Biography of Amy Winehouse in utterances

On July 23, 2011, terrible news spread around the world: one of the most talented performers of our time, Amy Winehouse, passed away, joining the ranks of the legendary "Club 27".

Quotes from Amy Winehouse

On July 23, 2011, terrible news spread around the world: one of the most talented performers of our time, Amy Winehouse, passed away, joining the ranks of the legendary "Club 27". According to the doctors who arrived at the scene, the death occurred as a result of alcohol poisoning.

Wonderful contralto vocals, natural charisma, ability to stand on stage, extravagant style in makeup and clothing, catchy statements and scandalous actions-this is how Amy remained in the memories of countless fans. Indulging in a pleasant nostalgia about the artist, we present the most vivid and colorful quotes, excerpts from interviews of different time periods.

About children's problems

"You know, there are always only two options: either you grow up in Michael Jackson's mansion, or you grow up in Prince's apartment. The third is not given. My case is the Jackson Mansion. And living in such conditions, I still couldn't decide what I wanted – to become Michael Jackson or his bride."

About attitude to life

“You have much less time than you think – life is incredibly short. At any moment, your whole world can turn upside down and, usually, this is exactly what happens. Stop sitting and winding yourself up, creating far-fetched problems. There should be no "but" and "if" - only "here" and "now". Throw everything out of your head!”

About the lifestyle

"Surprisingly, now I think a couple of hours on the treadmill is all I need. The gym is like a drug. I go there three times a week to get the necessary emotional release."

About inspiration

"Mostly I write about what I can't accept. Putting all my emotions into the song makes me feel better."

About bad habits

"My excuse is an excess of free time. When most people my age are thinking about their own future, making some plans and dreaming, I drink. The time they spend thinking about the meaning of life, I spend on alcohol."

About your sexual preferences

"You know, I'm crazy about pin-up girls! In this sense, I am more of a man than a woman. At the same time, I am completely heterosexual. At least until I miss a couple of shots."

About feminists

"I can't call myself a feminist. At the same time, I hate girls who constantly play the role of fools just because it's easier!"

Biography of Amy Winehouse in utterances

About religious beliefs

"I'm not a religious person. In my opinion, faith is something that gives you strength, allows you to feel less depressed in difficult situations. I do not deny the existence of fate, I believe that everyone has their own path, and everything in the world happens for a reason. But I don't think there are any higher powers. And, here, I want to believe in karma."

About your own fears

"I have never been afraid of death itself. I was afraid to leave my life without leaving anything behind: without making a contribution to alternative music, without giving people something truly meaningful. On the other hand, I recorded a whole album that I can be proud of. So if I have to die tomorrow – I'm calm. I already did what I had to do!"

About the creative path

"My songs are very personal and intimate, which makes them tense. But, you know, they're not without humor. I have always tried to express my opinion with a certain spice, piquancy. Something like ," I was hurt by this. And you, shit, can't even show off your boner!" After reading or hearing something funny, I want to share it with my listeners."


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