 2021 presents fans with a new album Voyage, which includes 10 tracks! Also a team represented by old comrades - Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lingstad, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson announced the concert in London, which starts in May 2022! The band members will appear before the public in the form of digital versions of themselves ... But we will talk about this a little later.

The idols of millions gave several comments regarding their reunion. Annie-Fried Lingstad stated:

“It was very nice to work together again, as one team! I am very pleased with the work we have done…”


Lingstad also named Ulvaeus and Andersson "exceptionally talented songwriters!" In its turn Bjorn Ulvaeus noted that he was "delighted with how Agnetha and Frida performed new songs! It sounds magical…” Benny Andersson added:

“Thanks to a young audience of listeners, we are traveling into the future ... After so many years, we all felt that it would be great to unite again and record new material in the studio! Actually, that's what we did. It feels like we've been on a little vacation all these years..."

It all started with the fact that the group recorded songs "I Still Have Faith in You" and "Don't Shut Me Down"! And who would have thought that their work would not end there, but would develop into a full-fledged album? For fans, this was a big and very pleasant surprise!

About the album

Voyage (2021) - ABBA - Album Cover
Voyage (2021) - ABBA - Album Cover

Voyage - this is the name received by the future, first in 40 years ABBA album with fresh material! Its release is scheduled for November 5, 2021. The lead singles from the disc were the already mentioned "I Still Have Faith in You" and "Don't Shut Me Down". Total tracklist included 10 songs written by permanent Ulvaeus and Andersson.

Curiously, after it was announced, Voyage broke all pre-order records! Within the first 24 hours of the release announcement, the album was recorded 40 000 pre-orders! And this is only in the UK ... Three days after the announcement of the album, it received over 80,000 pre-orders (again - in one only in the UK).

"Let there be a concert!"


May 2022 years of fans ABBA another grandiose and, no doubt, spectacular surprise awaits ... The participants announced a big concert, which will be held in London on a specially built ABBA Arena capacity 3000 human! It should be noted that after its collapse in 1982 year, the group stubbornly refused to perform together again on the same stage ...

“We only have one answer to that, and that is NO,” Frida said in 2014. “And no amount of money will change our decision. Maybe we sometimes think that it would be nice to get together again and perform a song! But it's more about recording in the studio than about the stage ... "

ABBA after 40 years...
ABBA after 40 years...

And now, after so many years, the members of the legendary pop group finally changed their minds! According to Ulvaeus, London for a live performance was chosen for a reason:

“In my opinion, London is the best city for entertainment, theater, musicals ... We always felt that the British see us as their fellow countrymen!” Bjorn also added, “Releasing a new album after forty years and still being best friends! It's really wonderful! We managed to maintain complete loyalty. Why did we decide to do it now? We wanted to do it to death while all of us were alive…”

Benny Andersson in turn, he complained that for filming he and Bjorn had to shave off their beards: “I haven’t done this for 50 years!” — said the musician.

"The Digital Secret of the ABBAtars"

Benny Andersson and his son Ludwig
Benny Andersson and his son Ludwig

The band's virtual tour, dubbed ABBA Voyage, will begin May 27, 2022. It will be held in a specially built hall in east London ... But what fans are most interested in is “what are ABBAtars?”


Let's begin with avatars the singers were designed by Industrial Light & Magic by an American cinematographer Edward Lucas — Hollywood's Leading Visual Effects Developer! In the process of preparing the show, special sensors were used that recorded the movements of the already aged members of the group. What for? Thanks to this, their young "copies" will be able to move as realistically as possible ... Word Ludwig Andersson, son of Benny Anderssonwho is directly involved in the preparation of the show:

“Dad and his ABBA bandmates took the stage in front of 160 cameras and about the same number of visual effects masters! It took five weeks, but they flawlessly performed every song that will be played during this show ... During the concert, you will not see people playing the role of ABBA. This will be ABBA!”


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