TOP 5 interesting antics of rock musicians at a concert

Unusual stories from the world of music

TOP 5 interesting antics of rock musicians

Story #1. Ozzy Osbourne

Once, at one of his concerts, in the 81st year, Ozzy Osbourne tore off the head of a bat with his teeth. There are also rumors that this is not the only animal. The second victim was a dove. Ozzy did it at the CBS studio. In general, there are many legends about Ozzy, because he is a living legend: for example, once he “sniffed out” ants, or whatever it is, he bet that he would lick the urine of bass player Nikki Sixx right off the ground, and so on ...

ozzi osborn
Ozzy Osbourne

Story #2. Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis

An outstanding pianist and musician in 1958 had to warm up the audience before the performance of rock legend Chuck Berry, and he did, and how! He fired up the audience! At the climax of the song "Great Balls Of Fire", he set fire to his piano, which surprised and turned on the audience. Chuck saw it too, and I think he didn't like it. By the way, this story was told by Lewis himself, it is not possible to check or watch that concert.

In the 1989 feature film Big Balls of Fire, this scene is reproduced almost verbatim with minor directorial deviations.

Story #3. Folk festival according to the new rules of Bob Dylan

Electric guitars were not welcome at folk festivals in 1965. Acoustic sound was such an integral part of this style that electric sound was alien to listeners. However, Dylan still performed the Maggie's Farm song on the electric guitar, which caused discontent among the audience. On the live recording, you can hear the whistling of their crowd. Despite this, we all love this performance of the song. Especially, he was loved by Steve Jobs.

Story #4. Jimi Hendrix is following in the footsteps of Lewis

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

A concert in Monterey in 1967 was to be a turning point in Hendrix's life. He prepared for it more mentally than physically. Indeed, at that time, no one knew about him in America, he, along with his manager, had just arrived from England, where they already began to recognize him, and where he managed to make a fuss with his extraordinary sound. Before the group's performance, Jimi thought about how they would be remembered, how they could make a splash so that they would be written about in the newspaper the next day. The idea was simple: smash an electric guitar on stage. It didn't work out... The band playing in front of them had already done it. The focus would fail a second time. What did Jimi do?

That's right ... he set fire to the electric guitar, and began to pray and call the spirits. That's how he became the coolest guitarist in the world! Well, the truth is, he still played it masterfully, he could saw solo with his teeth, make love to her without stopping playing, and at the same time take such notes that few would have thought of them.

Story #5. How Pete Townsend became deaf in one ear

Pete Townsend
Pete Townsend

At that time, the English group practiced barrel explosions during performances! When they had their first performance on American television, drummer Keith Moon planted 10 times the amount of explosives they should!

After that, poor Pete Townsend lost his hearing in one ear, but Keith got his arm, he hurt it. Backstage, someone fainted!

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