Famous antics of rock musicians on stage

From the life of real rock musicians...

Famous antics of rock musicians on stage

Today we will remember seasoned rock musicians and how they "fired" on stage ... We continue our list of the loudest antics.

Story #6. Jim Morrison and his Bolt.

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

In the spring of 1969, The Doors played a concert in Miami. At the beginning of the performance, the "jumping" frontman called the crowd of listeners and fans who came to the concert "a bunch of fucking idiots!" After that, the group played the program, and at the end of the performance, Jim took out his “end” and, waving it, said goodbye to these “fucking idiots” ...

Story #7. Alice Cooper and the dead chicken.

Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper

Born in the northern United States in Detroit, Alice had no idea that chickens couldn't fly. And so, during one of the concerts of the 69th, a chicken ran out onto the stage from nowhere: either a fan threw it, or it appeared from behind the scenes; Cooper, without hesitation for a long time, decided to "release" the bird into the wild by launching it into the sky! He thought chickens could fly, seriously! And then there was a landmark event in rock music ...

No, the poor bird has not learned to fly. Maybe... If she knew what was waiting for her in a few seconds, she would at least try, and who knows... Why don't chickens fly..? As a result, the bird fell into the crowd of rabid fans, some of whom, it is worth noting, were in wheelchairs near the stage. They killed the poor thing by tearing off the chicken's head and tearing it to pieces. The next day, the newspapers were full of information that Alice Cooper tore off the head of a chicken on stage and drank her blood. Thus, a new genre was born - shock rock.

Story #8. GG Allin and laxative pills.

GG Allin
GG Allin

Jesus Christ Allin (Jesus Christ Allin), better known as GG Allin is "rock's most outstanding degenerate"! Besides all the trappings that all real rockers have: drugs, alcohol, fights with fans, adventures with the police, etc.; He also defecated in public! It was his signature, unique feature. He took a laxative in advance a few hours before the concert, then in agony he waited for the right moment and ...

The first such "show" dates back to 1985. At a concert in Illinois, GG Allin "screamed" right into the hall at the fans! The unsuspecting public was furious! The young punks fled in disgust. More precisely, not so ... "Dirty" young punks, noticing something was wrong ... fled! And the "dirty old bastards" bravely remained in the ranks and attacked the creative guys with their fists. A fight is what Allin needed! This is punk! This happened many, many times. According to official figures, 52 times - that's how many times Allina was taken away by the police for defecation on stage.

Story #8. L7 and Donita Sparks' tampon.


Formed in 1985 in the USA, a group of girls became famous for playing punk rock and grunge. In '92 they played at a festival and their amps broke, maybe their heads. Irritated fans began to throw everything they could get their hands on the stage, even dirt. The soloist “with eggs” was not at a loss and threw a tampon into the crowd, warning in advance of her intention with the words: “Eat my tampon, shit!”. The audience was also not a miss, and they threw it back.

Story #9. A jumper with no choice.

Boy Hit Car
Boy Hit Car

For some reason, the vocalist of the Boy Hits Car group climbed onto the front speakers to the height of a 7-story building. From there, he could see everything he wanted at that moment. But unexpectedly for everyone, even for himself, he felt dizzy and became ill. In order not to “give back” and not call for help, since this is not included in any charter of rock and roll, he decided to jump off ...

Story #10. Soaring Lord.

An epic end to a compilation of rocker antics! Only metalheads can do that. So, on June 11, 2005, at the Download festival, the frontman of the California industrial metal band Society 1 hung himself on 4 hooks and swayed back and forth for half an hour, performing the concert program.

Frontman for Californian industrial metal band Society 1
Frontman for Californian industrial metal band Society 1

The hooks were special for hanging meat, they were threaded into his back. He broke his own record that day by swinging for so long! That's what I understand, real selflessness!

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