Vsevolod Starozubov: style of the 60s in every movement

Who is behind this name in real life? And how did it all begin? In order...

Biography of Vsevolod Starozubov - the beginning of the path, success, interesting facts

Vsevolod Starozubov - is a well-known pop singer in Russia, the performer of such hits as "Lalahay," "Pibdipau," "Tet-a-tet with Summer." and others. He has a delightful voice and inimitable charisma... And his always perfectly coiffed hair and chic costumes (Vsevolod is always dressed in matching outfits) only emphasize his artistic nature! At the same time people who happened to talk to Vsevolod personally, unanimously say that he is a talented artist, however... a rather strange person, with his own quirks, so to say. In general - for such an imposing and bright phenomenon of the Russian stage as Vsevolod Starozubov, that's not at all surprising! But who is behind this name in real life? And how did it all begin? Let's take it from here...

Early years

Anton Lapenko (Vsevolod Starozubov)
Anton Lapenko (Vsevolod Starozubov)

Our hero's real name is Anton Lapenko. He was born in 1986 year in Zelenograd, Moscow. Anton's family was, to put it mildly, large, with a total of 16 children!

After graduating from the acting department of VGIK, he joined the troupe of the Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theater. At the same time - he was already actively moonlighting as an actor! In particular, you can see him in: "Chasing the Shadow" (Episode 19, The Pizza Man), "Chicky." (police officer Jura), "Deeper!" (Khachatryan) and other films. Anton Vyacheslavovich's rich filmography includes several dozen different works: as a rule, he plays episodic and minor roles...

Anton Lapenko (Vsevolod Starozubov).
Anton Lapenko (Vsevolod Starozubov).

Today millions of people know him not only as an actor, but also as a video blogger and singer! Popularity hit our hero in 2019, when he made a series of humorous videos for InstagramRetro-styled 80-90-хAll of them show us Anton himself, but in completely different personas! This has attracted a lot of attention to Lapenko's persona...

First steps and first success

Vsevolod Starozubov
Vsevolod Starozubov

Thus, the year 2019 was for Anton Lapenko breakthrough! Thanks to his humorous Instagram videos stylized as retro videos, he became a media star! It all started when a famous actress Irina Gorbacheva with an audience of 1.5 million shared one of his videos... Soon people began to subscribe to the author, that is, Lapenko, and so, gradually, he gathered a large fan base!

As for the commercials, in them Lapenko plays various characters - an insecure engineer, a journalist, a singer Vsevolod Starozubov and others... So, by October 2019, Lapenko's account already had almost 600,000 followers!

By March 2021, that number had risen to 4.5 million subscribers... On the YouTube channel the artist has over 3 million subscribers...

"Inside Lapenko."

Vsevolod Starozubov
Vsevolod Starozubov

At the end of 2019, a series titled "Inside Lapenko.": In it Anton Vyacheslavovich played all the characters himself! Written and directed by the comedian Alexei Smirnov. Sponsored this project Vyacheslav DusmukhametovThe creative producer of TNT TV channel allocated three and a half million rubles for the creation of the series! The plot is based on the lives and adventures of characters previously created by Lapenko.

According to some critics and journalists, "Inside Lapenko." - is a parody of all genres of Soviet television! There's something of everyone's favorite "City.", and from "Watch out, Modern!" - of the humorous television series popular in the noughties...

Success on television

Many people liked the image of Vsevolod Starozubov - a singer with a beautiful singing voice and inimitable charisma. So, very soon the popularity of this character (and together with him Lapenko himself) spread beyond social networks...

First, the artist was invited for an interview with the channel "VDud" by Yuri Dudian: his video had more than 12 million views in just one week!

One month later, in April 2020, Lapenko was invited to a popular TV show "Evening Urgant":

His popularity gradually grew, and today Lapenko is one of the most successful artists in Russia with a fee of about 250 000 rubles per shift!

Vsevolod Starozubov - best songs

And now - let's enjoy the hits of Vsevolod Starozubov...

"Tête-à-tête with summer."




No audio:

  • "Gray Mist."
  • "Pibdupaw."

Interesting Facts

  • Image Vsevolod Starozubov inspired by Soviet singers 60-70-х years, such as Muslim Magomayev and Valery Obodzinsky.
  • Hit "Lalahay." without words - an obvious parody of vocalism Edward Khilthat has become an Internet meme!
  • On the channel Lapenko A 24-hour version of the "Lalahay.": In addition to the repetition of the song, there are hidden passages in it.


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